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  1. Hi there everyone. A few of you may have heard that my dad has passed away this Monday from cardiac arrest. Never before have I felt so broken. It's like there's a hole in my heart that would never heal again. But after close to a week, I felt the healing process taking place. I can now smile again, and I no longer break into tears at random. When I reflect, my dad's passing has helped me grow so much in the span of three to five days. It's not at all worth the exchange, but now I hold Mum's hand a lot more, and the whole family is closer from the incident. My mind seems to have pushed all of Dad's flaws aside, so now he's turned into some kind of deity who I can always count on to watch over me. I've never been spiritual, but maybe it's all I have now to keep me sane. But as the title suggests, my dad's funeral is on this afternoon, and I'm so nervous about it. I haven't seen Dad's face since I left the hospital on Monday, and after the cremation ceremony tomorrow, I'll never get to see him again. Really scared to guess how I'll respond when I see him today. My wounds have at last begun to heal, but the funeral might tear those stitches open again, which is so tough to bear. I feel terrible for worrying about myself at a time like this, but I must own up to what's going through my mind. For now, I'm telling myself that the funeral should be a celebration of my dad's legacy, but once those doors open, my narrative will probably fly out the window. So yes, if anyone has any advice for me, I'd appreciate that so much. I'm up typing this at 3am because I really can't sleep, so maybe I'm a bit desperate. Of course, I'd be thankful for any good wishes you have for my dad as well. Just a lot of selfishness and confusion on my part. Thank you so much everyone.
  2. I was just about to ask if this one is worth picking up. Pretty sure I will after seeing this review. Thank you Kaguya !
  3. Nice, thanks for the info . For me, hearing a game is on the short side actually increases my interest for it. It means it won't be filled with padding, and I only sneak in gaming hours whenever I can, so I like to have titles that I know I have a good chance of finishing. Thanks for your review as well WinterfuryZX. 15 hours is fine with me, though the fragmented story points are always a bit scary. Happy to maybe give it a go though.
  4. Pretty tempted to pick this one up on the Vita man. Anyone else getting the game, or has already started and has thoughts to share ?
  5. Hi there . So I finished Fire Emblem Conquest this morning, and for a while there, I thought I wasn't going to make it. There are no sidequests that you can repeat and grind on, so if your units are underleveled, or you lose too many of your characters along the way, you can get pretty screwed over. Of course, if you buy the DLCs, that's an entirely different story. Now you have extra chapters to level up in, more opportunities to earn more gold, etc. When I got stuck during one of the final chapters in Conquest, I was tempted to buy the DLCs for that purpose, but then I thought, does that count as cheating? Surely not, because I am not using any cheat codes, or abusing any glitch in the system, right? When a game features DLC, I always have a nagging fear that the creators will design the game so you will be tempted to pick on those add-ons in order to beat the game. When I struggle or lose, I start to make excuses, saying oh yeah that's just because they want me to buy DLC. A lot of mobile games make me feel that way. Preordered games are another thing as well. If you preorder the game, you get extra cash, an exclusive gun, and things of that sort. I do preorder games on rare occasions, and when I do, I usually avoid using those exclusives unless I am on a second playthrough. Start with more of a pure run, that sort of thing. What are everyone's thoughts on this? Thank you .
  6. Ever17, Narcissu Side2nd and Kawana Misaki's route in ONE ~To the Radiant Season~ for me .
  7. Wow, I remember Lamune ! Like Toranth said, it has such a nice osananajimi pairing, and you know, at that age, I really bought into it. That innocence mixed with a bit of immaturity. I feel embarrassed now that I think back, but we all deserve to be a youth at some stage. Nanami will always be all right in my books. Never knew they were making Lamune 2 now! Anyway, the link says "this page is not available in your area." I imagine this is a noob problem for you guys, but a noob is exactly what I am, so can anyone give me some pointers? Thank you !
  8. I typed a really long response to this, but I ended up deleting all of it, and the only thing left is this face:
  9. Hi everyone ! I will be attending a few cons in the upcoming months and I am looking forward to them. Often in cons, I would buy works from local artists to show some support. Many of these are fanart, but in cons, this is accepted, right? Comiket would be the biggest example of them all. I heard that a while back, some Touhou fan game project that was going onto Indiegogo got shutdown, and it makes me wonder, when is it okay, and when is it not? Are there any solid rules around this topic? Sometimes, it feels like fan works are okay as long as they never grow too big. Once they make too much money, then it becomes a problem, or something like that. It often isn't about the money either, since that Metroid fan game got shutdown recently, and that was free. Is it because the style is too similar to the original game? I have seen doujin Madoka Magica games solid in stores while I was wandering Akihabara many years ago. If Japan can be known to be strict with this stuff, how come these works are being sold in their own country of all places? Does anyone have any insight on this matter they can share? It feels like such a mystery to me. To be honest, there is a fan story that I have been wanting to produce into a short game, but all of these possible concerns really make me hesitate, which is why I would like to become more knowledgeable in this area. Thank you !
