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  1. So game theory finally released its episode on dating sims (2 years late), and I was expecting something along the lines of "How unrealistic dating sims are", but I'm pleasantly surprised by this theory that claims dating sims actually help in a relationship. While I know there's some lines to be drawn between dating sims and VNs, he uses quite a few weeby dating sims as examples like huniepop, even some that are considered VNs like uh... Hatoful Boyfriend. I also never knew Love Hina was a VN/dating sim, so that's pretty interesting So at this point I assume we VN elites are chick magnet
  2. I love how enthusiastic everyone is despite nothing really starting, we're already 5 pages in this thread
  3. Monster Girl Quest Monster Girl Quest Monster Girl Quest 'Nuff said
  4. Sounds cool, sign me up with Down (or should I say, sign me down? #BestPun2016). While I don't have much of an inclination towards a particular GM, Down is good at (Award winning pun incoming) bringing down fun, so I'll be more than happy to aide him in banning members and threads under his dictatorship
  5. But that's the thing, you don't see that it's in the Coliseum of Chatter until after you click it, since we're talking about the sidebar here. An alternative solution would be to mention what part of the forum it's in somewhere on the sidebar
  6. This is something I've seen being implemented on a few reddits and I think it's worked quite well: Mods should add "Misleading" to the start of a misleading thread. Like this: While that example shows "quality shitpost" (lol), you get the idea. I think it's a fair solution for both sides, people don't like being tricked by a misleading title, and people also dislike no one reading their threads at all.
  7. Would like to see a summation of the article's points tho, if one would be so kind. As far as the Syrian conflict is concerned, I've always wanted to yell at America to pick on someone their own size. The only reason the conflict has lasted so long is because of world powers supporting their own interests, be it Russia, China or Iran etc. Intervening directly and supporting your own faction is clearly wrong and the current leaders seem to agree on that, but how about stopping other countries from doing what they like? It seems to me like the US is ready to jump on most Middle Eastern coun
  8. This translation in particular I've been following pretty closely, and it was stuck at 80% for like a year. http://amaterasu.tindabox.net/index.php?page=projects I'm assuming they haven't updated it for a while so hopefully it's actually almost finished
  9. Considering you're one of the few who understands the wonder of the world that is Monster Girl Quest, I welcome a brother of good taste. Greetings friend
  10. Monster Girl Quest: This has plot PLZ BELIEVE ME Rewrite: Too long; Would still Reread <3
  11. >SolidBatman >Nice In all seriousness tho, very interesting post. Would read more. After the torrents got removed I don't think there's even much history to be had so I don't know what else you're going to put in part two, but eh maybe there's more behind da scenes stuff that I've never seen. That Aaeru bate in particular sounds really interesting, so please elaborate as soon as possible
  12. Wow, do mine eyes deceive me? People praising an OELVN in numbers...? Have we found the savior of VNs...? Is this even Fuwa...?!
  13. Pfffft, as you can see I haven't replied to Ren's last post nor will I, It's one thing to call someone out on exceptionally despicable behavior, but I ain't turning the thread into another Ren vs Fuwa thread, there's enough of those out there. Although I will say that I consider simply being nice to be the most thing that binds this community together. We may disagree on how to make VNs popular in the west, Piracy and torrents, how good KEY is, but the one thing we've seemed to always agree on is keeping a nice, welcoming atmosphere. We don't tolerate elitists going around and making fun
  14. Since I know how good old Batman loves Key stuff~
  15. Yeah this does look pretty impressive, looking forward to that demo as well
  16. That's the thing tho: No one said you have to like him or hate him. The people who are actually calmly wishing Jun Maeda gets better aren't praising the crap out of him either, they're just wishing a writer who's work they've enjoyed gets better. The purpose of this thread was to notify everyone of what's going and to check up on any updates. The problem isn't with "Pretending to like someone" or whatever it is you're saying, it's with going out of your way to remind everyone you hate this guy. That's what Ren said, not just that his work is bad, but saying fuck you to a guy's who's just been
  17. Man, even when he's sick, all you can do is show hatred...? I know not everyone's a Key fan over here, but going out of your way to show your malice to a sick author is... Disgustingly childish at best. You've had some pretty low times Ren, but I didn't think you'd drop this low. To think you were once a community leader, that once people actually looked up to you... Well, rip OriginalRen. I shall not confuse that man with this... Run 4chan spawn thing
  18. http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2016-03-01/clannad-charlotte-writer-jun-maeda-hospitalized/.99216 We haven't received any information (as of yet) about the cause, nor his current status. We can only pray the great writer of VNs is ok
  19. This is definitely the kind of stuff I crave and haven't seen the like of since... Forever. I beg you share more grand tales of the history of Fuwa, notably the clash between the pirates and the new overlord Tay. Those where the most re-defining moments of this site that I recall, and the newbies need to know how it happened.
  20. You also can't really generalize neither the ancient world nor the one we live in today. It varies quite extremely between different places at the same time. I remember Ibn Battuta (a traveler during mid evil times) went to some islands to the south of India where people were so peaceful, they all fainted when they saw someone's hand being chopped off. Yes that's not from ancient times, but we know so little about those times that I would hesitate to make such a large claim as "Ancient times were more peaceful/less violent than now". Our knowledge of those times is mostly restricted to parts o
  21. I think it's interesting to mention a seemingly unrelated, ancient example to this [inter-Race-here]-washing: A Thousand Nights and One Night, sometimes referred to as Arabian Nights (the movie Aladdin was based of this book). It's considered by pretty much everyone to be a part of Arabian culture and mythology, while in reality it's not. The author was an Arab adviser of sorts who traveled a lot around many different kingdoms, mainly located in India and Persia. From these regions he took most of his stories, wrote them in an Arabic book, gave the characters and cities Arabic names, and
  22. Fate/Hollow Ataraxia. It's technically more of a fandisc but eh, it's more or less a sequel w. And the fan disk of Sharin no Kuni had a much more well put and organized story to it
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