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    ChrisPZT got a reaction from Okarin in Overwatch Group   
    Welcome to the Fuwanovel Overwatch Group!
    The purpose of this group is to get members of the community together to play, discuss and above all enjoy this game and its universe.
    Are you with us?
    We also now have a Skype Group to make it easier to chat about the game and so we can make group calls to speak to each other in game.
    Members so far:
    Name                      |Skype             |Battle.net
    Chrispzt                   Chrispzt           Christoss#2329
    Jptje                          Jptje                  Jptje#2568
    Mads                       lord_zouk         Kawasumi#2365
    TexasDice               texas_dice        TexasDice#2490
    Tahu                                                   Tahu#1265
    Flutterz                                              Flutterz#1165
    Kyrt                                                     Kyrt#11936
    Vongalaxy             Vongalaxy
    Cryingwestern                                  WeepingWest#1753
    Zenophilious                                     Zenophilious#1998
    Nebjula                                              Nebula#2865
    DarkZedge                                        DarkZedge#2548
    Contact anyone in the group to get invited. Don't forget to send us your battle tag if you want to be added on battle.net.
    Important note: As players are in different regions it is recommended that you add us on the Americas region. You can decide which server to log into when logging into battlenet or ou can ust join Americas by choosing your server on the Overwatch page but then you'd have to add us in game.
    Latest information
    Newest Hero added:
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    ChrisPZT got a reaction from TexasDice in Overwatch Group   
    Haven't checked this thread in ages...
    Maybe I'll update the OP but I doubt anyone reads it anyway.
    Anywho new character Sombra finally revealed. Check out the new animated short of her:
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    ChrisPZT reacted to Vogue in Don't Forget our Esports Dream - SC2VN Prequel   
    Team Eleven is happy to announce our next visual novel, Don’t Forget Our eSports Dream, a prequel to SC2VN set in the Brood War era of South Korea’s professional StarCraft scene. 

    Developed over two years by our team, SC2VN released in September 2015 to acclaim by eSports veterans and newcomers alike. The story of Mach, a foreign StarCraft 2 player that put it all on the line, was one that many fans told us they resonated with. The response was one that we had hoped for, but the demand to learn more about the world of eSports and the struggle that its competitors contend with went beyond our expectations.

    A sequel to SC2VN was never part of the plan. But you, our fans, have made it clear that we have stories left to tell. We agree.

    Experience the peak of Brood War through the eyes of a young and idealistic up-and-comer, Sung-hwan “Bolt” Lee. Beholden to the idea that only the best players deserve to live and train in South Korea, Bolt contends equally with setbacks and triumphs in the chase for his eSports dreams.

    At his side is Chae-young “Jett” Song, a former darling of the Korean Pro-Gaming Association and an estranged childhood friend. A year after her departure from the professional Brood War competition, Jett continues to make her living on StarCraft on low-paying local tournaments and betmatches. Together, she and Bolt strive to become champions and to resolve their differences along the way.

    Journey to rival PC bangs, international tournaments, the offices of Korea’s top eSports officials, and into the booth at the highest level of professional StarCraft. We’ll reveal more info about our setting and characters throughout the week!

    The game will feature
    Larger gameplay and narrative scope from its predecessor (we are shooting for 3X)  An authentic story that is true to esports fans, but also relatable to a general audience Player choices for both dialog and StarCraft strategy A glossary of StarCraft and esports terms for new players Galleries for character and background art Steam Trading Cards and Achievements Characters

    Like SC2VN, you won’t need to be a StarCraft esports expert to enjoy the game. Our previous game appealed to both hardcore StarCraft esports fans and also people who would otherwise have never been interested in StarCraft esports. Our Steam reviews are full of people who went into SC2VN skeptical and came out as new fans of esports.

    We developed SC2VN with a budget of roughly $7,000 after Kickstarter fees, most of which went to art. We stretched the budget to its limits and delivered something that exceeded our own expectations, and we’re looking for the opportunity to do it again. 


    When will this game be released?
    We’re shooting for about a year after our Kickstarter finishes, around May 2017. The Kickstarter is set to launch at April 10, 2016 and will conclude in May.

    Is this a dating sim?

    How much will this cost?
    We plan for Don’t Forget Our Esports Dream to be $14.99 on Steam. Backers will receive the game at a discounted price.

