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  1. Happy Birthday, me.

  2. Ah, cool, the first post I post on these boards after being away for literal months is immediately met with someone making fun of me. Ah well, whatever. Tsukihime is actually fascinating in its structure and the points of view it forces you to look through are what makes that VN interesting. the whole point of the VN was to be filled with things that you hate and that suck. But I digress. I fully disagree with you about the story not being good. It's not a fact that Nasu is not a good writer. It is an opinion, and I disagree strongly, which is why I find UBW to be such a good show. The wor
  3. Unlimited Blade Works is my favorite, but I think Heaven's Feel is probably a better written route. I just found UBW more personally relatable. I actually didn't dislike Shirou too much, aside from his occasional chauvinism that all VN protagonists seem to suffer from. "I helped you because you're a girl! Not because I would help any human being that was in danger! It's because you were born without a penis!" I hate that line of logic. And it's worse in Shirou's case because until a very specific point in the story, he isn't actually helpful in the least; his belief that he can somehow pr
  4. I live on the East Coast of the US. I used to live on the West Coast, though.
  5. Here's some lyrics I wrote recently that people seemed to like. The song is called Shallow Water.
  6. Oh my god, thank you so much, translation team. I've been waiting for this for so long (just like everyone else) and had almost given up hope. Miyako is probably my favorite female heroine in any VN I've played so far, and I'm so happy to finally get a chance to see her route through to the end. Thank you guys so much. Seriously, thank you.
  7. It seems reasonable to say, honestly. They're allowed to have whatever views on it that they want. If that's their take on the situation, that's fine. People can choose to listen to their advice or not. That doesn't mean I think fan-translators should stop, though. But if there is a way to make it happen legally (which there more often then not isn't. I'm probably never going to get a legal English version of Ace Attorney Investigations 2) then by all means, pursue that route first. But keep doing it, even if legal avenues seem closed off to you. There's a whole community of people that lo
  8. I guess I should mention that Tsukihime has "Good End"s that you can go back to after getting the True Ends for every route, and that almost all of them really lessen the impact of the True Ends. For example.
  9. Yeah, I second this opinion. Remember 11's ending is bad to the point of actually ruining the rest of the game for me. It's so unsatisfying.
  10. I have a hard time when the length seems overwhelming, though if it's good enough, that won't make me drop it. Tsukihime is incredibly long, but I played through every route and savored every single moment of it. Kamidori Alchemy Meister, on the other hand, is frustratingly long with a meaningless story tacked onto a pile of H-scenes and gameplay that is only fun for the first quarter of the game. I might pick it back up someday, but for now, it's dropped.
  11. None have changed my life nearly as deeply as they have changed yours, though some of them have certainly changed my perspective. The change in perspective has likely led to me making somewhat different decisions than I would have otherwise, and has actually led me to make a friend or two, too. For example, playing Phoenix Wright for the first time gave me a whole new outlook on what video games could be; up to that point I had played primarily JRPGs and platformers. I have since played many different games and looked for deeper meanings from them than I ever got out of (most) of those oth
  12. "I will play with all I've got. With all my love, to this fucking world."

  13. I don't know, I just started watching Fate/Stay Night and it's pretty enjoyable. I'm not exactly well-versed when it comes to anime, though, so maybe I'm just wrong.
  14. I write a lot. Here's another poem; this one's about a breakup. It's a generic topic, I know, but stuff happens and it's hard to get over so I write about it.
  15. I'm not going to link to the blog where I originally posted this yet, as it's filled with some extremely personal anecdotes that I'm not quite comfortable sharing here (yet) but here is a poem I wrote the other day about internet/social media culture.
  16. I'm glad you found KiraKira to be an experience worth your time. Rest a bit, you swallowed the biggest pill in the bottle. Okay, that's good to know, because After thinking about it,
  17. I finished my first route in Kira Kira. I don't know if this VN does what it does quite as well as other VNs do, but everything it does do seems tailor-made to appeal to me. I mean, I grew up as a punk-rock kid playing in a shitty punk-rock band; all of my greatest memories are from being on the stage, and music is a huge part of who I am. This VN hits those notes, and it also hits on the nostalgia of growing up. That, and Needless to say, I was crying my goddamn eyes out when Shikanosuke was introducing that last song... It was such an upbeat moment, but it hit me so
  18. Nearing the end of my first route in Kira Kira (or at least I think I am) and EDIT: Okay, it doesn't seem to be doing that, so that's good, though I do wonder how the hell this is going to wrap up.
  19. I'm back. And playing more Kira Kira, like last time. It's still great! I honestly don't know why I put it down for so long. Hopefully I can be more consistent and keep up with the VNs again. My next one lined up is Fate/Hollow Ataraxia.
  20. That's nice for people who don't live in households with overbearing parents who either don't allow the doors to be locked or remove the locks altogether like mine do. I refuse to play VNs in the bathroom, even if it is the only inside door in my house with a lock on it. I will never sink that low.
  21. I've never had one in spite of recently moving back in with my parents. You have to open two doors to get to my room, so I always hear the first one opening and have time to react before the second one gets opened. I also tend to only skim/skip through H-scenes when I'm playing a VN during the day, so it doesn't come up a lot. The closest thing to embarrassment I've come with this sort of thing is the number of times I've almost slipped into a long-winded explanation about VNs or one VN in particular before realizing that that would cause my parents to know the existence of such content an
  22. Unfortunately the job has kept me from playing as many visual novels as I'd like to. The only contribution I can make to the site at the moment is gushing about Tsukihime.

  23. I do this more with video games/VN, personally. In video games, it's because as I approach the end of a game, I get obsessed with doing side content,which inevitably isn't as good as the main content and I get burnt out on it pretty quickly. With VNs, I think I just get distracted from them pretty easy, and with them not being physical objects like books are, it's easier for me not to pick them back up. With anime, I tend to drop really long ones, even if I like them. With ones I like that aren't ridiculously long, I binge-watch that shit and finish all of it over the course of one to thre
  24. I've been inactive as of late due to a variety of reasons, but welcome!
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