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  1. Now another prolem starts a new, i'm now getting an error for this: fo = open(script+bgi_setup.dext, 'w', encoding=bgi_setup.denc) apparrently 'encoding' is an invalid argument.
  2. ........................................ -___________________________- [], 【】 why can't they be the same thing.... But, thank you it actually worked. Now hopefully i can sleep.
  3. here is what happens when i use it also on anything: http://puu.sh/dFare.png though here is the script, but i hope that someone can help me figure this out soon: https://www.mediafire.com/?4638bveevrnvze7
  4. When I Just put the word in ("BGI_dump.py") it always gives me this error: http://puu.sh/dEMf7.png Even when inputting the full code ("BGI_dump.py <binaryfile"), I just want to know how to fix this error, because no matter what i do it just doesn't want to work.
  5. Facade... you are already released our plans... well your plans anyway. :3
  6. I love Gore... the character I mean...

  7. yes it will be, moenovel will continue with the translation, moenovel is a english translation branch off of pulltop, so i believe they are already translating it but considering that the first game was tranlated a year ago it may take time before it's released
  8. Whatever version I can do I will do, but I can't do that without a hacker, it's basically impossible to do at least one or the other with out one. If I can find some one to do the PC or psp I'll do it
  9. I've actuallly contacted them once before but i got no responce from them, so i think it's safe to say that they have grabbed their asses and made a run for it, without explaining why nor givng a twitter link as to keep updates so to tell us that it's still going
  10. well i would like to do one or the other but kinda hard without the hacker. And it also depends Auronsama because if you get a C&D notice or if one of the needed people like a hacker for instence suddenly drops of the face of the earth and is never heard of again it's kinda embarrassing to tell people that it's happend or that they are throwing away the project when they are so far into it
  11. Well it depends really, i can handle translations(though preferably more translators would be nice) and image editing, so it really comes down to the hacker, if he can hack the psp version and/or the pc one then i would do any
  12. i feel like an idiot for not doing this before but oh well, if i'm going to do this i'll need some help. Need: Hacker Translator Proof Reader If anyone wants to help out then ask. The others the Mashiro Iro Symphony translations suddenly disappeared, that's why i'm doing this. Contact: Westyfilms@gmail.com
  13. Yeah i know there's a small ammount of translators that will do nukige, truth is i want to do one of Eushully's games or redo the mashiro iro translation since the team disappeared. But i can't find any help for them so i resorted to nukige.
  14. Hi i'm looking for some translators for the Norn Games i wish to translate and this isn't one but most of their games. i would do it my self but it would take me forever by myself, and yes i can patch the game and edit the images... maybe... anyway if you're interested in it just reply and i'll send you details. if some people could help it would be appreciated even if it is you're first translation. And yes i already have the scripts and have extracted them, now they are just waiting. Peace.
  15. Alright i've decided on taking up the challenge of completeing "Gore Sceaming Show", but the problem is the old files don't work. i am looking for someone to help me hack or whatever to get this VN translated, no i don't about getting a VN reader and yes i have tried to hack it my self. I just want at least one person to help me. Thank you very much. Link to VN: www.http://vndb.org/v933
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