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    theboxcarracer reacted to Darklord Rooke in Getting punished for what you say on the internet   
    I don't understand people's need to make things public. Some people need to get a diary (or as men like to call things, a "journal".)
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    theboxcarracer reacted to Tay in Not dead, coming back, cleaning house period extended, and some changes! (and bonus Twitter challenge!)   
    Hello everybody,
    As some of you know, I've been extremely sick lately. It's been more a dangerous-sick than just I-hate-life-sick, and so my absence on the site was unavoidable. I'm getting better, I've had solid medical care, and I'm putting my life back together. Thank you for your patience. This couldn't have come at a worse time (for my personal life and for Fuwa!)
    I know that many of us were starting to get really jazzed for upcoming site changes. I want to spell out a timeline for everybody so we all know what's coming and what to expect. I also hope it'll help assuage any anxieties about stagnation.
    The "cleaning house" period has been extended through October (since I've been out of action for almost all September!) Between now and next Wednesday I will be finalizing some behind-the-scenes changes among the staff and writing materials for the board moderator program By the end of next week I hope to have everything in place to roll out the board moderator program (members can be given moderator roles over particular "boards" on the forums and work under the guidance of a global moderator). I made a call for interested parties (https://forums.fuwanovel.net/index.php?/topic/6292-are-you-interested-in-helping-moderate-a-corner-of-the-fuwanovel-forums/) and the initial roster will be selected from those who stepped forward in that post. If you're interested and fit the qualifications, speak up in that post! Again, at least the selection of board moderators should be done by next week, at which time I should have the training materials finished and in the hands of the global mods (and then we'll see how it goes) I'm working on getting an up-to-date picture on where our server move is and what front-site changes are ready to be made. Nothing to report yet, but I have submitted a 2-page list of high-priority changes to our web development team I finished my site analytics and I'm very pleased with the VN forums changes (traffic and participation are both up across the spectrum of user groups). I think the data also shows that the "Ongoing Projects" board has been very successful at driving traffic and attention to the projects featured within it. I can't say that for sure (I'm not awesome at the form of statistics my program is using), but if I'm reading the data right, then it's driven >3x as much traffic to each project than they were receiving before the ongoing projects board was made. I don't know about you, but I'd say that's exactly what we'd want for our fearless project leaders! Still waiting to hear the details on software changes before I commit to any tagging add-ons for the Development boards (it could take a while, but it's a high priority for me. Don't give up, developers!) The forums changes, like I said, have been very encouraging. The biggest (most important? controversial? fabulous?) issue to tackle, as we all know, will be the general discussion board with the G&C sub-board within it. Before I go into any details about the changes, I'l reemphasize that my priorities in changing up the organization will be: maintain a space for true general discussion, provide a separate space for Fuwanovel-centered projects and community work/discussion, give an out let for getting to know each other and having fun, and then filtering out the posts which are fluff or worthless and really just deserve to die (more on this in a minute ; )). (In summary: better differentiate between topical discussion, friendship building, Fuwanovel work, and "fluff" posts which deserve death) The details are yet to be finalized, but the current plans (written in a super secret notebook) are as follows:      A. To create a community hub (focused on Fuwanovel) which will be dedicated to community projects, the improvements board system, a leadership council, etc.      B. Restore the "general discussion" board to its true purpose (topically-based and focused discussion about stuff)      C. There will be a Lounge section which will be the spot for getting to know each other, having fun, a little goofing off, etc.      D. The newest addition will be something akin to an "Arena of Death" where pointless, fluff, and/or scum-and-villainy types of posts will be sent to die (or fight for survival). Details forthcoming. One really big thing that needs to be addressed is site media (blog and social media). There will be some long-overdue changes coming to the blog, and a better workflow for how all these services work together and how they're to be used There's more. I could talk about MOTM, for example, which has had a bumpy road due to my illness, or stances on games and translator groups and requests for takedowns. There's a lot more to discuss, but I don't have the energy atm to get it all down on paper. I ask for your patience as I recover. I'll put out as much info as I can on a regular basis. Within the next week I will be finalizing the list of torrents which will no longer be linked-to on our front site. The links will go "offline" the last week of October. The leadership structure of the community to which we're headed is going to be a leadership council structure with voting and non-voting members. I'm not going to say a lot more at this point (since it's still early, there's still too much to do, and because I need to maintain a tyrannical dictatorship power structure in order to accomplish everything listed above ), but I wanted to clearly state that nobody realizes better than I the logistical problems facing the site. I just wanted to assure everybody that soon enough we'll be in a position where responsibilities are better spread out and no life-threatening illness of any one of us puts all the forward momentum in jeopardy ; ). I want to apologize to the logo contest winners! I'm sorry that I haven't been rotating the banners as I promised. I will be appointing somebody to do this and giving them restricted ACP access so they can make the changes per schedule in the future.   
    Immediate Timeline:
    I still need some rest time, but I should be in a better position by Tuesday By Wednesday night I should have a fairly comprehensive proposal ready for my inexhaustible and ever-patient counselor and friend Rooke to examine. Details of above proposals will be discussed and refined for up to 2 weeks or until we're both happy. No later than that point I'll reach out for additional opinions and thoughts/further refinement Concurrently: I should have the staff worked out by Tuesday. The global mods (at least the ones who head board moderator teams) will be given several days to choose from a list of willing members to build their teams. I will also be selecting board moderators and assigning them to particular global mods/boards. While the global mods are working on their team (and, again, this is concurrent with Rooke and I working through proposed changes), I will be finalizing the staff handbooks which will contain rules, policies, important information, and workflows for typical tasks. Once that's done and the global mods have built their teams, the new board mods will be contacted, I'll set up their permissions, and the global mods will conduct training for their teams. Front site: This is an email-based workflow which I'll initiate tomorrow (Sunday). The upcoming forums changes will be enacted once we have  a set plan (on my end) and an army of board moderators willing to help us manage the transition. I estimate this'll go down within 1-1.5 weeks Some basic blog changes are going to be happening in the next week as well: integration with social media, aesthetic changes, and additional un-annouced changes should roll out.  
    That's probably as much detail as is helpful right now. Please note: I have >40 PMs and emails to go through, so if you don't hear from me right away, don't think I'm ignoring you!
    LAST POINT! The Bonus Twitter Challenge!
    I'm not currently able to spend a lot of time up and about, meaning my time for working on Fuwa is somewhat limited. "Working on Fuwa" includes stuff like PMs, emails, reports, TL group sessions, and photo shoots. (<- one of those has yet to be requested. Wonder why...). SO! I'd like to suggest that anybody who urgently needs to contact me should do so through Twitter (at least for the next few days). 
    My twitter handle is @ArchmageTay
    I'll try to get up and be here on the site, but again, if you have a pressing concern or issue, send me a DM/Tweet. Also! The challenge part: my twitter avatar is pretty bland (but awesome! Yay HP!). If you're tweeting at me and get bored of my avatar, feel free to send me alternates you think I should use instead. If your submission is really awesome, you may just see it go up ; ).
    That last bit was just for fun, but really -- it's difficult for me (at least in the short, short term) to get up and around, so if you need me, let me know through Twitter. (Unless you're batman. Then just send me a bat signal through Skype).
    (read the post below- elevator music to accompany things, placed here by me, Kaguya)