    Is there a demo?
    You can play SC2VN on Steam to get an idea of the base we are building on top of. We will reveal new gameplay details about Don’t Forget Our Esports Dream during the Kickstarter phase. 

    Do I need to know about StarCraft and esports to enjoy this game?
    No, like SC2VN, Don't Forget Our eSports Dream will be crafted in a way that even people who know little to nothing about esports can still enjoy the game.

    How can I help support this project?
    Aside from backing our Kickstarter, the most helpful thing you can do is to spread the word and tell your friends about the game.
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    ChrisPZT reacted to SpecterZ in Witch's Garden Translation Project [TLC NEEDED]   
    TL: +723 lines
    Edit: +275 lines
    Still need TLC
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    ChrisPZT got a reaction from LiquidShu in Fuwanovel Fight Club   
    I'm not sure if other fighting games have this but Street Fighter has what's called "Online training mode" where 2 people can be in the same training mode room at the same time. If you have a mic or something it's a good way for two people to train together and share their knowledge in a more direct way. Just an idea. 
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    ChrisPZT reacted to Blizzard884 in Amairo IsleNauts Translation Project   
    Hello everyone. First think first i have to apologise cause i left you all in dark. I have changed the workplace and moved flat so there was no time for anything else. I got finally a holiday starting in 2 days and i can relax a bit. After holiday I will be a 100% back here. I am sure that you all noticed that website is down. Reason behind is quite simple. Company charged me quite a lot of money for hosting and name. If any of you guys know how to get a website for free please do let me know in PM. Currently there is only one active (I hope) translator which even i dont have any update from. Right now my main focus is to get some translators. Again all help will be appreciated. All of our technical part is 100% complete so now we need people to translate. Well I think that at this point you all have an idea what happened and what is planed. Next question probably will be about the partial patch. Well patch is ready to be released and now just resting on my HDD. Again because of various reasons I was not able to send finalized version of  partial patch to members of staff and then release it. Before my holiday I want to first send final version to remaining members of staff and once i am back we can release it for public. Probably some of you might not like this idea, but I think is fair to the people who spent time with helping on this project. 
    Thank you all for your patience. 
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    ChrisPZT reacted to Fiddle in Noble Works Translation Project (COMPLETE Patch Released!)   
    Pretend that Keisuke posted this:
    The final patch is out, and you can find it here! Merry Christmas!
    Perhaps the easiest way to purchase a copy of Noble☆Works is through Amazon. Note that Yuzusoft does not have a downloadable version of the game, and it officially ships only within Japan, so you will need to make use of a mail forwarding service or something of that nature, assuming you live outside Japan.

    Thank you to Keisuke because I'm awesome (this portion written by Fiddle); lead translator/image editor Fiddle; our other translators Secchan (who is also responsible for kicking off the translation), KiritoCy, Dark Blank, Solo Spieler, and Exiled; last-ditch translator Ephemeralist, whose extensive knowledge solved numerous complicated situations; our editor Twoo; TiagOfVarela and Decay, whose beta testing efforts went above and beyond to eliminate many a typo and fix awkward or ambiguous phrasing; Eclipsed, who wrote a detailed walkthrough for Noble☆Works on Fuwanovel; and OriginalRun, for his various forms of moral support.
    If you experience technical problems, you can ask in the comments section of the Downloads page or in this topic.
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    ChrisPZT reacted to Keisuke in Noble Works Translation Project (COMPLETE Patch Released!)   
    The translation of Sena’s route is now complete! Credit to Solo Spieler and Secchan for their contributions and Fiddle for finishing it off.
    But today we have news even bigger than Sena’s mammaries. With this route complete, translation is now at 100%! Those of you who have been watching us intently have surely noticed some extended periods of little to no translation progress, and some of you have politely demanded an explanation for said periods, to which we replied that we had been checking/proofreading other routes in that time. Well, now you may assume that this information was accurate, because we’ve made so much progress in that regard that we will be able to release the full patch quite soon after the 100% translation that took place today: On December 24th!
    Again, that’s December 24th, 2015, two days from now, Christmas Eve, the fourth anniversary of Yuzusoft’s original release of Noble☆Works.
    From Keisuke and Fiddle: Thank you all for your support and patience.
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    ChrisPZT reacted to SpecterZ in Witch's Garden Translation Project [TLC NEEDED]   
    TL: +667 lines
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    ChrisPZT reacted to SpecterZ in Witch's Garden Translation Project [TLC NEEDED]   
    TL: +302 lines (︶︹︺)
    Nero found this pic on NY comic con. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CRCysX1WEAAYTlM.jpg - NSFW
    It might be both good and bad news for us.
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    ChrisPZT reacted to SpecterZ in Witch's Garden Translation Project [TLC NEEDED]   
    TL +309 lines( ̄へ ̄)
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    ChrisPZT reacted to astro in Reminiscence Translation Project (Probably dead)   
    Reminiscence Translation Project

