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  1. Agree with solidbatman, doesn't matter where you start, there's no real connection between them, the battle system is different and the graphics are psone for Xenogears and ps2 for Xenosaga, about the quality drop in the second part of Xenogears is right, apparently they got out of money, so they had to cut a lot of story and is almost entirely cinematics for disc two, the only compensation for that that I could find is the Xenogears Perfect Works artbook, that explains all the story settings that remained unlocked, and if you want to go for Xenosaga there is some info about the universe, some history about the zohar, and things that you could actually relate to Xenosaga, but just for enrichment on the story beyond the plot.
  2. Somehow I understand that feeling, initially I played Xenosaga ep I and long time after that I started Xenogears, the first impressions are really different although Tetsuya Takahashi worked on both of 'em, but beyond the fact that the two stories take place in the same universe, the settings don't let them be connected. The only real thing that appears in the two is the Zohar, but in Xenogears it appears almost at the end. Anyway, considering that you can't take Xenogears and Xenosaga as the same, still the two of them are worth a shot.
  3. I got a bit obsessed about this game when I finished playing it some time ago and now that my next goal is to begin the Xenosaga trilogy my interest in Xenogears was reborn, so I decided to begin a topic about this, some people think that it's not only better than any of the FF games, but is maybe the best game of Square (Soft/Enix) ever, even above titles like Chrono Trigger. I`m not sure about those bold affirmations, but Xenogears is really a great game and some would say an incomplete artwork, so I would like to hear the opinions about this of you people :3
  4. Yeah, I want a PS3 too..... Haven't played the persona games, you see, I'm the kind of person that likes to begin from well, the beginning, so I started from the oldest scenario of the Shin Megami Tensei games, I've played Raidou Kuzunoha vs the soulless army and was playing Raidou vs king abaddon but I got a problem with my ps2 so it had to be delayed ¬¬ but of course the persona games are in my must play list :3
  5. Mmmm.... when someone thinks about doujin games surely the think about touhou, but there's really tons of doujin games out there, the problem is almost all of them are in japanese only, surely, there are some translated games but.... I don't know, since this is a place for translated projects mostly there will be few material, but it could give some impulse on translating works of the doujin scheme..... you could do a poll about this, but for me it's a yay~!!! X3 I'll begin with the VN's since it's shorter X3 Saya no Uta, Soul Link, Shuffle! G-senjou no Maou, Brave Soul, Katawa Shoujo, Baldr Force (maybe..) and the Arc's arc of Tsukihime.... Yeah.. not the great list, but I'm working on that. As for games, let's say I've had an Atari, NES, N64, PS2 and PSP, so the most common games of NES and N64 and for PS2 mostly RPG's, like Ookami, FMA 3 games, Dot Hack, Disgaea 1 & 2, Soul Nomad, , various fighting games and others, I'm planning on playing Xenosaga since I found an undubbed version of it, but the list is a bit long to put them all.... :3 G-senjou was pretty good, but I found a little problem with it, the main route was so good that the other routes felt a bit simple, mostly because I finished the main route first without knowing that..¬¬ besides that the art and music are really good, for me it was an overall 8As for games.... they still remains as simple ideas.... actually I'm working to buy a new computer because my old relic is too... well, old, it has a little stamp with "designed for windows '98" in it, so you can guess... after that I will begin to work on them and of course I'll be sharing them to know what you think about 'em ^^
  6. Thanks for all the warm replies ^^ Haven't read that much so far....-.- mostly for time issues but if I have to choose one I'd say.... that's too difficult a task for me :3 Between my favorites are Saya no Uta, Brave Soul and G-senjou no Maou but they're from different genres as you can see. As far as I remember it was Soul Link, pretty good, at least for the first part with Shuuhei, then.... Let's see...... the first that comes to mind is Katawa Shoujo. It was pretty good and I liked it, but not to the extent of all the fanboys out there, the main reason it impacted me was because like many other people I aspire to make my own VN and games, mostly games but I have to begin with something a bit more simple than actual movility in a game, so that's why i want to make a VN, the point here is that I found Katawa Shoujo some years ago searching for tools to create VN's, then I found about Ren'py and you can guess the rest :3 So it motivated me to continue this path since seeing the good results that KS brought along. The second one would be Fate/SN, again for some more technical issues, in this case the complexity of the flow of the history, I'm a bit maniac of the games so I wanted to read all the endings, including all the bad ends, but in a VN like that it's pretty hard, so yeah, I used a Flowchart... the one from MirrorMoon translations..... but it shows the real complexity your stories can get in the VN format. Now, if you expected a more normal response here it is XD Saya no Uta, well, good ol' Urobuchi and G-senjou no Maou, it has great music, the art is good at the main story is really, really entertaining. Finally again, thanks to all and I'll be around here~!!
  7. Really a controversial topic we have here... in my case i will say yes and no, there are absolutely VN's where the h-scenes really have a purpose and enrichens the plot like in the case of Saya no Uta like some already said, there's the case of Baldr Force too, personally I played first the ps2 version, it was pretty good and the gameplay is entertaining too, but my point lies here... there are several points in the history where this guy that insane is the only word that comes to my mind right now to describe him rapes almost each of the girls ijn their respective arc's, but in the ps2 version of course all the h-material was removed, so in the final, having compared the ps2 and the pc versions lacked some... impact because of this. Don't get me wrong, i'm not into that kind of thing, the rape scenes aren't really my type, but in this case those scenes really more than getting you excited, makes you want to kill this guy and in the ps2 version when he appears it's not that significative like in the other version. Now, parting from here we have the difference between versions, normally the console versions get the 18+ material removed but they get a "bonus", something like if they had to compensate that they removed the h-scenes, OK, normally of course they're newer versions so some adds are to be expected but it really feels like "Well, we'll take this so have this instead...". Of course all that isn't a hot cake with ice cream, honey and all kinds of sweets above it... There are times that absolutely is not only not necessary but breaks all the atmosphere and makes you feel like "How the hell did we got here?", taking away what was a plot away, at least for a moment until you release ctrl.... Anyway, that's my humble opinion...:3
  8. Just passing here to introduce myself :3 Wolfscythe is the nick and I'm an "otaku", gamer, visual novel reader and some things more, been playing games since i have memory and VN's since.... 2007.... maybe... don't remember well.... ¬¬ Anyway, it's good to have a place like this so.... yoroshiku onegaishimasu!
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