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  1. Japanese law states that any pornographic material must be censored with in its borders. That's why Mosaic Censor is used in Pornographic materials (Porn films, Porn mags, etc.). There are some other materials that censorship is more lenient on, like bars, invisible genitals or not showing of the genitals at all. You'll never see uncensored material from japan, unless it's officially done(western companies will redraw the footage), someone from the unknown will try to do one of their own, or the author takes a risk and uploads it but on a western site.
  2. Think about it as "someone giving you a lollipop, and then that person takes the delicious lolly and leaves you with the stick."
  3. No matter what there will be an all-ages if it does get officially release, because it means more money and It is possible without a kick-starter. A lot of devs just refuse to cooperate with the western localization companies and no amount of money will be able to convince them otherwise. It's just how things are, not much we can do but sit and wait until they are willing to give it a try, because forcing the matter is only just gonna piss them of even more.
  4. If I remember correctly, the last team to work on a translation for baldr got C&D'ed hard by GIGA.
  5. Everyone's bitter, when someone goes and officially localize something that has been translated for years.
  6. The one you are using is python2, you can get python3 here.
  7. Progress is slow. I don't know how far in we are, but all i can say is that the translators are busy in real life.
  8. You can try these tools though not sure if it will work (you'll need to link a path through cmd to use these as well I believe). I believe AE has a converter and packer. Haven't used it yet though. So whether it works or not, i don't have a clue.
  9. Standalone project, the reason why, is because MoeNovel's translations wasn't at all accurate.
  10. As far as I know it's compatible, you just can't get the achievements. To be able to get them you would need to decompile the scripts back into their original state and grab the coding from them, then place them in the patch, etc. Or if my knowledge of how the steam achievement work isn't correct in anyway, then oh well. Anyway, the only way to be able to do that would be to reverse the compiler code, however, Willplus and it's sub-companies won't release their engines for the public to use, so obtaining the compiler is pretty much impossible.
  11. If he were to try to contact MG and stuff, propeller wouldn't allow it. Since MG's working on two of their games and all.
  12. If he's using the scripts that were done by Nagato, only his tools will repack it.
  13. If that doesn't work, i've used my extractor for the texts. Your choice to use them.
  14. I used AE for extracting it out of the archive.
  15. The reason it wasn't working was because your extractor didn't extract them properly.
  16. AnimED? arc_conv? Tried them? You again do not mention game title, without it the answer would be quite generic. sorry i forgot to put the name of the game it is narcissu 3rd, I tried using this https://github.com/GAEndGears/majiro-tools but when i convert the text (with text_conv.exe) like text_conv majiro 1.mjo > 1.txt the txt comes out empty I'm going to sleep and gonna keep trying tomorrow maybe im doing something wrong I'll try, once i can find a link to the game, or if you could upload the scripts.
  17. Don't know, though if you have a look at the scripts for the page it does state it was using Unity.
  18. Here's the proof for Kara no shojo release, Japanese version is on IG's own engine and the english version on the kirikiri2 engine.
  19. Because they're only waiting until they fix the build before releasing the patch.
  20. Beside, the restoration patch will either be release this month or the following month.
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