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  1. Finally got a computer again...


  2. no problem, ty as well, i did not know it was on steam, even if it is all ages
  3. dang, ty for the quick reply, you are a big help xD
  4. Anyone know where I can get it, ive been looking for more neko related VNs and this one looks like it would be pretty nice :3 and on a completely seperate note, if anyone knows where I could get Imouto Paradise, I would like to try that one out too
  5. I am gonna try to be on more often, talk to me people! I have too much free time T.T

  6. Well, back from that break on VN's, i need to catch up xD

  7. Already got my next 4 VNs downloaded xD

  8. Heyo, I would say welcome to the forum but it seems you have been here for a while already
  9. I think I will play Muv-Luv next, but thank you all for givin' me some ideas on what to do, I really appreciate it
  10. I have played Katawa, I found it fun as well
  11. Trying to become a more active member of the fuwanovel community :/

  12. Hey guys, just looking for suggestions on VN's to play next, I have just finished my 8th visual novel and am on starting my 9th, but I like to have plans for another one so I can get it downloaded and all that before I am going to play it, I don't care about the genre so much but most of the ones I have played are H-games although that doesn't really matter, you can see what I have played/am playing on my profile. Ty ahead of time for any suggestions
  13. I prefer them in the middle of the route and at the end when everything is solved, early ones always feel rushed to me :/
  14. Almost through my 8th visual novel, im happy right now :D

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