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  1. If you're going to upload it to fuwan you should check also the compatibility of the patch, i'm having issues to install it with the version of Umineko from currently downloading from another site to check if it works.....
  2. The posts here are quite long to quote them all, so i'll just try to put my thoughts as clearly as possible. Starting with the topic, yes, we're getting noticed, well, that's half true, the ones getting noticed are the translation teams, for example, like Down said, there is the tl team of Umineko being supported by the author (though it's the first time i hear about it, it seems plausible) and there are other cases like the one with Black Lilith, e-mailing the tl group to tell them to cease their activities, and that is the most common way of thinking that the vn companies have... and as vn readers, nope, we don't get noticed, mostly because it's not profitable for them, and that's again, just from their point of view, from the common point of view of the globalized marketing. Now, about the otaku community in japan, first, the word otaku is usually used to describe someone who likes japanese things like anime and manga outside japan, but in there it refers to someone with some kind obsession, being some of them the "densha otaku" or the "gunjin otaku" and since the japanese live in a society with a pretty narrow mind they tend to be discriminated. I've heard from some japanese people that actually almost everyone there watches One Piece, being child or housewives, but that is an aislated cases, from a research, it has been estimated that around 70% of the population from japan had read some manga, but that's only for manga, both the anime and VN industries are another thing, the two have become competitive markets, but unlike the usual that is this becoming in more quality contents for the fans due to the fact that those are growing industries trying to get sales, it has become a market where people choose the "safe shots" to keep the sales, becoming this in a decrease of quality. It's not like there aren't good animes or VN's, but a vast majority are of lower quality from those we were getting on past years. Mmm... i think it's mostly what i have to say..... being at that just want to say, watch Welcome to the NHK! or read the LN's.....
  3. This is what i could find.... http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://visualnovelaer.wordpress.com/ http://web.archive.org/web/20121206070520/http://visualnovelaer.wordpress.com/
  4. Yep, that's pretty much the case, but as Steve said: The thing is that, don't know if those VN's came out with or without censoring, like in the case of School Days with the Kokoro H-CG's (haven't played them yet...) but if that kind of material is illegal in the country you're going to distribute, well, at least you leave that matter clear to your audience, something like Hirameki, if you bought something from them you knew that all the H-CG wouldn't be there because their localizations were like that. And that is the position JAST USA is in, with their customers don't knowing what to expect from them. In another point, I agree with Steve in this: Some days ago found a topic here where they were arguing about the quality of fan-translations (sorry, can't find the topic) but it's something like that, when you read a fan-translation you know it's a fan-made and you expect some kind of quality, and it's different from the quality that a company can offer, not that the fan-tl are bad (of course it depends on the translator(s)), but you know it's made from a fan that likes to do that and isn't putting his/her job in the line for the quality of the work they give. So, going on, in this specific case where we're talking about a company, it's weird that they apply different criteria for the games, in other words, again Kazoku Keikaku VS the other titles with loli-type chars. And well, that's in the regard of the lolis, there is another game that is said to contain bestiality which is also illegal in the States, the title is Starless and here is the JAST USA forums link, but my question is, why they pick this kind of games when they know that it's contents must be censored? and that when they release them they will get hordes of mad fans claiming that they "ripped off" the original work? I'm not really raging against JAST, but as a VN reader this kind of things worries me, that's all, so I'd like that they had a firmer posture in the way they do this things.
  5. Don't worry I think i get it... maybe.....anyway, thanks for the reply, i'll stick with the Cornelius example.
  6. Hehe, well... i'm no good trying to explain things but i'll try to. Basically JAST released this title claiming that it would be a fully uncensored version, BUT for exactly the Matsuri route, they not only kept that word, but photoshopped some of the cg. This was the argument that began the discussion and the response from the CEO of JAST USA was this: So, in that time the discussion arised with people blaming JAST for "ripping off" this work and how JAST would manage some titles with stronger scenes like the ones from NITRO+ and others saying that it wasn't a great deal, that people were overreacting. I think that's it for a summary, personally i'm in a middle point, so that's why i wanted to hear others opinions and since Fuwan is a prosperous peaceful village we can discuss this, well, peacefully. And no Steve, don't see the Sankaku link if you don't want to spoil the CG's.