    Game info:
    IRC: #yakusoku @ Rizon
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/YakusokuTL
    Q: Why so many TBAs?
    A: Things are subject to change at this stage, so until things have settled in I'm leaving it as TBA. Also waiting for script count.
    Q: Expected release date?
    A: Too far off to say for certain.
    Q: Will you be translating the sequel as well?
    A: Most likely.
    Q: Does this mean you gave up on Clover Day's?
    A: No, progress is still moving. Working on the same game every waking moment gets kind of stale. I'm going to be working on this for a change of pace. This won't hinder the progress of Clover Day's much, as I have a bit of downtime while I wait for other people in the team to finish work.
    Q: Best girl?
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    ChrisPZT reacted to SpecterZ in Witch's Garden Translation Project [TLC NEEDED]   
    +700 lines this week.
    Too lazy to make any comment.
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    ChrisPZT reacted to Evilobject in Evilobject Translations Project: Lover Able [Need TLC,QC]   
    Project Introduction
    Started 2015-09-14.

    VNDB link
    No website atm.

    There will be a prologue release Soon™
    Routes Kb Done Percent Common 452 277 61,28 Kaho 277 0 0,00 Nanako 277 0 0,00 Satsku 165 0 0,00 Tinatsu 263 0 0,00 Tugumi 292 0 0,00 Total 1726 277 16,05  
    Estimated raw translations completion 12-24 months.

    Staff or Team Members
    Translator Evilobject/Myself
    Editors: @OutoftheBox
    TLC; TastefulSardine 
    Hacker/Tools : SomeLoliCatgirl ?

    Old members: OhIThinkTheyLikeMe

    Currently need TLC and a QC
    Any help is appreciated, just send me a message or maybe add me on steam http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197986101832.
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    ChrisPZT reacted to iKiritoCy in Tsuki ni Yorisou Otome no Sahou Translation (Common Route Finished!) Looking for TL   
    Vn info: https://vndb.org/v10680/chars
    This vn was always on my favorites so i started translating now that i've got more experience as a translator, as well as japanese in general, so i began translating it.
    Note: Thanks to Keisuke from my team for showing me how to get the original scripts.
    Note2: I will also translate the append disk which is the ver2.0

    The common route is now fully translated!
    You can also check out our new page here!
    Total Progress Of The Translation
    Overall : 10613  /31,248  (33%)
    Luna's Route: 1926/7764  (24%) 
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    ChrisPZT reacted to Diamon in Lucid9 (available for free on Steam)   
    Well, it's been a while since I last posted here...
    I guess I'll make a quick summary of what happened since last time I posted something :
    - Writing is progressing well, we're moving onto heroine routes, and common route is in editing phase. There are quite a lot of additions to be made on common route, so it's nowhere near to completion (but we are actively working on it as well).
    - Art is progressing well, not really much to say about that, we are working on new sprites and on CG for common route currently.
    - Music is stalling, mostly because we have no composer available to work on the Lucid9 tracks. Fortunately, a good portion of the tracks we need for common route is already composed. If you're a composer and you'd like to offer your services as a composer, feel free to pm me!
    - Programming is... Well, I guess we are operating a change of direction here. Even though our current demo on cloudnovel is working, we ultimately had issues with the creators, we are probably going to make Lucid9 on ren'py since it's probably the safest and most reliable way.
    As a result, I have no idea when we'll be able to release a demo... The good thing is that the next demo will be an downloadable one!
    I guess I'll share some of the art that has been created lately as an apology for the lack of updates lately :

    An awesome background, courtesy of yuuko our BG artist!

    You'll order some more Elizabeth, won't you?

