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  1. Agreed. Neko Para was glorious. Future of VN's confirmed.
  2. Shu, you must play Michika route. Endure the pain I did. >_>
  3. Either: Shirou X Saber or Yu X Rise >_>
  4. IMO, I loved Log Horizon, but something felt... Meh, about it in the second season. I feel like it didn't really succeed in getting its point across maybe? It just felt like extra episodes to me, I dunno. On another note, "Fucking Plastic Memories" is all I can say right now. I don't wanna see the finale.
  5. Wait, you're joking right? >_> Tell me you're joking! How could she possibly ever go wrong?!
  6. Playing If My Dick Had Wings. I've literally just started, and I've fallen in love with the art and Ageha already. Damn, Ageha is awesome. She's got that Makina grin.
  7. Loving DanMachi. Hestia Bestia, baby. It's delivering beyond expectations. SNAFU, more of the same, still excellent.
  8. Fucking PETA, back off my catgirls!
  9. Koharu best girl. Michika kinda strange. Unless that's your thing lol. You'll see, mwhaha
  10. Very good catgirl fap material too. And loaded with cuteness to boot. Perfection.
  11. I think my eyeballs fell out of my head when I saw that list of anime completed. Sweet Jesus Nosebleed, nobody is gonna read all that! xD And with a list that long, haven't you seen like, 99% of everything? Lol
  12. Playing Princess Evangile still, almost done with all routes (Yes, I started them all up until they were like chapter 23), and also started Ikikoi. Speaking of, any thoughts on Ikikoi?
  13. I hereby vote SNAFU best harem anime.
  14. Mfw don't have a fucking clue what just happened in Owari no Seraph, but it was amazeballs.
  15. Cythnar

    Hello :)

    Yo. Welcome to the forums. I haven't tried True Remembrance myself, but I've heard some good things about it. Grisaia is, as always, good. I suggest trying Fate/Stay Night if you can. Hope to see you around.
  16. If they're releasing both volumes this year, plus my other expenditures for other VN's I'm pledging/buying, ugh... Wallet = destroyed. Yay!
  17. Checking out ESO right now. Have had the game for a million years, and even had an active subscription for months without even playing. Figured I'd finally mess around with it, lol. You can do it, Ku-chan!
  18. HADOUKEN! lol, that killed me. GG. If it's Google and Youtube, chances are it's going to already be better than Twitch. Sorry, Twitch. It's reality. I don't think it'll "kill" Twitch though. Stuff like that doesn't really happen. There will always be hardcore fans of this and that that will never switch to something newer, better. I am interested in seeing how this plays out though. I don't really do streaming, but yeah.
  19. Cum dumpster if everyone has their way. She's kinda cute though, and while I thoroughly support wincest at every opportunity, having a loving, devoted imouto that stays just borderline wincest seems somehow appealing for Shigure. Not saying I wouldn't be pleased with it happening, of course. Because I'm sure it will. If not this one, definitely vol 2.
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