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  1. VNs with the best romance routes?

    Thanks for the replies! Yeah, I guess romance can be tough to define. If I think a game has next to no story, but I am sticking around because I want to see a and b do cute things and get together, that would be a good romance for me. Hope to see more recommendations!
  2. Kara No Shoujo single play through acceptable?

    Awesome, thanks! I will keep this all in mind .
  3. Unhack 2

    Thank you so much for your support and thoughts everyone! I really appreciate it . Everyone has been really kind to this project so far, and the biggest feedback up to this point is the lack of aracdey gameplay in this sequel. I did a quick write up on it explaining my thoughts in the link below. If you are cool with giving it a quick read, that would be really awesome: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/updates/602187066 Thank you everyone!
  4. Old/rare VN related goods

    Hi everyone . Just wanted to see if anyone has some old school and/or rare VN related goods they wanted to show off. I took just a quick photo but I may as well start: Thanks .
  5. Old/rare VN related goods

    Awesome Clephas! Yeah, I have the first two games somewhere in my house as well XD. Cool, I hope we can see Getsuya's collection sometime! I have a thing or the old stuff with the packaging turning yellow etc .
  6. Danganronpa 1 Steam Release, 2 Likely Coming to PC

    If they release that Despair Girls spinoff onto Steam I reckon I'll pick it up. It's the only game I'm missing on the Vita .
  7. Danganronpa 1 Steam Release, 2 Likely Coming to PC

    Wow, cool news :D! Already played both games on the Vita so I will wait and see. Man, I know this sounds kind of dumb, but I just want to have that completion achievement to pin onto my profile (-u-)...........
  8. Sakura Swim Club

    I-I just stumbled upon it, okay (>u<)?~ http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=510025840
  9. Short visual novels

    Hello ! It has been a while since I last posted here. I am hoping to do some VN reading throughout the Christmas break, and I wanted to see if you have any shorter titles to recommend? Games like Ame No Marginal are the best for me. Just an hour or two in length. Go in, tell your story and bow out sort of thing. Cool, thanks everyone !
  10. Short visual novels

    Thank you for the further recommendations! I am going to give a whole bunch of these a go . Tiagofvarela !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Short visual novels

    Awesome, thank you so much everyone! A lot of these I have never even heard of, so I look forward to checking them out when my break starts .
  12. I loathe to judge on graphics alone but I am only human and must admit the art looks quite pretty: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=309886448 Just randomly spotted it while browsing Greenlight . It looks like a game that tries to have a bit of its own style rather than just pandering to some dating sim audience. At least, clothing wise, it seems a bit different, so it caught my notice . Looks like the circle's website is here: http://corypheesoft.net/
  13. Everyone here is really awesome, but I have to be the one to post this. Narcissu was my first visual novel, and it is one of my favorite stories from any medium. Anyway, I will let you folks take a look: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sekaiproject/narcissu-10th-anniversary-anthology-project (^-^)
  14. Clannad release imminent - You hyped?

    Ah, I see :(. Oh, well. I am going on a trip starting from today anyway so I won't be able to read it :D. By the way, how come emoticons no longer appear unless I click the smiley icons specifically? It's stressing me out (>o<)~ #relax
  15. Clannad release imminent - You hyped?

    Hello :). I backed the physical reward tier for $40 (early bird I think). Did anyone else back the same or a higher amount? I wanted to see if the physical copy backers should be expecting a Steam key as well. Can't seem to find any emails with the key and I am unable to login to my Backerkit account for some reason (>-<).
  16. Clannad release imminent - You hyped?

    I have seen the anime, so even though I backed the project, I was actually pretty neutral about the release. Then, I saw that these guys are going to do let's read podcasts: http://kazamatsuri.org/introducing-the-clannad-bookclub-win-a-copy-of-clannad-on-steam/ And that makes me pretty excited! This Christmas, I want to have complete buy in and try to enjoy the game as much as possible that way.
  17. This morning, I woke up as usual to prepare for work. I brushed my teeth, showered and then made breakfast. As I ate, I noticed the microwave said 11:58pm. What the, not even midnight yet? For a second, I actually freaked out and thought I might have time traveled. I have a water proof clock in the bathroom, and when I was inside, I swore the time was 11:35pm. Then, I realized I was so drowsy that I must have just saw x:35, because I had assumed it was 5am, which was my usual waking time for work. The double face palm is real! I have never made a mistake like that before (TuT). So yeah, I wanted to see if anyone else has ever done the same thing. Hopefully the answer is yes so I can feel a bit better >=]. Thanks XD~
  18. Without Within 2

