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  1. I'd prefer to have an h-scene switch. I'm looking at you Kara No Shoujo with your random sex scenes that do nothing but warn me that I'm heading towards a bad end.
  2. Can we count the first Danganronpa and Kara No Shoujo as games with true bad endings? Just wondering... Also, the horror/guro VN from ClockUp (The makers of Euphoria and Eroge!) Fraternite probably fits the bill perfectly. Every ending is a bad one but it's open ended. That being said the game does feature an insane amount of sexual violence and some genuinely repulsive content (I hope you aren't grossed out by scat and gore) so I wouldn't recommend it at all.
  3. Dracu-Riot! for about 40 bucks? What kind of sorcery is this?
  4. I still think it makes no sense. Some games have a 30-40 dollar mark up.
  5. I know torrent discusssions are banned now but frankly it's a morally grey area for me in this case. Considering the company is dead... maybe you could get a translated version of the game online and play it side by side with the upcoming PS3 port as I mentioned previously. I doubt they're going to change the plot that much considering it's a kamige. You'll probably get less panty shots and a re-orchestrated soundtrack which is good I guess? And you'd actually support the companies and people behind it.
  6. So far it's Japanese only.Aksys, Atlus or XSeed could release the game in English but it's a 50 hour long visual novel that has little notoriety aside from the Hardcore Gaming 101 article and visual novel fans. The chances are very low, unless JAST, Manga Gamer or Sekai Project get into the console market.
  7. AFAIK The only edition of Yu-No you can get right now comes in a can with some extras and a vibrator (Nothing turns me on like info dumps and absurdly complex time travel concepts) which costs around 200 dollars if you get it for cheap at Amazon Japan. Not sure how much they're going to change on the remake but you could play the PC port on a notebook/tablet and the remake at the same time. It'd probably be cheaper if not to say awkward.
  8. I just finished Danganronpa and that cliffhanger is just ugh.
  9. You do know that Free Friends is a nukige about sexual slavery right? It's nowhere along the lines of something like... Miles - Knight Of Anal Tyranny but it's still a nukige nonetheless. From what I've heard it's closer to an average eroge with a very high amount of sexual content. So just like euphoria? I'm confused and VNDB is as confused as me since they don't classify it as a nukige but the users do. So basically what I just wrote means absolutely nothing and you should buy Free Friends as soon as it gets released.
  10. It's from Noesis, Innocent Grey's sort of nukige label. It's technically their CYCLET to their Black Cyc. But it sounds story-based for some reason. The art looks amazing as usual and the plot sounds interesting to say the least. You can probably count on Manga Gamer translating it in the future since they already translated one of their titles (Free Friends). BTW There's a site called Yande.re?! ROFL
  11. Yay, you mentioned Kitty Tama From what I've seen and my experience with the VN's trial it's the part when you find out who's running the whole game and why that makes it unique. I've also heard
  12. What I find hilarious is that Bonetown: Mature Edition got greenlit a few months ago and it's literally a censored version of a porn GTA clone where you attack minorities and have sex. The original version is still on sale and it's as hardcore as it gets.
  13. I'm usually against H-scenes so I can say I'm glad Steam players are getting a choice.
  14. "JAST pick up Dustmania Grotesque!!!11!!!1! Euphoria s 2 kawaii moe shit -_-" Seriously though, SJW's and Jezebel are way too busy with American Apparel's panty shot ads to even figure out there's a game that's basically Saw + Martyrs + Salo + Cube where you technically play as a bad guy.
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