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  1. Very good you will be contacted soon regarding the project.
  2. You will be contacted privately to discuss this.
  3. You will be contacted privately to discuss this.
  4. No. Just loyalty, and secrecy until the projects completion for now.
  5. Well things are going to work slightly different on this project. It is as I said if you're enthusiastic, and wish to make something unique and original you may join the project. But sensitive details regarding the project will not be discussed in public as for now. As for qualifications they're indeed important and if qualified that would be even better. But no one shall be refused on that basis if they do not meet the qualification criteria, they might be talented and not even know it?
  6. Sorry the details, and ideas of the project will not be discussed until completion. As this may compromise the project in a negative way. Thank you for your response.
  7. Hello i'm looking for people who like Visual Novel's that would want to help make one. There will be "no qualifications needed" just a passion and enthusiasm for the project. If you're are interested post a reply and we will discuss it. So now who will join me on my crusade?
  8. Hi y'all!

    Check out family project it's slow at the start but gets good.
  9. I would like to sign up to the project.