    If you read all of this... wow! Way to go! Thanks for your time, and I'll see you soon.
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    theboxcarracer got a reaction from BBQLord in Depression Quest   
    I've played it, and it's excellent.
    The hate for the creator is the reason for those reviews, not the other way around. It's actually a well written experience, and it represents what it's like to be depressed fairly well.
    Also, the whole clusterfuck that you mentioned is entirely misrepresented in the way that you phrased it. The person who she allegedly had a relationship with never once reviewed the game, and there was also only one person involved. Don't take the psychotic internet hate machine rage at face value, that's a really poor way to find out actual factual information about anything.  EDIT: You should actually read about this before forming an opinion on it.
    I also don't think that Depression Quest is in any way representative of this medium, nor do I think that anybody is looking at Depression Quest and scoffing at the very idea of visual novels.
    I don't want to get shit all over, so I'm going to leave it at that,  rather than get into my personal experience with Depression Quest. I don't think people should dismiss it out of hand just because everyone hates Zoe Quinn right now, that's all.
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    theboxcarracer reacted to krill in Tay's Absence   
    tays absence does indeed suck, but the man puts alot in to the community just keeping the doors open and lights on after aeru vanished.  i wish him a speedy and safe recovery and me and my family's thoughts are with him and his family. as for the meat of rens worries the disappearing fuwans. i agree it sad seeing ppl leave, and anyone whose been part of online communities knows it happens and tends to happen in waves groups of members leave new members arrive the circle of life and all that.
    yeah ill agree a portion of that may be the lack of updates to the front page of the site and forums but i have faith in fuwa and believe its a temporary issue that will be resolved in time.  the members in hiding also may be doing so due to the school year having recently started and many fuwans are strapped for time between their schools and universities and their hobbies leaving less tiime for the community that will also fade as members readjust to the balancing act they deal with most of the year now that summer has come to a close.
    i appreciate all the hard work,creativity and just great fun that ren invests in to the community and i understand the worries i do but im fairly certain it will pick up again in the near future.
    on to maef's mini rant: ok i understand your frustration but chill man. the games and chatter section is not rewarded for anything. the posts don't count towards post count. and its moderated pretty actively. the anime,manga,video games and other otaku interest threads have been around as long as iv been here even when i lurked for a year before becoming a member. whats the harm in that , we aren't all able to provide visual novel content.
    i have pretty much no skills i can offer localization projects other then as a gopher and spreading word or maybe making a crappy blog for them to use for updates. but i do watch tons of anime, play lots of games and read a fair share of manga is me offering opinions,recommendations, news sources and information on those things somehow bad for fuwa cuzz its not visual novel exclusive content? if some one makes a ama thread so people can get to know them a deterrent to new members joining? i don't believe so .
    if you don't want to participate in that type of discussion or content you don't have to . want more content thats serious reviews and discussion of the visual novels exclusive side of the community then as a great man said, be the change you want to see in the world. im sure some others will join in and you can get that content and community participation your looking for.
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    theboxcarracer reacted to Kaguya in Tay's Absence   
    Well, he wasn't planning on working alone- it's just that he got sick before he had the chance to push is ideas forward. You can't blame him for not adding another admin, though- it happened more than once already, and we know how it always ended up. It probably felt safer to him to go with only one admin until he could put his plans in motion, and we can't really blame someone for not forseeing medical problems in their future.
    How are these members getting rewarded? They're having more posts in their threads and/or are getting more likes, right? Because I don't remember any reward we've been giving out to threads on G&C.
    Well, if that's the case, it's about what the members want. We can't force them to post on forums they don't want to- Something simple and silly can have the same entertainment value as the most well-written review, or even more, to a lot of people. And we can't do anything about it. I don't even get why this second part is related to Tay's absense- even if he was here, the people who make most threads and post of them are our normal members. We can't really affect that.
    I will say (to Ren's post) that he's not outside the site because of physical or mental exhaustion, though. He's actually sick- The fact he even went to tell us that in the staff forum is very surprising to me, with that kind of condition, I wouldn't dream of getting near a computer, honestly.
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    theboxcarracer reacted to OriginalRen in Tay's Absence   
    Hey Fuwanovel,

