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  1. The .np files are the same as the nscript files; same encryption and everything. but to save you time, here. Edit: If you really wanted to, just change the .np files to nscript.dat one at a time and it should work. Or if you know the XOR key, you could just use a hex editor or AnimED to decrypt the files.
  2. Reupload it, it seems to not have uploaded correctly.
  3. If you don't mind, could you upload the nscript.dat file?
  4. It's $1 a frame for animation. Depending on who the employer is.
  5. Figured it out, just set the games compatibility to "Windows XP (service Pack 2)".
  6. Try using the capability mode, "Windows XP (service pack 2)". That usually sorts out those problems.
  7. I've been curious for a while, I've never been able to save my games, nor have i managed to get the saves work. I know I'm not the only one have this issue, but is there someone who knows how to get the saves to work? It's getting frustrating having to replay through the game to get scene for them not to be saved. Just realized i stuck this in the wrong topic, this should be in "Game Technical & solutions". Mods if you would be so kind...
  8. I got it working already, thanks though. The game data's in .arc and then inside those, extension-less script files. I was asking gourry, but ok.
  9. Upload the scr.xfl file, It'll be easier to try out since I don't want to download the game.
  10. It could be that the Encryption key has been changed for the Steam version, Asmodean's tools haven't been updated in the since the beginning of 2014, and mangagamer released their version in 2015.
  11. You've got to change you region format, Control Panel > Clock, Language and Region > click on "Region" > Change your format to "Japanese (Japan)". This is completely different to changing your location to Japan.
  12. the code for it is "exef2paz.exe scr.paz 1"
  13. Not having much luck extracting it my self, I know it's version 479 but that's all.
  14. Use This You can use Extractdata You can use this
  15. Which file would have a decryption key? Don't really know what I'm looking for there. Thanks for the suggestion on AnimED, it worked fine for the scripts, however the .bmp files it pulled from the CGs look corrupted http://i.imgur.com/nItr1YE.png When you're in Mega, click on "Get Link", change it from link to decryption key or link + decryption key. Try giving Crass a go then.
  16. 1. You didn't include the decryption key within your links. 2. You can use AnimED to extract the files you want.
  17. Either ways, I'm gonna try and grab the scripts, and uploaded the to my mediafire shared folder so people can come and take.
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