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  1. Counter-Strike Thread

    Well I don't play regulary either, so ranks don't matter to me.
  2. Counter-Strike Thread

    Count me in if you want to play
  3. Counter-Strike Thread

    I went from LE to DMG, so not too bad. Especially considering one of my friends managed to go from MG1 to Silver I
  4. Counter-Strike Thread

    I wonder if the Zeus will be too OP during eco rounds. 100$ seems way too cheap to me.
  5. Fuwanovel Osu! Thread

    Cookiezi's stream suddenly started... http://www.twitch.tv/shigetora
  6. Counter-Strike Thread

    Yeah, but the problem is that you no longer can play competitive without being rank 3. When the update was released you could, but not anymore.
  7. Counter-Strike Thread

    So I just recently started playing again after an absence from CS, and they have this new xp rank system. To play competitive you need rank 3, aka 10000 xp. For each 10 minute deathmatch you get xp based on score. In my case each 10 minute deathmatch gives me 300 xp. This means that I would need to invest into over 30 games of deathmatch (the easiest gamemode to get xp) to be able to play competitive again. RIP CS:GO
  8. Inability To Like Main Heroines

    Oh, I was unaware that there was a Nyaruko and an Anohana game. Thanks
  9. Inability To Like Main Heroines

    Well, maybe I just think they are rare because I watch all the harem animes horrible or not coming out every year . It might just be in my head, but I don't think there are that many untranslated either. Atleast to the proportion of animes I found enjoyable (I probably rate the standard harem way higher than normal). Indeed it is probably proportional to how much you enjoyed the anime, I personally liked both Toradora and OreImo, so getting to choose your own heroine was lovely.
  10. Inability To Like Main Heroines

    When reminiscing, in most cases I think I like the side heroines best because they are side heroines. Watching them struggle pointlessly to get the protagonist is very enjoyable. It's probably one of those times where you want what you can't have. Because they are side heroines and therefore do not have any chance of getting the MC, I can like them. Not always the case though. Sometimes they are genuinly better than the main heroine. Kokoro Connect and White Album 2 were animes I enjoyed because of their deviation from the formula. The ability to choose which heroine you want, is the main reason I enjoy VNs. Especially when the industry makes a VN out of the anime which gives you the ability to choose your favourite character. Examples being Toradora and OreImo. Although rare, these types are the VNs I enjoy the most, and wish were more popular.
  11. Upload Games on other site

    Can confirm. It would make sense in Norwegian. Feks -> "For eksempel" osv -> "og så videre"
  12. A curious, yet simple question on VN

    I always let the voices finish. Text in itself can't convey the mood and personalities of the characters good enough IMO.
  13. Counter-Strike Thread

    Or the new Tec9? Not me.
  14. Currently reading Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance since the anime had such an open ending. I find it very enjoyable.
  15. Anime to manga, restart?

    I always read the entire manga. Even if I decide to read it just as I am finished with the anime. I am not even sure of the reason for that myself. Maybe because I'm afraid I will miss something.