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  1. I want to play this so badly! But it is like half way across the globe for me .........
  2. Hello everyone! Hope you are doing well . Unhack 2’s script has gone through several rounds of revisions, and after receiving player feedback, I have decided the story needs further editing. I have passed the stage where I desperately try to please everyone, but in this case, almost everyone has raised the same issues, so I have to address them. Previous games like Cursed Sight and Without Within are ultimately about the relationships between people. I am used to handling that. The link between human and AI, however, provides a new challenge. Unhack 2 is longer and more complex than the first game, which means more opportunities for mistakes as well, and I have definitely made plenty. I will allocate an extra month or so to revisit the story several more times. Nobody likes delays, especially not the person who has been staring at this script for the past six months, but I am already thinking of solutions to the problems raised by readers, and the potential excites me. Rather than bragging about how awesome this game is going to be, once in a while, I want to share my struggles and failures with you. Not for long, though. I am heading back to work, so please look forward to the result. Thank you!
  3. Hi everyone. Unhack 2 has been approved by Valve for publication on Steam, so thank you for your support . Matt Hamm (Brainfed), the composer for this game, showed off his studio in a short video here: Hope you like it! I want to make more development diary videos just this, but it is hard to schedule them in when we have such a small team. If you are interested in seeing more, please let me know .
  4. I hope it won't be another Doom 3 scenario where on Nightmare they keep draining your health and give you the Soul Cube in exchange. Never got motivated to beat it as a result because of that weird setup~
  5. Awesome! Yeah, I am hoping Doom 4 will turn out to be awesome and is a game I can devote heaps of hours into. Already keen to try and beat it on max difficulty, and I want to mess around with their map creation tool as well.
  6. I remember that ! There used to be two computers at my place. One of them was older, and when I played Doom on it, I needed to shrink to that tiny-ass window as well, haha. I also remember there was a turbo button you could press to speed things up a bit . Yeah, that's fair enough. I am just really desperate for more Doom! In my case, every time I see those same enemies portrayed in a new installment, I feel like I am meeting old friends again. Doom 3 was meant to be scary, but whenever a new enemy appeared, I was like wow it's great to see you again brother !
  7. Pretty much the same history as me then ! I really enjoyed Doom 3 and Quake 4 as well. Can't wait for May!
  8. InvertMouse

    Doom 4

    The original Doom is an important game from my childhood and I have been pumped for this upcoming reboot ever since I saw that gameplay footage at E3 last year. I picked up a recent GameInformer issue because I saw it had a 12 page feature on the game. The read made me feel like a kid again. I skimmed the article, then read it again thoroughly, and I went through the online materials they had as well: http://gameinformer.com/doom Proof that I love the original Doom : I know Doom 3 was a bit questionable but I am really excited for this one. Anyone else looking forward to the release ?
  9. What is this heresy I thought VNs only existed on the internet
  10. Thanks for the new responses! I am a total pansy for saying this, but I have to admit, some of the investigations from the first game really freaked me out ..........
  11. That was so deep it's no wonder why they call you Deep Blue !
  12. Yeah, this sums up my experience really well. I definitely find myself looking back more as I get older. Thanks for all the responses! Really cool to hear about all the different experiences.
  13. Hey there . Just wanted to share an issue of mine with everyone. People always say to try out new things, which is totally cool, but I find that once I love something, I want to do that over and over instead. Travelling would be the simplest example. I went to Melbourne a few years ago, loved the place, and now I enjoy visiting every year. Once in a while, I might also check out a new country for the first time, but I still find myself more excited over revisiting cities like Melbourne, because that connection is already there. I made a game out of the place, so enough said I guess. Just wanted to bring it out into the open and see if anyone has similar feelings, or if you think this is a bad attitude, etc. I recently listened to a Doom documentary called the Masters of Doom. This is my favorite all time game, and I admire John Romero and John Carmack a lot. During the documentary, they mentioned that one of the Johns love keeping everything and remembering the past, while the other prefers to look ahead and never holds much sentimental value for anything. Both guys are of course pretty successful to say the least, so this kind of talk made me interested enough to open this topic. How do you folks approach this type of thing? Thanks .
