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  1. When's your next "I'm done with Fuwa" thread? It's been quite a while
  2. This is actually a legit problem. I can't get a friend of mine- Who has shown quite a bit of interest in VNs, playing the free steam ones and also a few Sekai Project stuff- to try the real VNs like GSNM, Clannad or Grisaia because they're so God damn expensive. I can't really demand the prices get lower, it's just rather sad
  3. This is an interesting discussion. Another great example of how to use a perfect character well: One Punch Man. Yes, you're probably sick of people praising that show left and right but it's worthy of praise. Saitama is a character that can beat anything and anyone by one punch, that's about as lame as it gets. If the story was just watching villains show up and get punched, it would be a bad story. But the story cleverly creates a new conflict: Saitama climbing the ladder of heroes. Despite his strength, Saitama's considered a very low ranking hero, and struggles quite a bit to get the recogn
  4. I agree that the front page has kind of lost it's purpose with the removal of torrents. Suggestions of what else to do with it have already been made so I won't go over those, although I do think there should be more focus on the existing parts of Fuwanovel and integrating them more, especially the blog, Fuwagazette and the forums.
  5. So yeah... It's been a bit over 4 months from our last episode, so I thought I'd take this as a chance to readvertize give the newbies a chance to check out za podcast. Me and a group of friends use this podcast as an excuse to talk about VN stuff, and if ya'll want to listen, you now can! While we've always had a specific topic to talk about, we couldn't really come up with one for this podcast so I hope that doesn't annoy anyone >_< What did we actually talk about, you ask? Well, a lot of stuff... The main question was "What have you been reading lately" and we basically got sidet
  6. babiker


    So this is happening. What classes will benefit the most? Which will get bitchslapped? I think aggro and zooi decks in general will get pretty nerfed without a lot of the popular aggro tools, like mad scientist and haunted creeper. I wonder if rogue will see the light of day without loatheb and sludge everywhere. Guess we'll have to wait and see
  7. Introductions:- You can skip this part, it's a personal rant on reviews, so it has nothing to do with the VN in question About za game:- Among the more respectable VN forums, Monster Girl Quest is looked down upon as a joke of a game that can't be taken seriously, but that's mostly because what it seems like at first sight. MGQ is a "nukige": A game that's allegedly designed to make you... Well, fap. (Or at least that's what people tell me it is, as VNDB doesn't really tell you if it's a nukige or not... But eh, I trust in the people!) If you add to that the fact that it's a nuki
  8. Tbh, the entire "Your VN is an RPG, not a VN." is kind of a redundant argument. There's no clearly visible line between the two. There have been games that were on VNDB and then taken off because people thought they were "Not VN enough, too RPG-ish". I've played the demo of the original game, and while I know a lot is going to change and a lot of RPG elements are going to be added, I can safely say Black Sands knows what a VN is and is clearly planing on making one, he doesn't need someone to define the medium for him (the original game was in Ren'Py for crying out loud). Also @Lumaria, t
  9. This was very well put, I applaud such an accurate example. As for myself, I think I've reached the point where I prefer going back to places I've already been to than to check out new places. Sure, there are a few places I've never been to that I'd like to visit, but I think I've moved around way too much in my early life. My family has never stayed in one place more than 3 years, we keep moving, usually because of my dad getting better job opportunities. I've barely entered university and I've already decently lived in 3 countries in dozens of different cities, not counting ones I've vi
  10. This is one thing I think we sorely need. The most genre I love in Western Novels is Historical Fiction. Books like Percy Jackson, the Kane Chronicles, etc are what I enjoy the most, and what I would love to see in Visual Novel format. The black community also needs to be educated on its own history, so by doing this you're really hitting two birds (at least) with one stone. I've never supported a VN through kickstarter before, but I think I'll be changing that in regards to this very VN. You have all my support, really looking forward to the completion of your project I recommend you che
  11. 1-Rewrite 2-Rewrite 3-Rewrite 4-Rewrite 5-Rewrite
  12. Looks like someone hasn't read Rewrite. I suggest you hold off from ignorant generalizations, dealing with Firecat is more than enough
  13. Rewrite's protaganist, Kotarou, fit's the role, but only in some very specific routes, mainly towards the end. In the others he can feel very powerless, especially at the start. Another one would be Comyu's protag, he's not the most influential/powerful around but he's decent in both, and also the other characters and plot of both of those VNs are ten/10 stuffs, so yeah. :>
  14. I'm very interested in this. I'll be sure to give it a read later, but I'll leave you with a few suggestions for now: It's very odd that you're choosing to voice a fan made VN. If the voice acting isn't good, it'd simply be unbearable and people will silence it and it'd just be waisted effort. You should either do it well or not at all. I'm talking professional level stuff Secondly, I'd recommend making an actual summary of the plot, what you already have is a little too long and detailed. What is this Akasha you keep mentioning in the plot? (Gilgamesh's image doesn't appear for
  15. I think this sums up this thread preeeeeeeeetty well
  16. Now that I remember, my very first topic on the forums I wanted to basically say this, but worded things... Poorly, to say the least First, I must say that this is a wonderful thread Lumaria. I've always had this idea of yours, yet I was more or less unsure of how to organize my thoughts into a thread like this one... That, and I'm a little scared of opening the subject lol. Scared? How exactly is this scary? Change. Change is a very scary thing, and as you've exactly described, the culture of Japanese VNs has become a part of what VNs are to most people here. Fuwanovel, as a co
  17. I don't really get the point of this thread. It feels like you're just trying really, really hard to make Steam look bad. If being the most popular pc game store doesn't make Steam "special" to you, then that's you're own opinion, but it's a well known fact and really the main reason anyone of us is on there. All of your other points are off topic. If you're trying to make some other websites more well known, I advise focusing more on why I should go there, rather than bashing Steam.
  18. Well that was... Intense. A lot shorter than the other ones, and no new characters, but I guess we got some pretty decent plot w.
  19. Greetings lads. It was a long time since my first thread about Fate/History, so I thought it would be fitting to make a new one. The concept is simple, I take a character from the Fate Franchise and compare them to their historical/mythical counterparts. This is my 3rd episode thus far, and ofc, spoilers (like duh). Comments and critique are apreciated, have fun watching~ And may your swords stay sharp!
  20. This sword discussion definitely deserves it's own thread/blog post. I demand a "Katanas aren't as cool as everyone thinks they are" or something like that from either Rook or Clephas A little on that topic, swords were always made for the demands of their time and region, so it's rather odd to say one is "better" than the other, or that one sword has an over-all advantage over an other. Clephas already explained why katanas were made the way they were in regards to the armor of their time and place, and European swords were generally heavier in order to deal with the heavy armor the Eur
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