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  1. Just read it, and I must say the writing has improved quite a bit. The characters feel a lot more... Distinguishable and unique, with their own quirks and attributes rather than "dude X with swords and Y with Mace" which is what the first part kinda felt like. I'd like to see more of that.
  2. Well, would you look at that! I actually made it to this far, and I didn't even read the last few issues because I was quite busy during that time. Seems I have a lot to catch up on, but hey I even killed someone before getting killed, so I'm more than happy with any conclusion w Looking forward to the final!
  3. babiker


    RAGNAROS THE FIRELORD I was pretty happy I got that, he was definitely the coolest legendary in the set, if not the best in terms of performance. I'll probably have trouble trying to fit him into a deck that does hi justice, but I'm looking forward to playing some kinda reno control paladin in wild
  4. After watching blazing teens, I was super into Yoyos, although that was when I was a kid. No idea how good I'd be now Was a pretty good show btw. Most of their tricks were legit, with a bit of effects added in cuz y nut Also I must say, your skills are pretty next level. You'd probably beat the finalist in this show in a super saiyan/draon/fire move or something
  5. "Don't choose the job you love, but a job that'll keep you alive to do what you love". ofc if the job you love also gives lots of money, then you got the best of both worlds. But for the rest of us regular people, I think this saying is a good one to live by.
  6. Well, I'm not sure what else there is to say, Batman already seems to realize the problem with the score system, although I am curious as to what would suitably replace them. For the reviews themselves, a summary at the end will probably do the job. I'd say a summary is much better than a bunch of numbers. When you try to think of the suitable number to summarize your opinion of a VN, you end up either having to give every aspect of the VN a suitable numerical weight, such as giving the story, characters, music and art 25%, if you want to be all professional. Or you just go with what number fe
  7. I'll just qoute what I said in youre last thread about Fuwareviews: And at the end of my Monster Girl Quest review: In all honesty it should either be removed, which admittedly is a bit extreme but better than having them be mandatory, or at least make it be the reviewer's choice.
  8. I'm frankly surprised @bigfatround0 hasn't been banned at least temporarily by this point, he literally admitted to screwing around: If there are any legit complaints about moderation, it's how lenient they can be with his kind, ironically enough
  9. Well, at least we won this RNG fiesta this time. RIP team Kaguya Also, I feel like it was a little too long this time, I found it very hard to read every single exchange. I'd recommend you add more group fights, rather than individual or fights with only a few members, in order to shorten it. But nice writing as always~
  10. So, the second vid is out: While I do understand that both the past video and this one don't exactly bring new discoveries to how you should date, I think it highlighting the important parts of what you should and should not do to get a real grill is very enlightening, and self assuring. I personally think I'm going to take Huniepop, and games like it, more seriously after watching this. I never considered giving gifts to be a big deal for example (I thought it was just a cheap way to get a grill), but now I understand both how important it is and how to do it right. Whethe
  11. I shall not lose hope in the ability of the creators of this VN. If they truly understand the greatness of Rewrite, they'll do their best to translate its greatness into a good anime. So have hope my friends! ... Have... Hope...
  12. Haha, I literally said "Oh shit" out loud when I read that title, even my brother came over to my screen to see what's up. For a second I legitimately thought your account was hacked by the lead developer of the Sakura series or something, and I was releived to see it's just April 1st. Ten/10 click bait material #madeFuwaGreatAgain
  13. Ahhh, the beauty of self awareness. Huniepop for me is a great example of a Western VN doing something Westerners are actually good at (in particular Americans): Being assholes. Combined with the secret Kawaii magic of Japan it makes a hilarious and oddly fitting combination that is Huniepop. I probably won't play this game, but I'll definitely watch a play through or two for za lulz
  14. Well, your channel sure is... Interesting. I can tell those videos took time to edit lol, especially the Jon's island one, some over the top detail stuff there. I wish you luck in your YouTube career, and welcome to the forums
  15. For me, considering reacantly watched stuff, I was rewatching soul eater and after a particularly awesome episode, I was so booming with energy that I had to do something. The world and characters in Soul Eater are just so beautiful and well crafted that I wanted to make my own, so I spent the next 3 hours making a short fan-fictionish thing. It was the first I've written in over a year, so I'd definitely consider it to be a moment of exceptional "elevation " as the guy puts it
  16. @Tiagofvarela, Our first interaction that stands out in my memory was when we rallied our forces to defeat the loli overlord in the first Fuwa banner competition. I believe that thread was later deleted because of some drama, but it was totes worth it. Other than that I recall you agreeing to record a poem for me, which is still there for the world to see on my channel. That was cool of you. I also remember taking a rather large amount of gifs from you, which proved very useful in editing my videos. One particular time where we didn't get along in was in one of Aniki's games, in which you refu
  17. I'mNotInHere/10. You even follow me, yet I couldn't get a small mention. I-I-I just-
  18. My first contact with Japan in a serious, cultural way actually wasn't from anime (that is to say I had watched a few popular anime by then, but I thought they were just "cartoons") but from an Arabic show called "Khawater" that was extremely popular during its time. The idea of the show is to shed light on (mostly positive) aspects of cultures and societies outside the Arab world, and it had an entire season focused on Japan. How the society deals with modernization while keeping its identity, politeness, how school works... It was magnificent. It was a pretty biased show, but at the time I f
  19. Was this law intact when you reviewed Little Busters? /jk And while most of your requirements are understandable, I do have to ask if you consider having a numerical score as part of the Divine Fuwa Style that must be followed. I personally heavily dislike those, as they're often inaccurate and misleading, and imo take away the value of the review itself. A number simply can not summarize an experience. People who actually read the review don't need a number to increase their understanding of the reviewer's opinion, so all it does is give the lazy a usually inaccurate image of the review
  20. Really nice, but I find it very odd that you started by telling everyone how to VN, before actually getting them interested in VNs. I think starting with giving a good example of a VN, with explaining what makes VNs superior to other platforms (VNs master race!) which you did do at the start makes more sense. Not sure if you have time to edit it at this point or if you've already gone lol, but good luck never the less
  21. Rip team Down. Nicely written btw. I kinda wished a little bit of people's actual character on the forums would be written into the story, but I guess it's kinda too much to ask for you to get to know all of us
  22. I have an odd feeling that this is actually a real person having the time of his life trolling the shit out of everyone...
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