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  1. Thanks for the responses everyone! I had failed to mention Fata Morgana, 999 and Ever17 but yes, I have actually played those games as well .
  2. The Last Birdling: How to handle perspective shifts

    Thank you Zakamutt ! For writing, as long as I am judged by gamers with a neutral mind and not written off based on where I am from or hype level, I can live with whatever. Everyone has different styles and tastes man. Kills me how art isn't like sports where there are stats no one can argue against.
  3. The Last Birdling: How to handle perspective shifts

    Yeah, that's fair . I thought about not sharing those because I had the same thought. With Unhack 2, I showed next to nothing because most of that game contains heavy spoilers. This made promotion difficult, so with The Last Birdling, I hope to toe the line more. If I end up crossing it, I will then take that feedback and adjust accordingly in the future. Thanks!
  4. The Last Birdling: How to handle perspective shifts

    Thank you Narcosis! Yeah, just simple color changes, yet that alone has brought about so many complications in terms of code. Really appreciate your comment .
  5. The Last Birdling: How to handle perspective shifts

    Thank you Mr Poltroon. I tried to beat you to it but looks like I lost by a bit .
  6. Hi there . I am a fan of the Mass Effect trilogy, so I very much looked forward to this new game. After all the memes and comments about its awful writing, my hype died down a lot. By the time this game came out, I thought, all right, if it sucks, I'll just rush through it and hop onto Persona 5. Fortunately for me, I'm enjoying Andromeda so far. Were the animations and giltches always this bad? I can't quite recall. Yeah, sometimes my squadmates get left behind and teleport in front of me. I can live with that, though. Story wise, I find the trilogy had grit, while Andromeda is more youthful. Different, but again, that's fine. I've heard concerns about the politics and agendas that may be spoon fed into this game. My radar was on alert, but I haven't sensed anything so far. Maybe I'm just not knowledgeable enough in this area. People say the spectacle of the original is absent in this new game. That could well be the case. The Citadel was so memorable, after all. Thing is, several hubs in Andromeda are huge as well. In terms of density, there are still areas where a random pedestrian will have tons of dialogue you can eavesdrop on. The scale feels the same, and I haven't picked up on any signs of laziness. Is it because we've experienced it once already, so we need more? Maybe Andromeda didn't take things to new heights, and that's the problem. The story seems all right so far. Nothing that will set new trends, just safe. Some mysteries here and there, the occasion humor and emotion. Doesn't seem that different from the trilogy. Though the original had a lot at stake plot wise, I went into Andromeda with a light-hearted attitude, and that made it all right. All of this leads me to worry and think, do I have weird, or even bad tastes ? I like to think my preferences are pretty ordinary. With the glitches, that will depend on everyone's tolerance. The mixed opinions on the story is what confuses me. Then again, I love this anime season's Gabriel Dropout, and after reading comments from people who loathe the show, I realize there is no pleasing everybody . Are opinions on Andromeda mixed, or are they negative? They seem to sway toward the negative, so I'm pretty confused. Has anyone else been playing this? I'd love to hear some opinions. Thank you !
  7. Man, such a click-baity title . As some of you know, I released Unhack 2 recently. People who gave the game a chance mostly enjoyed it, but I had a hard time with discoverability. I hate shameless plugs, and I wanted to do the show-don't-tell thing, so maybe I was naive. Currently, I am working on The Last Birdling. I pour my life into these games (the earliest ones embarrassingly bad), so I don't want to pretend they're just for fun anymore. Still, I don't want to cross the line. Different forums have different rules, after all. The Fuwanovel forums are pretty kind and generous in terms of guidelines. Can I throw a couple of questions out and see what you think? 1) If we have a new project to announce, should we restrict it to the Original VN Projects section, or can we post about it on Visual Novels Discussion? Is it a case where if it is a Western VN, it can only sit in the Original VN Projects section? Big Japanese releases clearly are allowed in Visual Novels Discussion. I am happy to follow the rules if everybody else does the same, but yeah, I would like to know what the situation is. 2) Do we have issues with creators plugging projects as their very first post on these forums? There are places where that will constitute an instant warning or even ban. Actually, I guess this one doesn't apply in my case since I've loitered here for a while now. 3) I want to write up some articles related to my upcoming games, which also links to bigger discussions. Is it okay with you guys if I shared them on this board? Hopefully I'll come up with something worthwhile (while sneakily talking about myself which shames me so much) along the way. Thank you so much for allowing me to be honest guys. Hopefully you won't find this annoying. I've cared deeply about my work for many years and really want my situation to improve .
  8. What counts as shameless promotion?