    So this is a thread I had wanted to create before I went to sleep for the evening, and before I begin writing, I want it to be known that I am not trying to start any sort of unnecessary arguments because of it. Please do no think ill of what I am about to say, because I am worried about Tay's absence due to personal issues and other real life concerns like anyone else on this website.

    Still, it is has been far over a month since planned changes for the website were announced, and due to Tay being in a state of absence for the majority of that time, I feel members have started to lose interest in Fuwanovel. While I can appreciate him popping in and out every so often to give us a status update on how he's doing, it upsets me that things are being announced without any sort of means to follow through with them.

    Considering the fact we have 1 person "running" the site, it feels like a majority of members on Fuwanovel are losing interest in a lot of things surrounding the website; it feels like we are going to be stuck in a state of limbo for the rest of eternity. To me, it feels like Tay is becoming too mentally exhausted to handle the website. I understand he is an extraordinary individual, but doing something this large without any sort of help takes a toll on a person's body.

    When a lot of feedback was being made back in July, Tay had stated that a lot of new changes would start to be implemented at the end of August. While some members were upset because of this, others were eager to see what sorts of changes were in store. However due to personal issues, no word was made regarding the changes. We were left sitting on the site without any sort of idea as to what was going to happen; the people who I noticed were on the forefront of trying to make everyone happy by helping the community keep its old traditions and gladly test the new changes started tapering off. Motivation for a lot of members started disappearing from Fuwanovel and a lot of them started disappearing into the shadows.

    Eventually, a new change was announced with the board moderator positions opening up, and a lot of people seemed excited because of that. However due to personal issues once again, nothing was said. Another 2-3 weeks went by, and at the beginning of that 3rd week, Tay announced that he was doing what he could with whatever was going on in his life and that he would announce the moderators within the next few days. However, another week went and still nothing has happened. I understand that personal life always comes 1st, and I know that a person's mental and physical health is of utmost importance, but having been here for this long is starting to sadden me. I am seeing a lot of good people disappear or go into hiding.

