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  1. Quote

      Irritated, Tokeizaka-san flips through the book, until her hand suddenly stops.

    - Drop "suddenly."

    A small slip, but you didn't actually drop suddenly in your version. It's right there :P 

    Great pot tho. I've considered editing bad fantranslations for a while, and your simple and organized format is a good way to go about it. Looking forward for more to see more :D 

  2. Hah, historical fiction is by far my favorite genre in regular novels, and one genre I'm looking forward to publishing in myself (at some point in my life :P ). Reading real life stories that are written in an intense page-flipping manner, rather than the standard history text book of "on the year this and that, this happened.", is very refreshing and enlightening.

    And yes, needless to say war is the main focus point of historical novels, considering wars are the most popular turning points in history. Romanticized or not, it is simply really easy. You have clear good guys and bad guys, usually some moral struggles and objectives, a large grand battle that brings justice to the corrupt and power to the just. At least, on paper :D

    One novel that I've read that somewhat differs from the norm would be "Ironfire" (also titled "the Sword and the Scimitar"). It's my favorite historical novel, and possibly novel of all time: It manages to capture all the complexity of the world and setting it is in, and in the end there is no good side or bad side, but rather good and bad people on both sides. It's also written greatly and I just had great enjoyment going through it. Heavily recommend it if you're looking for a good historical novel to read.

  3. Wow, modern people not completely bashing and demonizing arranged marriage, and even implying that it might just work at times...?! Oh, how times have changed. I can remember all the endless arguments I've had with people regarding this subject. It makes me happy to see that not everyone is willing to dismiss arranged marriage as a barbaric, out of date method that never has and never will work.

    Needless to say, I'm a strong believer in arranged marriages. Not only do I think they work, I dare say they're just outright better and healthier for a long term relationship than the standard date>girlfriend>marry-after-a-few-years formula we have going on right now. Most people just don't know how normal arranged marriages work. Just like the guy's father in the article, who dismissed the first two girls he met and settled for the third, you're not "forced" to accept who you're arranged with.  If things really don't work out, then you can always divorce.

    Another thing the article mentions is patience, which imo is really undervalued these days in relationships. Especially in the later stages, it's even more important than love, since at that point you've been long enough to start questioning if you actually like your partner (unless you're exceptionally blind).  It's the real test, to prove that you're willing to put up with your partner after all the spicy time is done.

    But enough from me, after all this is all based on my own personal observations- like many of you I don't have much real experience with romantic relationships. All I can do is hope that, when the time comes, I'll find a nice partner I'm willing to put up with :sachi:

  4. God damnit, why couldn't I live just a little longer... :c

    While others are complaining about how different these characters are from their real life counterparts, I'd complain this is too close to reality for me. I'm always within arms reach of victory, yet it always slips at the last second. FeelsBadMan

    But rip that, let's hope hope Kaguya at least gets some Karma payback w

  5. My first contact with Japan in a serious, cultural way actually wasn't from anime (that is to say I had watched a few popular anime by then, but I thought they were just "cartoons") but from an Arabic show called "Khawater" that was extremely popular during its time. The idea of the show is to shed light on (mostly positive) aspects of cultures and societies outside the Arab world, and it had an entire season focused on Japan. How the society deals with modernization while keeping its identity, politeness, how school works... It was magnificent. It was a pretty biased show, but at the time I fell in love wiz Japan. Afterwards I got into VNs and anime (which actually lowered my opinion of Japan lol), and atm yeah, it's mixed. I don't really consider any modern country to be all that great, they're all clusterfucks of contradictions, it's just a matter of preference where you choose live. 

    Anyways here's an episode (just watch the opening, the rest of the show is in Arabic, but it gives you a good idea of the show w)


  6. This sword discussion definitely deserves it's own thread/blog post. I demand a "Katanas aren't as cool as everyone thinks they are" or something like that from either Rook or Clephas :D

     A little on that topic, swords were always made for the demands of their time and region, so it's rather odd to say one is "better" than the other, or that one sword has an over-all advantage over an other. Clephas already explained why katanas were made the way they were in regards to the armor of their time and place, and European swords were generally heavier in order to deal with the heavy armor the Europeans were a fan of. Rook's earlier video explains the advantage or rapiers in one-on-one combat. If anything, I'd argue Sabers- of Indian and Middle Eastern origin- seem to be the most well rounded, having fine reach and strength, and good use both on foot and mounted. The fact that Europeans later adopted these sabers, and are still worn today by US marine corps, make it all the more plausible I'm totally not being biased here

  7. The feelings are appreciated, but the idea is a tad bit unrealistic. If you want to make it an organized thing to periodically give away VNs to people, then it's impossible to do anything without being unfair. So how would you choose who gets the VN? Let's say we solve that, what are you going to do with the VN itself? If you pick it, then the said person might not want that particular VN, and if the person picks it than he might only want a super expensive VN. And even if you had the money for that, would it be fair to spend on one person what could be enough to get 2 VNs? These are all just the basic concepts, the real trouble is in getting the game to the dude, be it digitally or overseas.

    Over all, many would simply dismiss the idea as not being worth the effort, and they'd probably be right. You could go on a more reasonable scale and do giveaways every now and the OriginalRun-style, that seems like the more realistic option.

  8. Meh, the whole sexist/feminist thing irks me to begin with. Especially when it comes to games. Recently, this huge incident I'm sure you've all heard of happened in the Western Video game world, that started questioning if games are sexist, and how feminists were being "abused" for standing up for their rights or something.


    Anyway, my point is: Games, like any form of entertainment, are designed to satisfy the fantasies of their target audience. Especially Visual Novels. Thus, I don't see why or how portraying women the way most men fancy them as being wrong. Visual Novels are nothing more than a fantasy, and if you think real people should fit your fantasies, then you have some big issues...


    Men are portrayed pretty unrealistically in many romantic novels targeted at women. But I see that as only natural, I mean that's why people go to imaginary world, right? To see a world that can satisfy whatever desire they have. Calling them out on that because they're "sexist" sounds pretty ridiculous to me.

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