  7. Some time ago made a topic about censorship in japan (this), so the other day remembered that i readed some years ago about Kazoku Keikaku being censored by JAST USA, well, seeing the response about the first i wondered what the Fuwan community thinks about this case. I'm not good explaining things so here is the link to the JAST Forums and some pictures on Sankaku to be more illustrative and of course if someone has first hand experience it would be good to hear about it.
  8. 'sup!!!! Joining the greetings after a while not posting, not like i'm a really active user and i'm sure nobody noticed but anyway, good to have you here and since nobody seems to have asked, which was your first VN?
  9. Hey man!! I'm also a native spanish speaker, so if there's something i could do to help, just tell me, see ya around!!
  10. I see, that's what i found too, if i remember well there are patches for the first and second, but you have to patch the .hdi and stuff, anyway, thanks!!! See ya around!
  11. Aaeru-san, Aaeru-san!!! I have a doubt!!!I get the concept of the gift economy(or so I think..), but let's say, if someone releases a work for free, based in this "gift economy" but only accepts donations, even for their later works, how could i put it.... it has proved to be profitable?? Or is it really necessary to make something like "consumers" providing your material first and then selling your services?? If something of this is a misconception of the explanation above, please tell me so I can grasp it the right way and thanks for all this project you're going on with, you have all my support, even if the only thing i can do is being here.
  12. Hi!!!! welcome, welcome!! I'm a bit straight-forward, mostly because sometimes i don't have anything in mind to say (write in this case), so enough with th formalities. Yeah.. school can consume your time, and if your studying law, i can imagine how that can be... anyway, i really like the school days series(although i only have seen the anime and the ONA, oh, and the OVA's...), the way the story unfolds catched my attention, but a friend of mine spoiled me the end, so it was pretty... ummm.. i don't have the word.... let's say, normal... and i'm still wondering how i would have reacted if i haven't been spoiled.... but well, that is that, welcome!!!!!
  13. Hi!!!! so it's your first time in a forum, huh? as you have already noticed you got to the right place, everyone here is nice and warm and... other things.... Since you're a Touhou fan (or so it seems) I was wondering if you can resolve one doubt i have, for the first 5 Touhou's there are translations?? I was searching some time ago, but only could find for two or three of them (don't remember right now...), and if you wonder why the first five titles.... well, those are the only ones my relic from the 20th century runs...., anyway, leaving that aside, welcome!!!
  14. Hi, hi!!! let's get down to business... so you finished FS/N already.... and tsukihime.... i'm stuck in those two...., but will retake when i have the time, anyway, welcome!!! And good pic, it's Kino, right??(If not, i'm getting rusty...)
  15. Hi there!!! joining to the greetings!!! so Tsukihime, huh? pretty good start, as everyone says you'll find a nice community and good translated VN's here, so enjoy yourself!!!
  16. Woah, Ryoji-dono, it's such a pleasure to meet a person like yourself, now I know someone to ask about military stuff (if you don't mind of course), anyway, thanks for your efforts!!! And i don't have many ideas right now.... so... ummm.... you can actually be like Konata fighting Guile.... bad pun... sorry..... Anyway, it's a pleasure!!! (already said that, but i don't care...)
  17. Hi!!!! joining to the welcome messages!! I'm not really into B/L or otome, but haven't checked one before, so maybe will give it a try, as for Nitro+, I'm looking forward to read 'em, just have Saya no Uta so Far and tried the translated ver. of Demonbane but my 20th century relic is too old to run that version... ¬¬ that and my Japanese isn't good enough to go for the original works. Anyway, welcome!!!