  10. I used an incense and an Eevee showed up in ma house
  11. Now here's the plan; we're gonna head down to the forest. Time to collect, some Pokemon ...
  12. http://store.steampowered.com/app/464080/ I have a thing for these "travel novel" type games so I bought it. Heard it is quite short as well, which suits my lifestyle. Seems like a pretty stealth release so just want to share it here in case anyone else is interested .
  13. Thanks for sharing these thoughts everyone. A lot of interesting ideas on here !
  14. Thanks for the replies! Dergonu, yeah, I actually want to play Grisaia really badly. The premise seems refreshing, and I am a sucker for pretty pictures like anyone else, but all it takes is for one person out there to say a game has fluff scenes, and I want out . Deep Blue, Narcissu Side 2nd is not just one of my favorites, but my very favorite visual novel of all time! It lasted for around six hours with my reading speed. Oh yeah, that's another thing I forgot to mention. I'm a slow ass reader man. See, I like to read the lines and imagine being in the scene, which really slows things down. Sometimes I skim read when I know a game is long, but then I just end up not enjoying the journey, even if I do ultimately complete the read. By the way, thank you so much for keeping that Vinty emoticon around. I treat it as a massive honor and never take it for granted .
  15. I mean length in visual novels and games come on guys . But really, I often hear people say they will not give so and so game (and VNs, but I might just use the word game for the rest of this topic) a chance because it is under x hours long. Some will even immediately dismiss the shorter titles as garbage, so I want to see if I can ask for some opinions on this. Earlier today, I received my physical copy of Clannad from that kickstarter last year! Us Aussies here got a bit of a delay, but that's all good. I was stoked at first, but then I thought, it's a 50 hour game mate, as if you'll ever be able to finish it, and then I got sad . Maybe I'm becoming a grumpy and impatient old fart. When I hear a AAA title is 50 hours long, I just think okay, so how much padding is inside? In the case of a VN, it'll be hours upon hours of scenes that might've been taken out in a different medium. I seem to lose patience so quickly, which is on me, but then again, I played through shorter games like Ame no Marginal recently, and I enjoyed them just fine. Many of them were more memorable than the longer ones I tried to slog through. I sound like such a hipster but these are my honest thoughts . In the end, I guess we all just have different requirements. Back in college ten years ago, I went through Ever17 just fine, and that was a 50 hour game. I completed FF X, too, but it'll take me years to do the same thing again now. It's not like either preference is superior, and in fact, after writing this, I think I'll give those longer games another shot. I have Clannad with me right here so why not ? Thanks everyone .
  16. Yeah, with those stats from SteamSpy, I think they include keys from bundles, so the numbers can be misleading. Money wise, my newer titles are performing way better than Bermuda. I did a horrendous job of managing Bermuda. It deserves the bad reviews and does not deserve to be on that list :(. As for Kickstarter, I am not all that smart with money, but I have done a few back when it was a newer thing for visual novels. When you take the physical printing and shipping costs into account, your finance can quickly spiral into a disaster, even if things feel great at first.
  17. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=672932660 (how come the surprise emotion looks kind of sad here XD)!
  18. http://store.steampowered.com/app/251270/ See you at the party ...
  19. One of the games I am looking forward to most this year
  20. Looks like this just came out on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/435360 I don't actually know anything about the title. Seems like a fairly quiet release. It's been on my wishlist for a while, though. I stalked the community board for this game, and I hear there are other parts of this VN available. Does anyone know the details? Is it a standalone story, or do I need to read something else first? Thanks!
  21. Yeah, click bait topic title, whatever. Enough is enough. After this post, I am never coming back here again, so you can make hate posts all you want. Seriously, all I see is hate for the Sakura series. Why? Because it's popular? Or because you think they're milking the series? Well, that's subjective, so we can argue about it all day long and never come to a conclusion. The Sakura series is still a piece of creative art, and we need to at least show it that much respect. All right, I will just come right out and say it. The Sakura series actually introduced me to the visual novel genre. It will always have a special place in my heart, yet you all just keep sh*ting on it. Every damn post guys. It makes me so , and I have been trying to hold it in, but I can't contain it anymore. Screw this. I am going to post one final picture here, then maybe some of you will actually have a change of heart and realize the Sakura series in fact deserves a lot of respect:
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