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  1. I'm very excited for Bravely Second. I hope that Tiz is one of the party members. The adventure for me doesn't feel complete unless everyone makes it to the end. My brother was telling me he read that Agnes is now the pope of the crystal orthodoxy and has been kidnapped so perhaps at a point you have rescue her as well.
  2. Have not played umineko but that is a beautiful song thanks for sharing
  3. I was wondering anyone else was reminded of a song during a particular scene in a VN? For me one I always remember is the last part of Kotori's route in rewrite I'm always reminded of the song Kyrie by Mr. Mister https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4uwTHgLSWIs
  4. could it be a security update that is causing the problem
  5. I have taken the ss but wont let me paste into the response is there another way to show it
  6. I don't have any computers with other os available so I cant test that. Thank you for the response
  7. Thanks again for the warm welcome always a pleasure to meet a fellow James, very funny pun if im understanding it correctly
  8. http://erogegames.com/majikoi-246/ had to download in the 33 files thanks for the assist
  9. That interesting I never considered like that. I didn't get the vibe that he was unsatisfied with life as a whole more just his inability to create meaningful relationships with others. I did like the moon route even though the high concept dimension travel stuff was bit surreal and that he got back to the moon to save Sakuya a reunite with moon kagari. But im a sucker for a happy end like the end of LB so it takes me longer to come to grips with endings like the shizuru and the true ending. MDruid, Thank you. Read both and I loved them both
  10. Hello and thank you and advance for any response. Recently I downloaded Majikoi to my laptop and the partial patch in anticipation of the miyako patch. The installation worked, however whenever I start the game it shows that Nexus has started but the program does not start. My laptop is a hp windows 8 64 bit laptop and I have change the system locale to Japanese. I have Malware bytes and spybot for antivirus. As well I downloaded the Win8WOH patch when I bought My girlfriend is the president from Jast and it worked, but no luck with this game. Thank you Again
  11. Life, I can tell who your favorite girl in LB was =). Mio was my second favorite, she's delicate but I like how she and Riki get along and how they come to understand one another. Normally with delicate girls in Vn's the girl and the protag spend so much time apologizing to one another and it wears a little thin but that's not the case in this game. Plus the cg of them by the tree at the end is priceless. I liked the heroines paths for rewrite more than clannad (which had to many paths that ended up going no where), besides Kotori's I think she got shortchanged but the true path in Rewrite was frustrating to me. Kotarou just seems to drag his feet plus im not a huge fan of true endings because I like to think that all the endings have there merits to the characters. What did you think about the true end?
  12. Thank you everyone for the warm welcome, the advice and even the puns. DimDito thank you for telling me the place to ask for technical advice. I'd never give up on Majikoi, it looks incredible and I appreciate the effort it takes to translate. Wish I had a head for language but ive been trying to learn Japanese since last year and no real progress.
  13. Thank you maefdomn. I read clannad last year as well as LB, Kannon and Rewrite, got to say I liked LB a little more than clannad but I loved all the Key games except air which I finished recently. Something about the main heroines story and how she relates the protag didn't click. Little Busters has one of my Favorite routes in any Key game (Yuiko). The other is Chihaya's in Rewrite. What about you have you read any of the other Key games besides clannad? Edit: Thank you flutterz and life, yes my laptop has been set to Japanese location and I downloaded the direct x that the game prompts you too. Should I download a newer version since this is the only game I'm having a problem with? Thank you again and thank you for the warm welcome
  14. Hello Fellow Vn fans My name is James and im from NYC. I started reading VN last year when I could not sleep and I read about Katawa Shoujo. Reading helps me sleep but I cannot sleep when there are any lights on besides my laptop so I read Ks and I fell in love with the medium. Recently I discovered this site when I read about the miyako patch for majikoi because that was the vn I was going to read after ks but I found out that it was not fully translated. So I moved an read other great titles. Some of my favorites are Edelweiss and Deardrops from Overdrive and Hoshimemo from Favorite. So I did not download majikoi until recently. This brings me to the crux of my problem and why I need assistance. I have a windows 8 64 bit laptop and when I bought My girlfriend is the president from Jast it said that it wouldn't work. So I downloaded an the file that fixes the problem and it worked. When I installed majikoi, the installation it self worked fine, but when I start up the game Nexas will show up in the task manager but the game wont start. I apologize if this is not the forum for this but Ive tried everything I could think of and nothings working. Glad to be part of the community if no one can help. Looking forward to meeting everyone. Thank you in advance for any replies.
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