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Site Work Failed, But We Didn't Die

Ugh. Still more roadblocks. Need to get an as-yet unknown password from Nay in order to get this sucker changed. For now, please enjoy the mess of a forums we've got, and dream of the forums we will probably never one day have.

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  1. Lol I usually don't hold on longer than 3 episodes per anime xD

  2. Hail to Okami for his wonderful donation of Yuri pictures! But now to continue my mission. A guy walks into a bar and orders a bottle of Yuri.
  3. Hentai

    Most of Hentai anime: - screaming like being flayed, roasted or butchered alive - soaking in female juices - soaking in male juices - ugly tentacles soaking more than anything else in the anime - censorship type more annoying than anything described above (that huge-pixel-based censorship, ewww) There are still some quality hentai though. But mostly softcore (not ecchi, but softcore hentai). I recommend Koe de Oshigoto from softcore, although it's not too softcore. It will entertain you much more than those hardcore stuff everybody watch. And it's actually interesting. Although I'm normally into Yuri, I preferred it way over Shoujo Sect or Sono Hanabira (hardcore yuri hentai).
  4. Why did the chicken cross the road? Because it saw Yuri on the other side.
  5. I'm getting old. I'll be 20 this August xD not good not good

  6. Nothing is cuter than a lovely dose of yuri.
  7. Request: Seisai no Resonance

    They must be busy. You don't just give up on the project you cared enough about to start it. Or at least I hope so.
  8. Request: Seisai no Resonance

    I was redirected to a thread recommended by a user. It's as if I posted in the wrong section so someone redirected me to what they believe to be the right section. So I don't think "posting the exact same thing in multiple forums" makes a valid argument right now. I was not spamming, which is quite obvious by default. As the matter of fact, I've just got someone interested. They can't do it at the moment for multiple reasons, but they're interested. Please take note that I said "Find this as a notification that there's something damn good out there worth your translating time(...)". Just because it's a request doesn't make it a bad game. (to avoid grammatical misunderstanding with non-native English speakers, "they" can replace "he/she") Looks quite great! I hope they started recently which means they didn't forget ^-^ Yahooo!
  9. Hi!

    I hope it doesn't bother yall that I can't post often, especially for the next few weeks. Exams and stuff. Thank you for your greetings again, and hope we get along well ^^
  10. Hi!

    Thank you everyone for your warm greetings and moe and tanks and a guy with a suggestive name! I hope we get along here too can't wait for the holidays, it's busy time I'm not into that for now, but I'm going to learn how to make computer games this summer. After I learn that, maybe I could cooperate with people here on a complex VN+game. =)
  11. Request: Seisai no Resonance

    I apologize for the inconvenience. Can you then please tell me where I could make these requests? A request board or some person open to requests. I searched on Google without much success. Found some translators that haven't been active in a few years.
  12. Request: Seisai no Resonance

    Thanks! I'll ask there. Holidays are near and I want some lovely Yuri. In English if possible. If not, I'll need to learn Japanese by reading those training visual novels. I guess I'll bear with that somehow.
  13. Hi!

    I'll try to learn reading Japanese this summer. TRY. And probably I won't be needing to ask for translations anymore. xD Thanks for welcoming me everyone!
  14. I'm not sure how welcome is request topic here, but according to what I have seen with that typical clipboard-translation-chain (which was horrible), this is the best Yuri visual novel ever created. According to art, I believe it's originally aimed at male audience, but it is still soft and romantic. It is simultaneously a magical fighting game. Main character is female and she's very cute and by the clipboard-translation seems quite feminine too. Anyway, don't find this as a massive beg. Find this as a notification that there's something damn good out there worth your translating time, because I know what I'm talking about and I know some of you will love what they see or hear about it. VNDB link: http://vndb.org/v10613