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  1. I wouldn't expect the patch to be released until after the physical copy has been.
  2. I can try to get the ones from the "Debo no Su Seisakusho" remake... don't know if i'll be able to get them though...
  3. Worked fine for me... have you tried doing it in the "src" directory?
  4. So after looking on their website, i find out that once again this game has been delayed from the 18th to the 29th... I'm kinda pissed off now, I wasn't able to find a tweet or anything telling me that it has been delayed once again. Anyone else pissed off? or nah?
  5. Shiny days is somewhat the same and is also somewhat different with their dark themes (Rape and stuff), compared with School days. Makato is somewhat the same as well. Though Shiny Days was the one they wanted the story to originally be due to the fact it links up with the previous games better then school days. (95% of the Games Overflow has made link up.) The overflow franchise seems to be really incestious, I mean look a their family tree(Spolier for the franchise).
  6. I'll admit, Majikoi is good, but it's far from one of the bests. The hype is what makes it seem good, but when you compare it too a lot of other VNs it really doesn't differ from a standard MOE VN.
  7. Yeah their alpha channels weren't extracted properly. I've just gone through them all.
  8. Send me all the edited images through by PM, I'll have a look and see if i can figure out the issue.
  9. First of all just drag the edited files to the games directory, it works as an alternative also you need to watch out for the alpha channels the images have. if you are still having a problem just send me the files.
  10. For the images, remove the file type tag then try again. (EG: SGTitle******.bmp to SGTitle******)
  11. SkySpear TL decided on helping us, then just disappeared when they got halfway through.
  12. I get "download link expired" when i try to download it.
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