    Thank you so much everyone ! I deeply wanted to be judged based on skill (some will hate my work and that's fine), but maybe I was too green and didn't understand how the world actually works.
  9. What counts as shameless promotion?

    Thanks fun2novel . I reckon I will give the Fuwa blog thing a look. Yeah, I love reading about behind the scenes stuff as well. Thank you so much shcboomer! You know I have appreciated you since day one .
  10. Mine would be Himeko and Yuka from Narcissu Side 2nd and also Kawana Misaki from ONE ~To the Radiant Season~ .
  11. The Last Birdling (InvertMouse's 5th year project)

    Hi Nier! Thank you for your question . The Last Birdling will not have a kickstarter campaign. The community has supported my previous projects, and thanks to them, I am able to fund recent games on my own. I noticed on other threads you like to support English VNs, so I very much appreciate that! But yeah, though Kickstarter can be a good promotion tool, I cannot undermine what the community has done for me in the past five years.
  12. Really enjoyed fragment note 1+2

    I tried reading the first one a few years back but didn't get too far into it. After seeing this thread, I might give it another shot. I like the idea of laying on my bed while reading a VN on my iPad .
  13. Atelier Games Thread

    Thanks Fred! Cool, maybe we will see if His Saltiness has anything to add .
  14. Atelier Games Thread

    I tried Rorona quite a few years ago on the Vita. Once in a while, I am in the mood to just chill even if I know the game loop is kind of samey, and everything feels like a sidequest. The mellowness did bore me after a while, and I ended up not finishing the game. That said, every time a new title is released, I feel drawn just because of how pretty everything looks . Is the Atelier series one of those cases where you play one, you've played them all? Do they have to be played in any particular order? If not, what would be regarded as the best one so far? If there is one that has more of a story that would be cool. I am keen to give it another go, though often I just end up quitting way too fast. Thanks .
  15. The Last Birdling (InvertMouse's 5th year project)

    Thank you so much Emi! Yeah, time flies by so fast
  16. Mass Effect Andromeda - Ready for judgment (TuT)

    Thanks for the responses ! I guess opinions are pretty divided. Not too far into the game yet, so it'll be interesting to see if I start spotting this flaws. I hear the game is already on discount, so I guess the sales numbers are poor? Will be interesting to observe what happens to the franchise and Bioware in general after this. Is this a situation where there is a lot of backlash, but they make a profit regardless, or will this put them in trouble? At least with my local store, I noticed after the memes appeared, the collector's edition appeared on the store page again, which probably meant cancelled preorders .
  17. The Last Birdling (InvertMouse's 5th year project)

    Thank you fun2novel! Story wise, there is a demo available on the page, so please feel free to have a look. Yeah, I am pretty fortunate. When people find joy in my games, that is a delight to me as well. Thank you XReaper !
  18. Birthday thread

    Thank you Mr Poltroon !
  19. Narcissu:Sumire

    Hi there . I just read through Narcissu:Sumire and want to gush about it for a bit. If you've never liked the series, this one won't change your mind, but if you enjoyed the first two games, I very much recommend this one. I didn't dig the more recent installments too much, but I feel Sumire brings back the "real Narcissu". Narcissu Side2nd is still my favorite, but hey, that one is hard to top in my heart. Sumire contains the "usual Narcissu shenanigans", which is perfect in my books. If you've read Ame No Marginal, one of the subplots (I guess) in Sumire might ring some bells. A bit of a fantasy touch. I will avoid spoilers here, though. Narcissu:Sumire features two parallel stories, and you can read them in whichever order you choose. I've indulged in every word of Narcissu available, so I like to think I know the author's techniques quite well. Still, the ending chapters in Sumire got me pretty good. I'm glad I spent the 4-5 hours reading it (I'm slow), and this one will stick with me for a fair while. If you've played the game, hopefully you can share your thoughts here as well. Thank you!
  20. Winter 2017 Anime Discussion

    Just hopping on real quick to say I love me some Satania .
  21. What are some of your Favorite Kinetic VN's?