    I'm very tempted to make some Love Live reference...

    Is that Akira? YES IT IS AKIRA!
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    ChrisPZT reacted to corntastic in Koiken Otome Translation Project (New Team)   
    Summers over folks, get back in school or embrace total NEETdom and collect your NEETbux

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    ChrisPZT reacted to EldritchCherub in Reincarnation: Lovely x Cation Translation Project [TLC REQUIRED]   
    Sorry about the lack of updates and whatnot, been busy with work and stuff.
    Anyways, here's a small update to satiate those who have been following the project so far.
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    ChrisPZT reacted to SpecterZ in Witch's Garden Translation Project [TLC NEEDED]   
    No "Actual" progress update sir!
    Other than that......
    Nero gave translator a green light for Suzuno's route, we will see more progress next week, sir!
    Sir! There is a report from translator about new translated scripts.
    You can see the progress update at the usual place, sir!
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    ChrisPZT reacted to Nosebleed in Lilium x Triangle Translation Project   
    ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ raise your dongers ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
    AKA: Patch release

    After several months of delay and real life making us busy, we're finally proud to present you with the full English translation for Lilium x Triangle.
    While it took longer than we predicted it would take (by a few months) we could at least make sure that the quality was up to standards as much as possible. Everyone who worked on this went over the translation and hundreds of adjustments were made until we finally got to where we're at.
    As the first visual novel translation project I ever started and went through with, I am really happy with the way things have come along and I have learned quite a great deal of things throughout the course of this journey which have definitely made me better in the translation field.
    Today is my birthday but I'm happy to be giving everyone a present instead, which in itself is also something I wanted to see done so it works both ways here. And I swear I didn't attempt to time it, it was a coincidence~
    I really appreciate the help everyone in the team gave, all of these people volunteered to help and offer their free time to make this project come true and without them it really wouldn't have been the same.
    Enough with the rambling though, I'm sure you wanted the patch by now so here it is.
    All the instructions and stuff are in the Patch Notes file.
    If you find any problems in the patch somewhere, please do post it here so we can fix it.
    Amazing people who worked on this:
    Project Lead/Translator: Nosebleed Translation Checker: rainsismyfav Editor:  Ryechu Quality Control:  qt panzer Hacker:  binaryfail  
    I hope you enjoy this short little yuri game, it's no masterpiece but I think it's charming enough for what it is and everyone who worked on it quite liked it, and maybe this will spark the interest in translating more yuri games, and hey at least we got this done in less than a year amirite?
    So there you have it, maybe one day I'll start another translation project similar to this one, but for now it's time to focus on college and do something else.
    And last but not least, Yuuna best gril.
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    ChrisPZT reacted to NeroDragon12 in Witch's Garden Translation Project [TLC NEEDED]   
    Here's this month progress and new updates:
    TLC's is back in action so there some progress in common
    Editing is also slowing coming along
    And finally we see big leaps for Ririko as her route TL nears completion.

    That's all for this month people see you in August.
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    ChrisPZT reacted to Emries in Kouki Yoshimune's (Muv-Luv Creator) Message to the World   
    English subtitles are embedded after the first few seconds.
    TL;DR: Original company is going to make or support a Kickstarter soon to localize the Muv-Luv series due to the huge support they have been getting over the years (globally). If this is going to happen under the name of the original Japanese company, it'll make a pretty great example/precedent for other companies to follow through on instead of making dubious quality partnerships
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    ChrisPZT reacted to twdarkeh in Majikoi S Translation Project   
    As some of you will no doubt notice, we have reverted to Maji Translations. Heizei seems to have quit, and we did not wish to delay the release of the game.
    With that, Maji Translations are proud to present the full English translation of Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! S. The link to the release blog post can be found in the first post, or here. The subbed videos are coming soon™. No ETA on when or if the uncensor will be complete.
    This patch comes with a readme.txt, and I urge you to read it. If you don't, you will likely have a bad time. The 100% save is forthcoming as well.
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    ChrisPZT reacted to SpecterZ in Witch's Garden Translation Project [TLC NEEDED]   
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    ChrisPZT reacted to SpecterZ in Witch's Garden Translation Project [TLC NEEDED]   
    Nah, I was kidding.
    Real update is at our site and we just pass 50% TL mark.
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