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  1. Koiken Otome Discussion and Poll

  2. Finish the Sentence

    That someone tried to bait me and I almost did it. Fee fi fo
  3. True or False

    False. Next person is tiiired
  4. Finish the Sentence

    always be seen, no more withdrawn, eclipsed, or set; even Christ, the sun of righteousness, whose glory will always be beheld by the righteous to all eternity: when there will be no more night of affliction, desertion, and death; when the light of knowledge will be clear and perfect, and saints shall see face to face, and know as they are known; and when not only the light of the righteous shall be so clear, distinct, and perfect, but they themselves shall shine as the sun in the kingdom of God. Gosh, that's a long, biblical. . .
  5. Finish the Sentence

    don't know what your life will be like tomorrow. For what is your life? For you are a vapor, that appears for a little time, and then vanishes away. Everyone who looks at a woman. . .
  6. True or False

    False Next person understands the raw value of learning japanese. For example, the manga magi, vol 1 in japanese costs 400 yen, $6.20 from kinokuniya bookstore. In english, its the cheaper end of $9.99.
  7. Edit: I have so many NEETbux banked, but unfortunately I still have yet to actually find a use for them. I think I fixed it. Time will tell when I get locked out of the site again though We're not looking for any QCs or editors at this time, and probably won't be for the remaining duration of the project. Thank you for applying though.
  8. True or False

    False Next person is too afraid to hang up their lewd posters
  9. True or False

    False. Next person upgraded to windows 10 and instantly regretted their decision.
  10. Summers over folks, get back in school or embrace total NEETdom and collect your NEETbux
  11. True or False

    False Next person likes H scenes
  12. True or False

    false Next person thinks references are genesis humour.
  13. True or False

    True? Keyboard counts if I have a key off and blinding LEDs right? Next person used glovepie on the regular.
  14. My Advice For Translation Projects

    Your guide for translating visual novels