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  1. As a Jalter owner, I can say that while she is indeed a waifu material (not as waifu as vanilla jeanne tho), she is useful everywhere. I just bring Jalter + Waver + class advantage/zerker support (with vanilla Jeanne on the back) to almost any fight, and makes it clearable. Well right now at least. I havent started Camelot and Ive heard things about Gawain there.
  2. Jack best daughter I love her.. Already got a load of casters (Waver Hans Medea Rhyme now Sanzang) but only one assassin (Shiki). Also shouldve just rolled on the Knights banner since I got no SSR Lancer and Archer.
  3. NOOOOO! I got Xuanzang from paid gacha! No Jack
  4. Okay so thankfully my data has not been deleted. Although this redownload thing has happened 3 times already today. It says I need to clear the cache to fix the app startup error. And then it redownloads, and does the same thing again..
  5. So right now my game crashed and it is redownloading all the FGO data. I hope my save doesnt get removed.. Im not sure if I have the transfer code..
  6. Please let it be 10 apples and 30 quartz haha. Also I'm looking forward to the anniv gacha. I heard this time it is separated into Knights + extra and Cavalry classes this time around. Kinda disappointed though I wanted a chance for some lancer/archer, but I wanna also roll for Jack the most..
  7. FGO NA Anniv today! And yet still no anniv gifts/events announced. I heard anniv celebbration is delayed in favor of Camelot. Hope we have some good gifts for anniv
  8. Free tutorial SSR on NA is neat. Only missing Herc and Stheno from tutorial pool, so definately going with Herc. Herc. Emiya. Iri. Kiritsugu. My Illya servant catalysts are complete! Prisma Illya cant get here any faster.
  9. There is a desire deep in my heart to roll for Emiya assassin so when I summon Illya then I can reunite the Emiya household and make them a happy family! This is assuming I summon Illya, which is 1% possible.
  10. Dude I spent $200 for jack but didnt get one. Thats was why Im so disappointed that they had the paid gacha on thanksgivving rather than new years, since Jack would have been on the banner. Also rolled for her on the Valentines banner but didnt get her I think Id do 10 rolls for each summer banner since I got a real lack of lancers and archers, but it is dangerously close to the Prilya event. If this is the case Id be rolling for everyone LOL
  11. Well, Im thinking besides him. Or do I just not roll for any other servant before his banner? Would it depend on what servants I currently have?
  12. So now that Im done with this 'saving for Jalter' thing, who is the recommended servant that I should start saving for? For one I'm definately saving for Illya (non negotiable), but are there any others that come to mind that are worth for gameplaywise?
  14. Does Welcome to the NHK count? It has a good amount of 'romance' sprinkled on it, although it surely isn't its genre.
  15. Oh boy. NA salt is coming very soon...
  16. Well, death by cannibal lolis surely isnt the worst way to die.
  17. Looking at her kit, it seems Nightingale is very worth rolling gameplay-wise. I imagine Jeanne Waver Nigthingale to have good synergy together will their arts card and heals while also providing some damage. I just cant bring myself to roll for her since Jalter is coming really soon...
  18. I've only managed to finish one VN-with-gameplay title (Kamidori) but I played it more as 'RPG with VN elements' rather than 'VN with gameplay'. Although to be fair, I enjoyed it since the gameplay made sense in the setting of Kamidori (collecting mats, story based missions + lots of extra character content)
  19. Welcome! ... ... ... I also suck at welcoming people...
  20. Me: *sees name Jean D'Arc Oh this one is definately a Fate fan! *casually shows my Jeanne on FGO A man of culture, I see Okay let me take that back reaaaal quick. Okay now take it you're a man of culture. Welcome!
  21. For me it is something that you can get immersed at and seperates itself from the cliches. It could be anything from writing, setting, concept, music, art, characters (looks, personalities), plot twists, story and character development. Any element that can leave a mark at you and you remember even years after reading. Also, lolis
  22. Depends on the expected type of exam For conceptuals: I try to break down whatever I am studying into tiny bits. Then I write everything bullet style, just key words/phrases and important details. This improves my memorization and while doing so I casually make a nice little reviewer for later on. Then as I review the words, I try to remember all the needed details about the keyword. This allows me to associate the words to their details, which is important come exam time. For problem solving (math, engineering) I try to replicate solutions to sample problems, focusing on n
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