    I guess this post (if you can call it anything) is just a small concern I have for the members of this website. What will it take to keep people motivated? As an active member who is always trying to create projects for the community, I feel that people are starting to lose interest in a lot of things that help make this website tick. The logo contest is no longer a thing, and the MOTM for September has not been posted.

    Tay, if you read this I hope all is well, and I hope everyone else who reads this continues to stay motivated as best they can. Even though this post may feel like I am telling you to give up on this website and what we do, it is actually quite the opposite. It may be harder to please people nowadays, but I promise it won't stop me from moving forward. I hope it doesn't stop you either.
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    theboxcarracer reacted to Mr Poltroon in What are you playing?   
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    theboxcarracer reacted to madvanced in What are you playing?   
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    theboxcarracer got a reaction from madvanced in What are you playing?   
    Still playing Tsukihime.
    I'm blown away by how pretty this song is, and how masterfully they use it. My god.

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    theboxcarracer reacted to Funyarinpa in What Video Games Are You Playing Right Now?   
    Bought Ace Attorney Dual Destinies yesterday. 
    Being unable to make the text appear instantly on the screen is really bugging me
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    theboxcarracer reacted to SanadaShadow in What Video Games Are You Playing Right Now?   
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    theboxcarracer reacted to Zenophilious in First time reading Fate Stay   
    UBW is commonly thought of as the best route.  I agree with that, it's really epic and well done, so hopefully the anime will be the same.  I have to say, though, Shirou's personality really irritated me.  Wasn't enough to ruin the game for me, but sometimes I just wanted to backhand him and yell, "Saber is a Servant, she's SUPPOSED to fight!"
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    theboxcarracer reacted to mamitamales in How common is it to make a protag without a face or any notable features? + Opinion poll   
    To be honest, faceless protagonists kind of freaks me out. It's really creepy...especially if you add in a smile with it...
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    theboxcarracer reacted to Darkshine in new account.   
    Welcome Back!

