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  1. Opinions required on this song So, there may or may not be a VN project I'm working on for 2017 and the chosen music direction is a bit different from what I'm used to making. As a style exercise, I tried remaking a somewhat old piece of mine into the new required style, but I'm not really confident about the results - let alone the overall, technical quality of the piece. So I need your opinions! I'd like you to hear it and tell me a) if it's pleasant to listen to b) if it'd be pleasant to listen to even on repeat since it's for a VN c) what kind of vibes you think it gives off d) how it compares to the original
  2. Once again, tag yourself. I don't care for vndb's guidelines but have forever lost the will to discuss the matter. So.
  3. Seeing you guys complain that "a kamige didn't sell because Westerners are oh so barbaric in their tastes" just makes me happy that Subahibi flopped. Thank God. I don't want no """"""""""""""""""""kamige"""""""""""""""""""" in my yard.
  4. Fuwanovel Recommendation Site

    Not only is "NTR" a term distorted from its original meaning so it's used improperly, it's also too much of a community-specific term which we're avoiding so anyone can understand the filters they can use. We're looking into including the possibility to exclude cheating/adultery though.
  5. Find your next VN with the Fuwanovel Recommendation Site! Thanks to your contribution suggesting titles and rating their newbie friendliness, we now have a site that is able to provide recommendations for you, picking from untranslated, translated and original English language visual novels! Out of our special selection, 88 titles are untranslated from Japanese, 61 are otome games, 69 are Western visual novels, and 73 are LGBT-friendly titles. We strive to provide a good selection for everyone. If you find any problem with the quiz or the site in general, contact us. You can also keep discussing, because this can be updated and worked on in the future to better follow new trends or launches. This wouldn't be possible without: @BunnyAdvocate, who devised and coded the whole thing. Special thanks to her for this great work! @Emi, who designed the website and worked on the VN headers, making everything this pretty. @MaggieROBOT and @Zakamutt, who worked on all stages of the project, having recommended VNs and worked on the details for the site to work and provide useful information. @Plk_Lesiak, @Clephas and @Zalor, who provided insight and recommendations to make this a good list and quiz for everyone. XianXian, lunaterra and nadia nova, who helped with all the immense amount of data that we had to manage. Fuwanovel at large, for being this amazing community that suggested VNs, voted and all around made it possible to there be a site like this in the VN community. So, that's you! Additional credits on the site! People not in Fuwa also helped this come to fruition and we can't thank them enough. Click on the picture below to go to the site!
  6. Fuwanovel Recommendation Site

    At worst we'll just have to set up some guidelines for the reviews so that they all fit even if they have external links. But I think we'll get somewhere naturally.
  7. Ah, we made a separate thread, here. Although, yeah, I'll add the link to the first post here too We'll add VNs over time and in bulks - out biggest challenge is to integrate them to the newbie friendliness ranking. But we'll surely add more VNs later
  8. Hello, Fuwa! We've always been a community with nice discussions, a great recommendations subforum and people who like very different VNs across all genres, languages and styles. So it's about time this shared knowledge and warm, vibrant community produces something everyone can use to browse through VNs. This is why we're now developing a Fuwa Recommendation Program! It's like a recommendation chart, except it isn't a chart but a quiz! We want to provide recommendations based on the user's tastes, general preferences and experience - from the newbie-friendly starter VNs to the super specific untranslated VN for the oldbie. So we need a big, diverse and interesting list from which the program can generate a shortlist for you. And you're very welcome to suggest new titles! Currently, we're at 301 titles, 50 of which are EVNs and 55 of which are untranslated: VNDB's most popular 200 titles, except sequels Recommendations from @BunnyAdvocate, @Plk_Lesiak, @MaggieROBOT, @Clephas, @Zalor and @Zakamutt Every VN that received a favorable FuwaReview (4* or 5*) Check the current list out here and post titles you want to see recommended to everyone that you're not seeing on the list! Thanks to everyone who is making this possible, especially BunnyAdvocate (once again bringing amazing algorithms and info to the table), without whom this wouldn't be possible at all. I hope we can bring all kinds of VN players and readers together for this. EDIT: The site is now ready! Access it here. You can keep recommending VNs, as we'll add more over time.
  9. Fuwanovel Recommendation Site

    I do think it'd be pretty cool if Fuwa used it somehow and integrated it to all the other stuff we do or could be doing, but as far as we're concerned and as of now this has nothing to do with Fuwa The Institution
  10. As for keeping the curator page up-to-date with the Reviews hub, that's something I still do and can keep doing. I just added Fatal Twelve, in fact.
  11. Old times Fuwa: Private eye victoria

    Can you send it my way? I'm curious about it
  12. Old times Fuwa: Private eye victoria

    This project needs to be revived
  13. think bigger Fuwanovel should become a publisher
  14. Why are so many Vampire protagonists self-hating?

