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  1. Took me a while, but finally got around to reading it. This chapter sure felt like the seriousness went up like ten times lol, looking forward to what comes next.
  2. How to Archery 2-Are donuts really Haram? An interesting tweet. 3-Be careful with fireworks 4-What happens when a cat jumps into the refrigerator? 5-Happy new years (?) Or at least, happier than this poor guy Hope ya'll had a fun time last year. And I hope I do better this new year ... o/
  3. I had that same problem when getting windows 10. After messing around with fonts, I figured that different ones work with different games This one works in Fate/Hollow Ataraxia for example So I figure you have to mess around with fonts until one works
  4. I'm interested in why exactly you think he's a racist in particular. His death was mainly due to his belief that all Indians were a part of India, including Muslims, which makes me think of him as a rather... Not racist man Gandhi is known to have said (and pretty sure there are still the original quotes and letters and such) that it was natural for the white man to dominate the black people of Africa, a "race of lazy and unproductive people". He said quite a lot of pretty extreme things, although later in his life he tried to tidy it up a bit since it could "mud" his name quite a lot. He did
  5. I'm interested in why exactly you think he's a racist in particular. His death was mainly due to his belief that all Indians were a part of India, including Muslims, which makes me think of him as a rather... Not racist man I'd probably second this, he was a pretty hardcore military colonialist, but in the long run I can see why people would still like him
  6. Alright, here's number two! Note that these aren't put in any particular order. Enjoy 1-Understanding Nyanyans I made a conscious effort to stay from cats last time, but screw it:They are everywhere for a reason. If you're looking to understand cat behavior and language more, or just want cute kittie pics, this should satisfy you: 2-TFW you start out strong, but then things go downhill... ... Literally 3- Reasons why you shouldn't post your pictures on the internet. Sure, this particular position is kinda asking for it... But anyone with enough photoshop skillz can turn even the most innoce
  7. A few days after Christmas and the site has been infested with either selfies and star wars spoilers, or posts complaining about selfies and star wars spoilers, so it's refreshing to see something new for a change. 1-Crazy Post of the day This one is a bit NSFW, so I'll just post the link. I can't really give you a description as I'm not sure what to say, but if you're bored out of your mind, this might slightly amuse you http://imgur.com/gallery/bUpNgCe 2-Animals Oddly enough, this doesn't concern cats. I know, a post on the internet about animals that doesn't have cats?! I couldn't believe m
  8. This sounds interesting, if you do go through with it be sure to catch the panel on camera, we'd like to see every bit of it
  9. I-I-I I remember posting here, where'd my post go Anyways, I know it's far too late by now, but if there's anyway I can get squeezed into the story I'd appreciate it (preferably not as a cute gal)
  10. Shit, actually never heard of the guy. Well, thanks for pointing that out, another reviewer to follow
  11. BEST VISUAL NOVEL EVAR MUST READ SCREW GRISAIA I mean uh, yeah it's pretty damn good, my favourite VN thus far. It's also has a pretty epic story unlike most VNs, so it's pretty unique in that regard I'll leave you with Ashadow's review, it was all the motivation I needed
  12. ten/10 would read again. Nosebleed can make for an interesting perspective in the story, I'm all for keeping him. And lucky Ten got a spotlight, when's my turn ;-; Not but seriously, was gud. It's rather alarming that we're like one chapter in and we already have what might be considered "filler episodes", but eh, they work when they're done well, and this was so. Keep it coming Kaguya
  13. Quickly going to go through most VN reviewers I know:- https://www.youtube.com/user/Ashadow700 More or less the "founding father" of VN video reviews. His Rewrite review is my personal favourite. https://www.youtube.com/user/mattroks101 Matt's is a pretty funny dude, although most of the VNs he reviews are Western, hence bad. He also does some other stuff on his channel. His KS review is definitely a must watch. https://www.youtube.com/user/Belmakor19 While simple, Bel's videos are plentiful. Between him and Ash, you should find a review for most of the popular VNs out there. His LB! review is
  14. The feelings are appreciated, but the idea is a tad bit unrealistic. If you want to make it an organized thing to periodically give away VNs to people, then it's impossible to do anything without being unfair. So how would you choose who gets the VN? Let's say we solve that, what are you going to do with the VN itself? If you pick it, then the said person might not want that particular VN, and if the person picks it than he might only want a super expensive VN. And even if you had the money for that, would it be fair to spend on one person what could be enough to get 2 VNs? These are all just
  15. Was this thread created mainly to increase your post count so that you can reck us in Kaguya's fanfic? you little devil you
  16. This looks like it's going to be preeeetty long...
  17. First of all one of those is between a guy and a women, and second-MY EYES. Y U DO DIS
  18. Well, it IS opinion after all. If we starting to bring source i think a war might break out Yeah, that feels a bit too serious. I don't mind everyone BS-ing everywhere, this is the internet after all. Unless you want a real historical debate about a particular topic, but imo that deserves at least a separate topic, if not another forum entirely. For a try, let's talk about this: I heard this quote originated from Game of Thrones, but regardless of where it comes from there are few things that are as popular yet as false as this. "Winners" aren't always the ones writing about their glorious
  19. Well, I sure don't know where to start.... All I can say is that your education seems extremely simplistic and one sided. I guess I can recommend you play games like Age of Empires, civilization, etc that portray many history in a humane and realistic manner from many different perspectives. Age of Empires 2 was actually what got me really into history, so I'd recommend that game in particular over other titles
  20. I don't even know what to say... The Chinese have created a game where your score increases by being an obidient citizen, and decreases when being a bad one. And high score citizens have benefits over those with lower scores, and... Just watch it and you'll get it...
  21. The Persians are interesting, although I don't think we know much about how they were as a people from the inside. I would be very interested in learning more about their religious and philosophical views and their roots. Actually, here's an interesting question: If you were to think of a current, shall we say inheritor of the Persian empire, who'd be your pick? In the sense that America and Western Europe consider themselves inheritor's of Roman/Greek civilization. I guess the main options would be Iran, Russia and Daesh (ISIS). It's hard to put the finger on Russia, since it's not really at
  22. I'm very bored, so let's talk about something we don't actually know much about, but are nevertheless very good at discussing: History. Except me of course, I'm that special snowflake that knows everything about history On we go: 1-Hitler is actually a misunderstood hero of the world who's life should be celebrated 2-The ancient Greeks kinda sucked The Greeks are regarded as the fathers of many of today's modern concepts: Democracy, Science, Philosophy, etc. But most of these scientists/philosophers were oddities among their own people, treated as badly as criminals. The Greeks, as a people,
  23. This looks like it's heading in the direction most could-have-been-great-works have gone... Unlimited hiatus works :c On the other hand, if ya can keep things at a good quality, we can wait a bit. And if you think there are too much characters, you can just make a list of the ones that are going to be in this story and leave out others for one to come or something. I do prefer honesty over ambiguity, and even from a reader's perspective, keeping track of a crap load of characters is hard. So do what you feel you must, and fear not our judgement O great Kaguya. We're a community of VN readers a
  24. I quite often go for months without reading anything at all, then read a long VN in like 2 weeks. I use to feel bad about it at first, but It's pretty much how I am with VNs. Even if the VN is "good", if I'm not in the right mood for it I simply won't read it. At some point I almost felt like I had quite, and then I discovered monster girl quest and my VN life was saved
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