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  1. Boy, would you have saved my life years ago. I wanted to develop a visual novel in Unity but the limitations (in text management mostly) got the better of me. I know for a fact many people would be interested in a package that provides a reliable environment for developing VNs in Unity. It doesn't really need to be programming-free, exactly: goal-oriented documentation (kinda like Ren'Py's cookbook, which teaches features rather than the tools) would go a long way for people who don't really want to learn all about Unity, because it's way too vast.
  2. Doesn't need to be serious. Oppression doesn't mean suffering, necessarily -- just means the individual's experience is tainted by oppression due to their skin color. Take Everybody Hates Chris, for instance. It's anything but serious, and is all about Chris Rock's childhood/teen years. And it's got a broad appeal. I don't get OP's posts very well or what they want, but I do think a VN with a black MC and a story that could only happen to a black person can still have a broad appeal.
  3. This is not true. Black people are systematically oppressed. There being a VN with a black MC about being black would be great. You guys say you don't care for identity politics and stories that rely extensively on a character's race or nationality, but the truth is, you don't think it's "political" when it's stories with Japanese -- or white -- MCs. It's a familiar culture, one that you've consumed for a long time, so it doesn't feel foreign even though it's all culturally coded. All Japanese VNs are very much about being Japanese. Black culture never had such structure to promote i
  4. Now that you mentioned, there IS a lot of sports in Key VNs. It's one of the better things about them. (You could call me part-jock because I like football so much and would play it in high school.)
  5. Quality is very obviously not objective in the sense that it doesn't exist if there isn't anyone to experience it. It's a perception -- and, like you said, any aesthetic criteria must be validated within someone's experience for that quality to play out properly. That said, there are a few aesthetic parameters that we generally agree on so that we can talk about the games in the first place. Even if someone were to think plot holes make their favorite game better, they make it harder to have meaningful discussions about them. How can I know the experience I have is attainable by anyone else if
  6. Well, I wrote you a PM, but I might as well share my thoughts on it here as well.
  7. No, because that'd only account for something to someone who only ever consumed visual novels (and visual novels of one kind, I should add) as entertainment in their entire lives and literally nothing else. Which doesn't happen. So it just comes across as more of the same, except hypertrophied -- like @alpacaman said -- and obnoxious.
  8. "Visual novels" are an incredibly small and skewed sample space, so yes
  9. Funny, I felt the opposite. Grisaia doesn't subvert a thing to me. It's quite literally the cliché all over. The twists are incredibly weak because turns out having a completely external and dark reason to have any given personality trait is in itself a cliché; also, doing away with everything in the cliché but the cliché itself (say, the school setting) doesn't subvert anything. It's really only smart if you're comparing it to an incredibly small and skewed sample space.
  10. Do you recall this? Darbury once wrote about how much he hated ellipses and I thought at that time, well he might be right. But you provide a solid counterpoint: the fact that the text is not there all at once, but rather is shown through a typewriter effect, is a reason for a lot of the uses in ellipses. That's something to take into account, definitely.
  11. I suppose even an infinite stomach needs a diversified diet.
  12. Although I find it hard to see how or why one would vote based on something other than how they perceive the game (it's their list, after all -- and this also applies to you, Clephas), this is the golden advice right here here. Finding people who like what you like and see what you can share is a good idea. EDIT: NTR as it is sucks because it always comes out of the blue just for a shock effect that negates whatever character development there was before, if there was any. It's just a trump card the story likes to throw of "girls (or sometimes boys) are all actually sex-crazed even if the
  13. There was an optimal time for Fuwanovel to make such a move -- when torrents went down, but Sekai/Mangagamer/JAST hadn't dominated "the market". We're talking late 2013 (after If My Heart Had Wings), early 2014 (before Sakura Spirit). But, of course, it realistically couldn't for many, many reasons. I do believe it could happen somewhere in the future though, and achieve moderately good results to boot, especially if production and distribution were verticalized alongside Fuwa's usual routine. But is it feasible? That's another story.
  14. Sorry for my own late reply! I don't mind read the raunchier scenes and I'm sure everyone around here has read their fair share of kinky scenes, so I believe it's okay if you post them. But really, it's fine to have a preference for one kind of scene. It's just that making the motivations and feelings on the "other side" just as robust will make them even better.
  15. I'm very happy to see you back, Tay. I hope you've been well, real life situations aside. Generally speaking, the recommendation site has in itself a somewhat easier model to run than main Fuwanovel. Fuwa as a hub of VN-related services that can exist without much human oversight and updates (automatically locating VN deals and discounts, automatically aggregating reviews, quiz-based recommendations etc., keyword here being "automatic") might be more sustainable. I have no idea how technically difficult that might be, and I'm sure it's incredibly difficult. But manually updating content i
  16. They all have a graceful quality to them, starting right before the action begins and savoring the ending. I especially like how you always close up each scene with some sort of punchline that indicates more scenes are to come. I imagine the fourth scene was the hardest to write, because a Goo Monster doesn't have that much of a personality, but nevertheless I liked how you built the scene's emotion from terror to some sort of fucked up cumplicity by the end -- that's a little different from the sheer mind break you usually see in scenes like these. It's interesting that all scenes have t
  17. Hisao from Katawa Shoujo. Jill from VA-11 HALL-A. Yuuji fucking sucks, fight me.
  18. Speaking as someone who disappeared as well - and feel horrible about it, because I was involved with what I believe were the coolest projects Fuwa has ever had - I can say Fuwa's model is very, very exhausting. It's like running a business, but without, well, the business. The main site has to attract viewers and then retain viewership enough to have them interested in becoming part of the community. That, or the community has to be attractive in itself by virtue of being helpful or productive. Torrents brought a TON of viewers, so low retention rates weren't a problem. Without them, the
  19. I thought I'd share this simply because it's so cute! This lady right here has some thoughts about C;C and the science adventure series. Generally speaking, this is a great review. It's in line with the praise and criticism I've heard about the novel and it's incredibly thoughtful. The video is very calming as well.
  20. It's been almost 10 years. It's still my favorite VN.
  21. Once again, tag yourself. I don't care for vndb's guidelines but have forever lost the will to discuss the matter. So.
  22. Seeing you guys complain that "a kamige didn't sell because Westerners are oh so barbaric in their tastes" just makes me happy that Subahibi flopped. Thank God. I don't want no """"""""""""""""""""kamige"""""""""""""""""""" in my yard.
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