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    How to Archery
    2-Are donuts really Haram?
    An interesting tweet.
    3-Be careful with fireworks
    4-What happens when a cat jumps into the refrigerator?
    5-Happy new years (?)
    Or at least, happier than this poor guy
    Hope ya'll had a fun time last year. And I hope I do better this new year ... o/
  2. babiker
    Alright, here's number two! Note that these aren't put in any particular order. Enjoy
    1-Understanding Nyanyans
    I made a conscious effort to stay from cats last time, but screw it:They are everywhere for a reason. If you're looking to understand cat behavior and language more, or just want cute kittie pics, this should satisfy you:
     2-TFW you start out strong, but then things go downhill...
    ... Literally
    3- Reasons why you shouldn't post your pictures on the internet.
    Sure, this particular position is kinda asking for it... But anyone with enough photoshop skillz can turn even the most innocent picture of you into a sex tape. Beware
    4-Why Women Can't Drive in Saudi Arabia
     5-When you're trying to take down the boss your team be like
    I guess you can say this about any team in a co-op game.
    And that is that. I didn't type the paragraphs I thought I would, but "The best of speeches are the clear and short" (let's see if you can find the source of that. Note that it's translated from Arabic :P) . Lemme know whachya think buddeh, I'll be sure to... Consider your words  
  3. babiker
    A few days after Christmas and the site has been infested with either selfies and star wars spoilers, or posts complaining about selfies and star wars spoilers, so it's refreshing to see something new for a change.
    1-Crazy Post of the day
    This one is a bit NSFW, so I'll just post the link. I can't really give you a description as I'm not sure what to say, but if you're bored out of your mind, this might slightly amuse you http://imgur.com/gallery/bUpNgCe
    Oddly enough, this doesn't concern cats. I know, a post on the internet about animals that doesn't have cats?! I couldn't believe my eyes either! But hey, it's heartwarming sometimes to see animals do their unexpected things, so here ya go
    3-What Happens When You Lose to a Mud Monster in Monster Girl Quest
    My title is probably more appropriate than the original
    4-Meme of za day
    Took quite a while finding this one. We all know memes on the internet are serious business. I chose this one because well... It's kinda funny no?
    5-What iz Racism?
    A bit more serious, and it's also a repost, but the message here is as true as it is important. 
    And that's that for today. Not much words and critique, but that's mainly because it's the end of the day and I can't really give each picture it's fair share of criticism and consideration. You can look forward to more of that in the future. Hope you had fun for now, any suggestions/complaints/praises are appreciated
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