    Naricssu easily. It's my first VN, and the reason I still love this genre :).
  22. Hi everyone . Thank you for helping me cope with my dad's funeral earlier. About a month has passed since his death. I am back at work and things are generally okay. Our family stuck together during Christmas and had a great time, though there is a sadness in the background because we all know someone is missing. Work helped to distract me from these thoughts, but I felt sad again during the Christmas break. Still a bit up and down. We have been given a recording of my dad's cremation ceremony. Turned out I didn't have to press that button to send him into the fire. I actually wanted to, but they closed the curtains after the ceremony ended, and I never got to see the casket again. Next time I dropped by, they handed me the urn with my dad's ashes in it. I guess they believe it's too cruel to make loved ones press that button. No one in my family wants anything to do with that video, but I copied the file onto my laptop, and I'd click through it once in a while. I'm not sure if that's healthy, but I can't help it. It's not like I watch it 24 hours a day. Maybe a skim once every week or two. The video doesn't make me sad, but just kind of empty. Another confession is, I regret not taking a photo of my dad in his casket. The casket is closed the whole time during that video, so I'll never again get to see him in his final state. I know it'd be so inappropriate to take a picture during a funeral, but I got to spend some time alone with his body in the hospital, so I could've done it then, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. If I had taken a photo, I'd open my phone once in a while to stare longingly at a picture of a dead guy. Not sure if that's messed up. I admit sometimes I open his photos on my laptop, and I touch my screen as if I can somehow remember what it feels like to touch him. A lot of things that might seem cringe worthy, but I can't deny I'm doing them. I put all the old videos of my dad into a folder as well. When he first died, I watched through all the clips almost right away, yet now, even though I feel like I've recovered, I can't bring myself to click on those videos. Somehow, I can watch that film of him in a casket, but not ones where he's still alive and moving. If I hear his voice again, I'll mistakenly think he's come back to life, and that will just hurt far too much. I had a dream about my dad recently. It's Chinese New Year, and my relatives came into the house to spend time with us. My dad followed them in when I opened the door. I freaked out, but no one else seemed to notice his presence. He was all smiles and well dressed. Since he spent his final years quite ill, I had not seem him this happy in a long time. When our eyes met, he gave me a winking, "don't tell anyone" sort of look. After that, he didn't look my way again, and he didn't say a word throughout. Instead, he just looked around the house, acting excited, a bit childlike. I woke up straight after that. The Chinese people believe spirits can communicate with us through dreams. I have no idea if that's real, but the dream brightened my day. Chinese New Year is coming in a few weeks, and our family agreed that when our relatives visit, we will leave the door open for an extra second or two. Thank you everyone .
  23. Unhack 2

    Hi everyone! I want to let you know that Unhack 2 is finally out: http://store.steampowered.com/app/444170 Unhack 2 turned out to be the most challenging project I have ever produced. I ran into production issues that caused delay after delay. Several of them were my fault, but I learned a lot from them and will carry these lessons forward. The game has mixed reviews so far, so we will see if it turns out to be well or poorly received. Thank you !
  24. Hi there. Hope everyone had a nice Christmas . I played through Final Fantasy 8 a decade ago when I was a kid. Back then, I didn't know the enemies' levels scale with yours, so I leveled up to 99 thinking I was hot stuff. People say in that game, leveling makes the battles difficult, as the enemies' stats go up faster than yours. I never noticed it, because I looked up a guide and got most of the best gear, and I even defeated Omega Weapon. These days, and I prefer to enjoy games without studying guides. I've been replaying FF8 because I found out about the level scaling, and I want to play a game that doesn't demand level grinds. Some say the system's flawed, and perhaps it is, but at least it intrigued me enough to make me purchase the game again on Steam. Plenty of people hate grinding, but level scaling often comes with its own issues. It makes me think, why not remove the leveling concept entirely? Now I won't avoid random encounters, and when I die, I won't have any excuses about not being on a high enough level. What are everyone's thoughts on this? And if you've played FF8, I'll be happy to read your opinion on that game's system, too. Some people pick FF8 as their favorite in the series, and I've seen them get ridiculed online. Gamers have strong feelings about this one, so I want to know all about it. Thank you .