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  1. I just finished Momoyo's route and wanted to ask, how s the situation with Majikoi S and A? any movement or are the projects dead?
  2. Well, for now im just making sure that it works fine after installing it, ill start playing later or maybe tomorrow, first i have work , i want to start with Momoyo's route, it looks like the strong onee-san type of character, my favorite
  3. Im starting Majikoi and from the tutorial and the end game dialogs it already looks awesome, this gonna be good
  4. Just finished "Mysterious Girl" route in Hoshizora, i made all the previous routes without a rest during last week so i really need to rest before start Mare's. In the meantime im gonna play Majikoi
  5. Great, now im hungry Whoa, never watched this one, really good, added to favorites
  6. Just finished "Mysterious girl" route in Hoshimemo, the feels, the anxiety, i wanted to read half now and half tomorrow but i just couldnt stop reading, in my opinion the most captivating route in the vn (tough im yet to play Mare's route) PD: Dont know if plot holes or just me not understanding but a couple of things seemed strange, im sleep deprived so probably the second ----- Great Editing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jn65ztIiBpk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SaOJyhf94K4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sWmM5fi
  7. Finally ended Chinami's route in Hoshimemo, it looked a bit rushed and i didnt liked it but at least i know more about the MC's background (and the other routes till now were awesome)
  8. Thanks for making my day Some people are pretty stubborn and the problem comes when this people its your boss and still lives in 1999, i know that pain, thanks good that im working alone right now
  9. I try to never play partial patches because i can imagine how painful it can be, actually Majikoi its gonna be my first partial and only thanks to some routes being already translated, im the kind who keeps thinking about a same story for weeks, so i need to know how it ends or i end up mad for like a month Im joking i didnt thought it was that bad of a word, i dont know how strong some words are because as you probably already noticed for my level, english its not my natal language
  10. Noob, the longest edit in the history of Vns belongs to FH Ataraxia, i check the TLs forum everyday, its even in the suggestions of my browser
  11. Think about it, Twins, twintail, tsundere, honour student (i dont remember that much from lucky star so maybe im wrong)
  12. Am i the only one who thinks that these two are alike? Tell me the date and the place
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