  14. Hey everyone ! So this anime season, I have been watching Shokomeza (Shoujo-tachi wa Kouya wo Mezasu), and it of course brings back memories of Saekano (Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata), since both titles are about making visual novels. I produce games as well, so I am attracted to premises that I might be able to relate to. To be honest, yeah, I am locked in my bedroom alone when working, so maybe I am desperately hoping for some sort of fantasy escape where I get to work with people face to face. If they are a bunch of cute girls as well, then hey, you know . I actually dropped Saekano a few episodes before it ended, though the lack of time was a major reason for that. Now that Shokomeza is here, I actually feel inspired to go back and finish off Saekano as well. See, perhaps Saekano is a bit less grown up to me. You know, some guy finds a pretty girl and then decides to make a game about her. For me, writing is real work and not quite that romantic. I do really like Kato, though. Got a thing for the normal girls . The show attempts to have some character development here and there, and in this case, I actually wished they focused more on making their game. It is a subjective balance, of course. Now for Shokomeza. To tell the truth, if it were not for the visual novel making premise, I might have dropped it already. I do like how the crew, especially the main girl, seem more ambitious and a bit less naïve compared to Saekano's lead. She is someone I can get behind. I love how she seems like your typical cold girl, but she is actually pretty kind hearted without falling into the tsundere trope. Perhaps a bit dull for others, but she is like a normal person to me. She seems like a pretty all right boss to work with, too. Then I found out they are actually making a visual novel out of Shokomeza: http://www.minatosoft.com/koya/ And I am kind of excited! The art looks great, and I think they have retained the cast from the anime. I am going to check out the trial version later, and hey, I might even get the full game. So yeah, just wanted to see if anyone else here has been following both series. I would love to hear some general thoughts about them. Thank you !
  15. Thank you! But I think there are plenty of great English titles like An Octave Higher, which to me is criminally underrated.
  16. Only just realized this thread exists. I have to say myself that I don't think Bermuda deserves to be on there. It is an older title that I made a lot of management mistakes with. If my newer titles are ever deemed worthy, I am honored, but I think there are more deserving titles than Bermuda.
  17. Thanks for all the replies! A lot of titles to possibly look up. What about Princess Evangeline? That would be a recent title that seems to feature plenty of romance and can be purchased on platforms like Steam. Anyone played it and got some thoughts to share?
  18. Thanks for the replies! Yeah, I guess romance can be tough to define. If I think a game has next to no story, but I am sticking around because I want to see a and b do cute things and get together, that would be a good romance for me. Hope to see more recommendations!
  19. Hello ! I want to ask for recommendations on games with the best romance routes. Not the best sex ! As in routes that are the most romantic, or well written heroines in general. In this case, I am not looking for something with a deep story. I want to find more traditional dating sims where the focus is on the girl you are pursuing. This is a dated example, but my favorite right now would have to be Kawana Misaki from ONE ~To the Radiant Season~. Thank you!
  20. Hello there . I have been playing Kara No Shoujo and just got my first bad ending. If I want to focus on enjoying the main story and not stress about collecting the h scenes too much, is it reasonable to go through just the true ending choices right away? As in, will this branch make less sense unless I have explored all the other paths first? Even after asking this, I might still end up going through all the routes anyway, because the game is really great so far . Thank you!
  21. Thank you so much for your support and thoughts everyone! I really appreciate it . Everyone has been really kind to this project so far, and the biggest feedback up to this point is the lack of aracdey gameplay in this sequel. I did a quick write up on it explaining my thoughts in the link below. If you are cool with giving it a quick read, that would be really awesome: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/updates/602187066 Thank you everyone!
  22. Four years after the Motherworm’s death, a masked AI known as Program X is threatening to throw cyberspace back into chaos. With virus numbers back on the rise, the unhacker decides to open Smash Security once more. This time, a new AI named Neonya is there to battle by his side. Victory should be guaranteed with a superior AI like Neonya, but with signs of malfunction showing, the risk of her going rogue is ever present. She merely wishes to be accepted as her company’s official AI, yet the unhacker finds himself unable to crown her. After all, doing so will mean dethroning his former companions, the ones he still thinks about to this day. But there is one thing that terrifies the unhacker above all else—why do Program X and her minions look so much like friends from a distant past? Hello people! I still remember sharing Unhack 1 with everyone here back when Fuwanovel was new. Some of the folks from back then are now my closest mates on social media. You know who you are. Thank you for always supporting me through the years. A few months after I closed off Unhack 1, the idea for this second game had in fact already crossed my mind. I held off on production to avoid sequelitis, and to tell the truth, I wanted to keep people waiting for a bit as well. I feel like now is a good time to at last unveil this project. Unhack 2 will have no gameplay like the first title did. I tried so many times to blend story with gameplay, and despite my best effort, the results were only average. Some of you who are kindly following me already know I am moving away from gameplay in general. With that said, Unhack 2 will feature password puzzles that will at times require players to break out of the 4th wall. For instance, there might be a passcode hidden on Unhack 2's webpage. These puzzles can be skipped for those who prefer to focus on the narrative. Here is the game's website: http://unhack2.invertmouse.com There is a demo build available, so please feel free to have a look: And as always, I could use your support on Steam Greenlight: Thank you so much everyone!
  23. Awesome Clephas! Yeah, I have the first two games somewhere in my house as well XD. Cool, I hope we can see Getsuya's collection sometime! I have a thing or the old stuff with the packaging turning yellow etc .
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