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  1. What the fuck happened to this site?

  2. Youtube now supports 60fps

    Well I guess that just shows how stupid I am. Guess I assumed you were serious cause I've met people who actually think like that. Someone once told me they thought the human eye could only see half a frame per second.
  3. Youtube now supports 60fps

    Zero. It's a static .jpg >_> I wasn't. Just very passionate about animation. Hey, you learn somethin' new everyday man. :>
  4. Youtube now supports 60fps

    Dude... You're insane. As someone who understands animation, on a somewhat fundamental level. And as someone who's been working on an animation project running at 60 Frames Per second, bro. This couldn't be more wrong. Fucking sticky note animations run faster than 2FPS. If we could only see 2FPS the world would move like a fucking powerpoint presentation, According to google: Although the human eye and brain can interpret up to 1000 frames per second, someone sitting in a chair and actively guessing at how high a framerate is can, on average, interpet up to about 150 frames per second. The point: 60 fps is not a 'waste'. And if you're still not convinced. I Made these as examples. 60FPS The same exact animation, frame for frame in 2FPS 2FPS But on the topic of YouTube. YAYYY, that project I've been working on can now be enjoyed to it's fullest extent!
  5. Yoooooooooooo

    Play some Sono Hanabira. Good stuff, welcome to Fuwanovel hope you enjoy yourself here.
  6. Hi Everyone !

    Bonjour ma chérie Or is that racist? Anyways, welcome to Fuwanovel, hope you enjoy yourself here.
  7. Digusting Weather ..

    Yes this weather is quite digusting. Winters coming here in Washington. I like winter to be honest.
  8. You guys should come to me.
  9. Tsukimonogatari Adaptation Confirmed

    I agree to some extent. But y'know, you can only watch Monogatari for so long before it becomes stale. Then again, I've rewatched Bake like 10 times already.
  10. Persona

    Nanako is the greatest Imouto. Has anyone seen Hiimdaisy's Persona 4 comic? It's hilarious, watch it and have some good laughs.
  11. Persona

    The sequel
  12. Persona

    Kenji was so creepy.