    Vinty is attending a calligraphy event over in Melbourne. At last, she will be able to meet Excelia, the world famous calligrapher. Determined to study and mimic her idol's every move, will Vinty end up losing her identity? Hello everyone! Thank you for being kind to Vinty in Without Within last year. Putting such a short game onto Steam was scary, but a lot of you gave WOWI a chance, and I am really thankful for that. This time around, with the script running at about 20,000 words (still short by VN standards), this sequel will run at roughly five times the length of the original. Without Within 2 will be a kinetic novel without any choices. This time around, I would rather focus on one story rather than being distracted by contrived choices like I did with the first game. WOWI2 will also be a bit of a "travel novel" as well. Throughout the game, players will find links to various videos of Melbourne Australia, which is where the story takes place. To be honest, I have this borderline fetish with places. As in, I love them almost as much as I like people. I really want to share that passion with everyone. In September, I will be flying to Melbourne for a week to film more footage. I have a booth at a convention there as well, so just trying to make the best use of my time and money. Please feel free to check out the demo: And I can really use your support on greenlight as well. Thank you for considering: The remaining details are here: http://wowi2.invertmouse.com Thank you so much everyone ! And thanks in advance to Helvetica Standard (or whoever ends up doing it) for moving this to the Original Projects section.
  19. Without Within 2

    Hello everyone ! The year is coming to a close and I am going on holidays in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, I have just released Without Within 2 onto Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/398980 This time, Vinty is flying over to Melbourne, a city I love and try to visit on a yearly basis. I have a deep love for places, and I hope I can share some of those feelings with you through this game. Details are on the store page so I will keep this short, but really guys, thank you for putting that Vinty emoticon up onto this forum and all. Seriously appreciate it. I like to act like a tough athlete, but I actually get so nervous during launch weeks, and it is your kindness that helps me get through these times. Thank you so much !
  20. Without Within 2

    Thank you Emi , and sorry Nosebleed !
  21. Ttt-tt-Tomoyo After also released in west? Wat?

    Gonna be a hipster and say I want MOON and ONE re-released as well .
  22. The fun in grinding

    Hello everyone ! Hope you are having an awesome Halloween. Ever since let's plays became a thing, I have been watching YouTubers play RPGs rather than going through the games myself. Most players skip the parts where they grind or revisit the same dungeon, which is more time efficient from my point of view. I wanted to see if anyone out there actually enjoys the grinding process? If so, I would love to understand the reasons. Seeing those stats go up over time can feel rewarding, I imagine. I also read in some game design book that certain players take grinding as a challenge. They enjoy figuring out how to level up in the most time efficient manner possible. I remember when I was little, I blew so many hours on some Saint Seiya RPG for the Gameboy, walking up and down the map endlessly because I wanted to see what will happen when I reach level 99. These days, you can probably just tweak some ROM file and see the result instantly, but I was just a curious kid. As the years went by, I became more obsessed with time management. If a game requires me to do laps inside a dungeon to beat the next boss, I lose interest. Yet, now that I have become so picky and work focused, once in a while, I actually have these urges to go, "Man, I just want to grind my whole weekend away on some game." Looks like I will always be a gamer. Maybe I am just fatigued and cranky. As a last question, I am pretty interested in picking up Valkyrie Chronicles 1 for the PC. I know in that game, you can do side missions to level up your classes, so I wanted to ask if this is necessary to beat the game? Is it feasible to complete the game without any grinding? I assume it might be much harder, but at least I wanted to know if it was possible. Thanks everyone :)!
  23. Fireside Chat Podcast Series Official Thread

    Wow, you got a pretty awesome room set up :)!
  24. The fun in grinding

    Awesome answers everyone! And thank you for the response on VC Rose. I reckon I will give the game a shot, then :).
  25. Drawing out your own maps in games

    Sorry for starting two topics at once folks. Just got some thoughts I really want to share and get some opinions on :). This is kind of a continuation of that "games involving pen and paper" topic I brought up a few days back. I started looking up dungeon crawling games on VNDB, and I checked out some reviews for Lighting Warrior Raidy 1 along with its sequel. The reviews all say that in the second game, the map system has improved since it draws itself as you explore the dungeons. In the first game, I think you need to find a map in the dungeon first. At any rate, I thought, why not turn off the automap and draw it yourself with pen and paper? I don't mean to say this in some snarky way, but rather, I think it might feel pretty rewarding. Painstakingly stroke out every wall, then when you backtrack while tracing a finger through your map, you think, "Yeah, I did that ." When I go traveling, I love getting lost, then gradually learn the streets off by heart. Later, I revisit that same city and can roam around without any maps as if I am a local. This is one of the greatest feelings for me. I have a deep love for places so I understand if this might be a little weird. Has anyone played that first Raidy game? Did you find it annoying to get lost, or is there some potential in this? I would love to hear any general thoughts about this stuff. Thanks :)!