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  1. thank you eplipswich for putting a stop to what this thread was turning into and please take your time with the translation. many of us are patience and are grateful for your work so please dont let the small percentage of entitled/ungrateful people discourage you. once agian thank you for your work and no rush take as long as your need and if needed takes breaks and have a good day.
  2. visual novel translations are vary slow (this is normal) if this upsets you let me remind you that they do this on their spare time and are not obligated to finish their work.
  3. it needs to be on steam it was design for old games but it works well on visual novels, i have a 1440p monitor so i use that on low res visual novels
  4. i use a tool called lossless scaling its meant for old games but it also works well on visual novels
  5. i came here to say thank you to the group of people who finished the translation of majikoi that yandere started on years ago. after the death of yandere i honestly thought this would never get a full english patch, im so glad i was wrong about that and im so glad you guys finished the translation of majikoi. you guys are awesome thanks.
  6. i always wanted to read Aiyoku no Eustia, i really hope you guys can succeed in translating this, i wouldn't want a repeat of what happen when yandere tried to translate this so i wish you guys good luck.
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