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    theboxcarracer reacted to Kaguya in The Pidgeon VN REALLY did it...   
    Obviously. We're niche, no one knows what the hell VNs are in the first place- you shouldn't be expecting them to know normal VNs.
    Weird games get more attention, but no one seriously analyzes a genre just because of them. You won't say soccer games are stupid because of goofball, you won't say simulators are stupid because of goat sim, etc. In fact, any VN getting mainstream, even if it's one about birds is a great thing. Let's people know the genre exists, at least.
    There is also a saying about how bad popularity doesn't exist. It's the same principle of why a bunch of celebrities do outrageous stuff for more attention- it doesn't matter if they're badmouthed like hell, they have more to gain by appearing in the news than they do by fading into quietness.
    Point is, This is totally fine. I really can't see why the future of VNs are ruined just by a couple of odd ones standing out.
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    theboxcarracer reacted to Mr Poltroon in Unlimited Chat Works - Random Talk   
    God, what a coarse conversation, please cease this at once.
    Mayucchi wins though.
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    theboxcarracer reacted to Decay in What are you playing?   
    Magical magus sperm is one of the dumbest plot devices I've ever seen in a non-nukige visual novel.
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    theboxcarracer reacted to MKDude in Potential Review Show   
    I feel like this list is lacking, but here are some of my VN reviews. 
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    theboxcarracer reacted to Zenophilious in Is it just me ?   
    I don't remember who's route it was in, but Kyousuke was describing his therapist's appearance.  Hence, "porcine".  Kinda funny, it popped up right after I said I'd never seen a word I didn't already know about in a translated VN.
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    theboxcarracer reacted to SilverLi in Places to Start   
    I just skimmed through your MAL and I can say you like ecchi and comedy mixed together. I can suggest some animes in that regard:
    To Love Ru
    Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka?
    But if I would suggest some animes I personally like:
    Sakurasou no Kanojo na Pet
    To aru kagaku no Railgun/ Majutsu no Index
    Seitokai Yakuindomo
    I see you are watching Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. Give it a chance. That one and Code Geass got me hooked into the anime world. If you want more I could suggest that when I arrive home later. I don't remember everything I have watched.
    But if you are looking into new animes each season I recommend anichart.net
      You forgot "baka".
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    theboxcarracer reacted to Tatsujin in Places to Start   
    It depends on the genre you are picking. I'd like to help from the start so I'm going to list down the useful sites we use in general:
    AniDB - This is your information site on who-subbed-what with detailed information on videos. Not like you would understand it, but you'll get the general idea if you skim through one series for a few minutes on that site.
    ANN - Up-to-date news on everything out there that involves the 'Anime' world.
    BBT - Releases completed series/seasons with the best or good quality from fansub groups.
    For programs that are required:
    CCCP - Get rid of any third party codec program, including VLC (it's shit) and install this. Use the MPC inside of it. There are three other steps I want to put down here but I'll list them later if you do take this step. They're optional, but they'll make the player lighter and the subs will be smoother and easier to load.
    uTorrent 3.0 - This is the best uTorrent version that doesn't have all the crap they put in the later versions, including ads ... unless you want ads then go download the latest version. Disable the 'update to newer version' in General tab.
    Though I gave you the break down of how I do things (and the majority of us), you can also go to Funimation or Crunchyroll and stick to their streaming services which is several steps below the fansub quality you get.
    As far as getting into the Anime world ... the links provided by The Major is a good start. It all depends on what you're into. Are you into mo'e (cute) anime? Realistic? Fantasy? Dark Fantasy? And so on and forth.
    But here's one other thing you could use - go to AniDB, click on 'Calendar', in the drop down box where it lists the months, scroll down to the 'seasons' and you will see all the anime releasing/released for that season and for the year you picked. I use that for quick reference to what I missed, what's coming up soon, or what I want to watch.
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    theboxcarracer reacted to arakura in Places to Start   
    First things first: I would suggest one of two things. 1) either watch all the airing anime that you plan on eventually watching. or 2) make a list of all the airing anime each season that you would like to watch sometime. Myanimelist is a good place to do this. That really keeps me in touch with what's airing. As long as I have it somewhere that I can find it when I need to, I can just go with the flow and watch what I want to. I tend to just look at art and read the summary and look at the rating to decide if I want to watch it. Anything above 8 is sure to be good ^^ and I play it by ear below there.
    I think that something that will really get you into anime and fits those tastes... maybe Kore wa Zombie. Baka to Test is also really good. Kami Nomi is a good bet too. Those are all comedies, of various degrees. If you want something so cool that you'll never look back... Durarara!! or Gurren Lagann? Something classic and hilarious but also pervy and lolsy would be OniAi. It's hard to say what will blast you off, but I imagine those could do it if the genre fits. I'm less sure about OniAi, but it's one that I feel is undervalued, so read the summary first maybe xD
    My first ones, aside from a childhood of Ghibli, were Death Note (so good!) and Gintama.
    Oh my god. I forgot to sell Gintama. Gintama has been one of the funniest, one of the most touching, and one of the best things I have ever watched. And it's long. Which means that there's a ton of it. If you want to get into something and seriously enjoy it, try Gintama. The first 4 episodes are a little weird, but it gets going after that for sure. Not that they are bad either... >,>
    also, I just read your profile and this is a good time to say that you seem awesome. I suspected it from your posts. Fellow Katawa Shoujo lover!? Anyway, I kind of dropped a lot of suggestions cause there's a lot that I like. If you want a more personalized rec you could send me a message with more specific interests or something ;D  --hit me up if you want someone to talk to or give you suggestions, or whatever. I love tat kind of thing. Otherwise, whatevs ~.^
    I hope you find the passion you seek!
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    theboxcarracer reacted to The Major in Places to Start   
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    theboxcarracer reacted to Dimorphic in Unlimited Chat Works - Random Talk   
    Let's not get ahead of ourselves here.
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    theboxcarracer got a reaction from arakura in Places to Start   
    Hey all, I just wanted to ask for a bit of advice regarding where to start when it comes to watching anime.
    I personally have watched several shows, but I still feel like I haven't really "broken in" to the medium. I feel like I'm still missing something and that if I had it, I would be able to enjoy anime a lot more. Are there any specific shows I should watch to get a foothold in the medium, so that I can start to enjoy other shows more?
    I also wanted to know how you guys manage to keep up with all the new stuff. I see what's coming out and I have no idea where to start, or what's worth my time. I actually really want to enjoy anime more than I do, so if anyone can help me out here, that would be greatly appreciated!
    I guess I should state what little I know about my tastes. I am not really into shounen, though I feel like I could be, if there are any particularly good ones. I'm not averse to ecchi either. I really enjoyed High School DxD, for more than just the boobs, too. I really like mushy romantic stuff, and thoroughly enjoyed Toradora, which I finished recently. For more specific stuff, you can see my MAL page, but you totally don't have to go to the trouble, or anything. 
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