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  1. A small slip, but you didn't actually drop suddenly in your version. It's right there Great pot tho. I've considered editing bad fantranslations for a while, and your simple and organized format is a good way to go about it. Looking forward for more to see more
  2. Wrong thread, I think this belongs to "how to piss of Fuwa in one sentence".
  3. Me and my friends recently did a podcast about common routes, and I thought I'd get the discussion going here. I'm interested in knowing what the general consensus on common routes is over here. Here are some of the questions that were asked in da podcast:- What are your preferences in a common route? Long vs short? What is the best way to do a common route? Are VNs without common routes better for it?
  4. Hah, historical fiction is by far my favorite genre in regular novels, and one genre I'm looking forward to publishing in myself (at some point in my life ). Reading real life stories that are written in an intense page-flipping manner, rather than the standard history text book of "on the year this and that, this happened.", is very refreshing and enlightening. And yes, needless to say war is the main focus point of historical novels, considering wars are the most popular turning points in history. Romanticized or not, it is simply really easy. You have clear good guys and bad guys, usu
  5. Quite a (surprisingly) good discussion going on here, I'll just pour in some different perspectives on how Sex was considered in recent history: Arabs were a particularly conservative and jealous lot. Sex was restricted to be only between wife and husband, and husband and slave. Note that this was a cultural identity among Arabs that existed way before Islam, and Islam mostly strengthened this nature. However, you can see that it's quite different across other Muslim people. In West Africa for example, Ibn Battuta (an Arab traveler during mid-evil times) described the people's natur
  6. babiker


    Yeah, I was looking forward to it. I'm mostly pleasantly surprised. It's very flashy and really goes out of its way to look good, which it does. Getting use to all of the cards and the power level of the game really is daunting tho, it's going to be sometime before people figure out what's broken and all w Currently mainly focusing on the priest girl, I really like the idea of playing little countdown cards that explode in value in future turns The most thing that's currently annoying me is that it's only on mobile for now. My phone is quite shitty and after a few games it gets stuc
  7. A bit of an odd question, so let me spell it out a little: Are the things we consider to be right or wrong in our every day lives, also right/wrong in an online environment such as an MMO? This may sound like an easy question, but I can't really think of a satisfying answer. Let me show ya'll an example that happened to me once: In the very first MMO I played, I was trading with this one fella I randomly met. It was a very expensive and rare item he had, and he gave me quite a big discount (almost 50%). During the transaction, he accidentally clicked "accept" when I'd yet to give him any
  8. ... For a second there I thought it was a 4/10
  9. It actually comes from this VN. I love seeing people's reactions when they realize it actually comes from a VN
  10. H-scenes are the biggest problem with VNs, and if you like them you're literally Hitler Hippocrates.
  11. Somewhat, but not much considering she doesn't do all that much now. She seems to enjoy Disney movies movies in general a lot, and they feel really childish to me. I don't mind watching one every now or then, thing is I never know her own schedule and the only response I get from asking is "not now".
  12. Been a while since I made a thread over here, let alone a serious thread... But any who, as the title suggests, I currently have a lot of trouble getting along with one of my siblings. In particular, my sister. To give you a bit a of a backstory, I've been closer to my sister than to anyone else in my family, probably to anyone else I've ever met. She's a year older than me, and since I was little I would depend on her for pretty much everything. A friend (my only friend at the time) to play with, a walking-talking wikipedia, an emotional bank to listen to all my problems-you name it. We
  13. Greetings, challenger
  14. You also should share your vids on as many related websites as possible, such as Fuwa. I've spammed this site quite a bit myself with my own videos and they don't seem to mind
  15. Uh, @DarkZedge , @john 'mr. customer' smith and @kingdomcome, the dude did not say he was going to make a let's play channel. In fact he specifically gave the examples of: Which are far from let's plays. I would recommend you check out Rockmandash's channel, since it seems to be the closest to what you want. The current VN youtube scene does have a few notable names, but it's desolate enough for a new channel to gain recognition with enough quality videos. Good luck!
  16. Wow, modern people not completely bashing and demonizing arranged marriage, and even implying that it might just work at times...?! Oh, how times have changed. I can remember all the endless arguments I've had with people regarding this subject. It makes me happy to see that not everyone is willing to dismiss arranged marriage as a barbaric, out of date method that never has and never will work. Needless to say, I'm a strong believer in arranged marriages. Not only do I think they work, I dare say they're just outright better and healthier for a long term relationship than the standard da
  17. babiker


    But how can Al'Akir be created by dark peddler...?
  18. Well, the first part of the deal is a bit extreme. Not many people can even imagine giving up their own language and cultural identity, you're basically giving up a big part of who you are. As for my top 3 languages to learn, Japanese is a no-brainier, second I'd go with Urdu and then probably Turkish. I do meet a lot of Indian/Pakistani people on a daily basis, and they're kinda everywhere in the world lel, so learning Urdu definitely sounds like the best idea. I'm also really interested in Turkish culture and the history of the Ottoman empire and that kinda stuff, so I'd probably learn Turki
  19. Welcome to the internet. Let me say that for once, I know where you're coming from. As a guy living in the Middle East, I can't help but sigh when I see people overseas suggest ridiculously stupid solutions to the problems this region of mine faces. "Just nuke ISIS/Saudi/Iran/all za Middle East while you're at it" seems to be the general consensus at times. And surprisingly, I also agree with you on "the masses are stupid" point, and am rather surprised to see this new critique of democracy that is getting more and more prevalent over the internet. A few years back, especially around the start
  20. babiker


    I haven't gone much up in rank in quite a while, but with the new fresh meta and cards I think I'll push to at least rank 5, despite me being in the middle of exams. There's N'zoth Rogue, control priest and beast hunter, all which I currently have a lot of fun playing. There are still a lot of decks I want to try out, like combo priest and n'zoth paladin, so I actually want more dust and the 400 guaranteed dust of a golden epic is very alluring. Overall, it's a wonderful time to play hearthstone.
  21. God damnit, why couldn't I live just a little longer... :c While others are complaining about how different these characters are from their real life counterparts, I'd complain this is too close to reality for me. I'm always within arms reach of victory, yet it always slips at the last second. FeelsBadMan But rip that, let's hope hope Kaguya at least gets some Karma payback w
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