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  1. We've never done partial patch releases. It will only be released once everything is 100% exactly like with the previous releases.
  2. So I was busy playing Bunny Black 2 since the full patch just got released, and I thought that Ekate sounded familair. So I looked and found that it was the same voice actress as Wanko. Can't believe I never noticed that during Bunny Black 1.
  3. I agree here. They can't really do much with the Kazama Family heroines. The S after stories already depict what would most likely happen if they tried to continue on those heroines. And personally I think its more fun to read if Yamato is trying to conquer a woman than if he is already with her.
  4. I feel exactly the same. I just can't leave any routes out of a VN even if I don't like them. Need to aim for that 100% completion and that is another reason why I save the best route for last, so that it will motivate me to complete the other routes.
  5. Ima go with Azumi, Sayaka, then Benkei. Azumi first cuz Azumi, Sayaka second cuz it's a reread, then Benkei last cuz I always save the best for last.
  6. Yeah, speedtests say i download at 4mb/s, but thats a lie, the highest my downloads have ever been were at 450 kb/s. Atleast i dont have cap, but once i download 400gbs, my internet is severely throttled, so in that sense i do kind of have a cap, but its tolerable.
  7. Satan has descended upon us. I suggest we offer someone as a sacrifice.
  8. The editing into clean English is perfectly fine and not a problem at all. The editing the text into the script files is what is taking forever since there wasn't a program in place that could easily allow the translator/editor to directly change the text. Hence why the only issue is a time factor.
  9. I just discovered this VN and it looks interesting, so thanks a lot to the people translating this. Good luck.
  10. The main problem about translation groups accepting donations is that if they do, then they are basically forced to come out with the patch no matter what due to obvious decency. Also people will annoy and constantly pest the translators to work faster using their donations as a reason to why they should go faster.
  11. Why their tears and not their blood ? Being able to bathe in their blood sounds a lot more brutal and dominant.
  12. I need like super simplified English a 2 year old could understand explaining every last detail.
  13. Anyone care to give a tl;dr simplified version for the simple minded people such as myself ?
  14. Isn't Kickstarter credit card only ? As far as I remember from the FAQ is that they don't have a function to support PayPal and only support a majority of credit cards.
  15. Burn thy heathen witch with fire till there is nothing but bones left of thine body.
  16. 1. There are no plans to translate any other Majikoi games at the moment, such things will be decided after this translation is done. 2. There exists Majikoi, Majikoi S and Majikoi A-1 to Majikoi A-5. Best order would be to read them in that order. 3. About 40% of Majikoi S is translated as well as a single route of Majikoi A-1, though both of those translations are dead and the only Majikoi translation alive at the moment is this one.
  17. Yes, yes it is. Just read it and trust me, you won't regret it.
  18. Anyone that would kindly post a Majikoi A-4 download link or magnet url for me ? Why ? Because fuck it, i'm super lazy to find it. Asked with tears in my eyes.
  19. Once Miyako is translated, all that is left to do is for the lazy one called Ourai to QC both Miyako and Gakuto's route. Once that is done the translation is effectively completed and just needs to made into a patch. Same page as colekitt, still think it's pointless.
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