    That's not how... that's not how it works. Immortality is, in itself, a contentious philosophical topic since it's completely out of our condition as humans. If vampires could write books, they might have a differente sense of philosophy and a different understanding of morality, but they can't since they don't exist. Humans write about vampires and, as such, we'll invariably draw from our own understanding of these topics, even if it's to defy and spite on common sense. It's not a question of advantages and disadvantages since "immortality", "immense strength" and "ability to control people's minds" aren't so much advantages as much as they are a completely different league. Your question comes from the assumption that evolution is linear, which it isn't. So as much as we discuss and envy the freedom of a bird because they can fly even though the birds themselves don't even consider this concept, vampires might be able to hate themselves and exalt humans as an example of a concept they, themselves, don't intimately understand but can discuss. There's nothing wrong with that, especially because they're stories written by humans, for humans.
  15. Fuwanovel Confessions

    Oh, wow. The gift bot, that was a thing huh
  16. Old times Fuwa: mascot attempts

    (it actually looks pretty good and I'd like to know the story behind the whole project)
  17. Old times Fuwa: mascot attempts

    Wait isn't that Fiddle
  18. Fuwanovel's VN recommendation website design

    Hello, thanks for your post. Right now we have the data we need and it's arranged the way we need; @BunnyAdvocate has taken care of the code and we've decided to go for a quiz to determine which VNs are shown to the user. What we're looking for right now is someone to help with the website's interface.
  19. We added all suggested titles except sequels.
  20. Hi again, Fuwa! The Newbie Friendliness Sorter for VNs is live! Thanks to all the contributions to this thread, we now have over 350 VNs in our recommendation list. However, we need to sort them according to their newbie friendliness. So, in order to do that, @BunnyAdvocate made a sorter quiz where you can vote for the most approachable VNs in pairs. You don't have to sort every VN - you can skip pairs and vote for as long as you want. You can also exclude untranslated VNs or EVNs and exclude specific VNs from appearing again once they show up. If you're unsure about how you should vote, consider reading and participating in this discussion. This is not an easy matter, but you should follow the criteria you think are more important. It would also be really cool if you all could share the link around. The more people vote, the better will be our results! So post it on Twitter, Facebook and any other VN communities you know :] Click on the picture below to start voting and earn bunnies as prizes.
  21. So recently @Darklord Rooke raised a point on this thread about what it would mean for a VN to be called "newbie friendly" and just a few days ago there was some discussion on vndb about this. So I think it's a good idea to discuss this here. What's a VN you'd consider appropriate for starters? What requisites do you think matter the most when recommending VNs for the uninitiated? Personally I'd say there are three "types" of newbie friendliness: Accessibility "How much does it cost?", "What platforms is it in?" and "Do I have to use AppLocale and other kinds of arcane magic to install and play it?" are all pertinent questions. Any convoluted VN you can play in your browser is more accessible than even the simplest VN you have to import from Japan. Themes "Would I recommend this VN to my mother?", "Would I recommend this VN to my daughter?" and "Would I mention this VN to a potential employer?" are all valid questions when it comes to VN newbie friendliness. Certain themes are more difficult to introduce to the average human being Literacy and Mechanics "Does this VN have a complicated writing style?" "Does this VN adequately explain how it works?" and "Are there quality of life functions like Autosave and Backlog?" are questions pertaining to how difficult it is to get used to a certain VN. Older VNs, especially the ones that are heavy on gameplay systems, tend to assume you know things you may not know at first and are all harder to understand than a straightforward kinetic novel. So what do you think constitutes a newbie-friendly VN? Which VNs do you think are good for people who have never read/played a VN? Is there any other criteria you think is important? ᵀʰᶦˢ ᵐᵃʸ ᵒʳ ᵐᵃʸ ⁿᵒᵗ ᵇᵉ ᶦᵐᵖᵒʳᵗᵃⁿᵗ ᶠᵒʳ ᵃ ᶠᵘᵗᵘʳᵉ ᶠᵘʷᵃ ʳᵉᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵈᵃᵗᶦᵒⁿ ˢᵉʳᵛᶦᶜᵉ
  22. We had this same doubt before we put it live, but the truth is, untranslated VNs are by essence and definition less accessible than translated VNs, so it isn't really inaccurate to rate them as less friendly than VNs with an English translation by default. Knowing Japanese and wanting an untranslated starter VN is a specific enough scenario that the final quiz will cover by allowing the user to look for this kind of VN: what actually matters is the VNs' positions relative to each other when filtered by the users' preferences, not in total.
  23. If they ask for it, that's what they'll get as recommendations. That aside, I'm not sure why people wouldn't have a long but easy to understand and, well, friendly VN as their first. Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time were indeed a lot of people's first games and, despite what AGDQ might have you believe, they could need 50 hours or more to be completed if you were a novice player who didn't know better. You'd get stuck, you'd need a guide. This alone doesn't mean they were less appropriate for them than a 2-hour adventure.
  24. Was there... was there an update after Wreck It Ralph 2's trailer? I'm a fan of Steins;Gate's system. The idea that something might happen at any point in time, as opposed to a stop-and-go approach, is fantastic. I also dig Ladykiller in a Bind's votes system.