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    Daeyamati got a reaction from LighteningOne in Fan Translator Skills Registration   
    Gonna hop on the bandwagon here.

    Handle: Daeyamati
    Positions you can fill: Editor/Proofreader
    Types of projects (VNs) preferred: Primarily otomege. I'm more willing to work on short VNS than long ones.
    Availability (edit this one as you get involved in projects): Currently working on Anniversary no Kuni no Alice. Please contact me first to see if I would be willing to take on another project!
    Friday nights and Saturdays (GMT -. I have more free time when I'm on vacation from school.
    VNs most interested in producing an ftl for:
    Otomege! I'm not that picky but it has to at least tickle my fancy first. La'cryma games Souten no Celenaria (the first in the Steampunk/WAB series that never got a full translation) Ourai no Gahkthun (another in the Steampunk series; there currently aren't any plans to translate this) Licensed by MangaGamer True Tears (never got a full translation) Clover Point Fortissimo & its sequel/FD (perferably the all-ages version) MIYAKO OZMAFIA!! Licensed by MangaGamer D.C. Girl's Symphony ~Da Capo Girl's Symphony~ Zettai Meikyuu Grimm (PC version) Tokyo Yamanote Boys Series Negai no Kakera to Hakugin no Agreement Motivation for joining in on ftl: I want to share VNs and make them more well-known.
    No nukige. Mature and stable group. I'm a very easy person to work with, unless your team is full of dickwads and dipshits. No hard perfectionism. Loose work hours. My schedule tends to be all over the place at times, especially when I'm in school. Also my mood affects whether or not I feel like doing anything. Have scripts ready to edit. Contact: PM, Twitter, or email [daeyamati@gmail.com]
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    Daeyamati got a reaction from Yeah Way in The Anime OP/ED Thread   
    The first OP to Valvrave. It's a barely-above-average-Sunrise-mecha anime, but the only reason I watched it was because the OP was performed by T.M. Revolution and Mizuki Nana. They make an awesome pair!

    The original pitch in this video has been shifted up to avoid being removed.

    Also gonna throw in some more Kaminomi because well why not.

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    Daeyamati got a reaction from Fox_DL in Help me choose!   
    ^ The Second Reproduction is actually dark compared to the others on this site. Yes, it has some light-hearted moments, but for the most part it's centered on politics, morals, and religion.

    I'd start with Boku no Shokora since it's short (less than 2 hours) to get her into the feel of what visual novels are like. Then follow up with either Starry Sky ~In Spring~ or Yo Jin Bo. The latter has more comedy though imo. Sweet Fuse is coming out at the end of this month, so if she has a PSP or can emulate it, that's a good one to show her after SS & YJB. From what I've seen it's a bit more serious but is still light-hearted for the most part. Save Hakuouki or The Second Reproduction for last since it's more plot-orientated and the romance gets casted off to the side at some points.

    tl;dr: Boku no Shokora --> Starry Sky ~In Spring~ or Yo Jin Bo --> Sweet Fuse --> Hakuouki or The Second Reproduction
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    Daeyamati reacted to Tief Blau in Recommend some JP bands/artists :V   

    She has literally one of the best singing voices I have ever heard.

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    Daeyamati got a reaction from Tief Blau in Recommend some JP bands/artists :V   
    I'm more into the seiyuu side of JP music (as in, I tend to listen more to seiyuu who double as singers) so maybe you can try checking out:

    Kaji Yuuki
    Kakihara Tetsuya (his newer songs are really good)
    Horie Yui (I like her better as an artist than a seiyuu)

    ELISA recently came back from hiatus and released a new single, Soba ni Iru Yo, for the second ED of Valvrave. Her voice is really soft and soothing; if I were to describe it, it's like creamy chocolate that's been melted for spreading, kind of like butter lol. You should definitely give her a listen.

    Yanagi Nagi also gets a special mention because I'm a Nagi fangirl extraordinaire and she's the queen of my heart <3 She has such a wide vocal range and can sing anything from fun, light-hearted songs

    to songs that'll make you depressed and question the meaning of life. Okay, not really, but some of her songs are really deep and make you think.

    She also came out with her first debut album earlier this month, which include some original songs, pieces from her previous singles, and even covers (i.e. Rurouni Kenshin's 1/2 and even a song from The Pillows). I unfortunately have not been able to get my hands on her first album because lolwhatismoney, but I've heard samples and judging from her previous works, it's definitely worth the try.

    Errrr this post ended up being longer than I thought so I think I'll just stop here before I endlessly gush about how amazing Yanagi Nagi.
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    Daeyamati got a reaction from meru in Summer Anime 2013 Season   
    You are a great person. +50 ;D

    It's my new guilty pleasure. Bless KyoAni for animating Free!
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    Daeyamati got a reaction from atchikotchi in What methods do you use to watch anime?   
    Mostly torrents (and then watching it with MPC-HC), but I do buy a series on DVD/Bluray if I like it.
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    Daeyamati got a reaction from KnightFire in Hey there! :D   
    Wow, you're really new! Makes me feel kinda old ORZ

    Welcome to the forums! Feel free to ask if you have any questions and be sure to check out some of the other games here.
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    Daeyamati got a reaction from Sakimichi in Fan Translation Roles and Tips   
    Well TLCs don't need to translate but they do need knowledge about Japanese.

    The difference between editing and and proofreading is that in proofreading, it's mainly about about correct grammar, spelling, etc while editing revolves around sentence structure, clarity, etc so it's more of a personal preference.

    Hope that helps! Feel free to ask if you have any more questions.
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    Daeyamati got a reaction from Sakimichi in Fan Translation Roles and Tips   
    Hmm maybe that was a bad example. When you TLC you check to see if the translation is good enough to your liking or if anything was mistranslated, etc.

    The process generally goes:


    Hope that helps!
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    Daeyamati got a reaction from Sakimichi in Fan Translation Roles and Tips   
    TLC = translation checking. I guess you can think of it as what proofreading is to editing, if that makes sense.

    A forum is a good idea, but maybe irc or just having each other's contact info would be good enough?
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    Daeyamati got a reaction from eclipsezero in こんにちは, fellow dudes and dudettes.   
    I would sell my soul to Ufotable if this were to happen. Their animation for Fate/Zero & Kara no Kyoukai was just absolutely gorgeous.
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    Daeyamati got a reaction from Metaler in こんにちは, fellow dudes and dudettes.   
    Good to have you with us on the forums! Have you heard about the Tsukihime remake? The art looks absolutely gorgeous.

    Are you helping out with the Dracu-Riot trans'n project?

    Also (last question, I promise lol) did you learn Japanese through the Heisig method? I've tried learning Japanese for a while now and have been very hesitant on whether or not I should commit to it (tried it a couple times, but it didn't exactly work for me; but I'm willing to give it another shot).
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    Daeyamati got a reaction from Yuki in Suggestion   

    If only... Maybe when the forums are more populated.