  18. Welcome!!!!... i guess... I'm stucked at the second route of Fate too, work doesn't give too much time to read or for anything, but I'll find a way to make some time. You will find that there's some people around here that also works on their own projects, including myself!!! or so i would want to say, but in my case I have only ideas, nothing done... yet. Anyway, feel free to share what you got, at least I'll be willing to check it out
  19. Got a point there, time ago was looking for material on Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu and got in a forum discussing this series and the LN's where they originated, all people there thought about it like a good anime, but it's the case of a not so well known series, if you go to a discussion about something more popular you will get people arguing to each other about if it's crap or a masterpiece. Also I've seen people that enjoys watching anime but when they find something that dislikes them says it as it is, but doesn't goes over others for liking what they dislikes, and even liking good stories can't stand to read VN's because they're too long for them. As for the popularity in the future of VN's, we have disappearences of companies like Hirameki and some new ones like JAST, and things that appear to be immposible tasks for fan translators like in the Kimi Nozo case, so it is really uncertain. Of course there will be some rise, but who knows if will be enough to really have an impact on all this.
  20. Hohoo~ don't expected so many responses ^^ Anyway, going on with this, it's the same on all places, like satanizing japanese animation, if you watch anime then your childish and immature, because it's for children and then, you're a pervert because they're pornographic cartoons, what I'm trying to emphasize is not the fact that maybe we're really perverts XD (still I believe in all sexual related like a sane and natural part of the human being) but the fact that the two of the statements are contrary to each other, that's just to say the simplest example to see that they criticize without knowing anything about the topic. In a way, I think that people that really like these things and of course some of them got here, to this forum, is because of their own interest and liking to VN's, anime, etc. and not because they're self-claimed super otakus with the greatest like sense in the world and all that they don't like must be crap. What I've seen so far in my staying over here is that all are really nice to each other, not sure if that's because they don't know the other well enough to criticize each other, but that's my point here, all here are tolerant and try to see the others points of view before judge, in a way maybe VN' are the cure against intolerance(?) In the words of the legendary coach of Gunbuster Koichiro Ohta: "Think and then do. And then decide for yourself if it was interesting or not." or something like that.
  21. Thanks for the reply, following your link found this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lolicon http://en.wikipedia....graphy_in_Japan It seems they censor this contents because they find it obscene, just that. Also you're right, there can't be something like an international law, just deals between countries, like the free commerce treats, and the regional laws are the only ones that can apply to each case in particular. It appears that's what there is about this topic for the moment, but with stupid laws in line like PIPA and SOPA clones trying to be approved (that will never be approved because of the above stated), it can shake the waters of some countries to make their own laws (mostly stupid laws) on this matter, let's just hope that doesn't occur....
  22. This one is good, Metal Gear X Lupin the Third http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vg7RekS8k_o
  23. The other day I was reading a notice about a man who got arrested for having porn videos, but without a pixel censorship, and that apparently is illegal... so, my first reaction was "even that need to be censored?" so I was wondering what kind of laws they have over there about this matter. I know a bit about the recent law of this to anime, basically, then they could air series like mahoromatic with scenes where there are girls without clothes on the top, well, blatantly said, they could show their breasts and that would be considered as a 15+ series, but now they have to censor those scenes with the always mysterious lights, steam or other things... Now talking in the VN's ground, normally you see censorship in the h-scenes, but there are uncensored versions of some, my guess is that those were uncensored when they got translated by a company for distribution in another country or the like, but for certain I'm not sure, and there's Doujin too, you got to see all kinds of censorship in them, but the great majority are non-sense, like that little black line or some transparent gray squares, so my question goes for them too. I know that some scanlation groups edit the doujins to create "uncensored" versions, so don't know if some of this is their doing but I doubt it. Finally, with all my chit-chat i have to ask if there's any International law about this topic, maybe something against pedophilia or the like, but again I don't know anything about this. With all that said, I'll be really grateful if some of you people can solve some of my doubts and correct me if something of the above is wrong.
  24. I really want the Bladr series translated and for Final Approach I'm in too, the anime was pretty entertaining..... As for something like an ideal game... I think that as it was already stated, sometimes the routes and characters besides the main become to simple and doesn't really help the story to go further, so the story would have to consider this things, something like the story of BlazBlue, where there's a true ending, but every character has their own path and they're not there just to fill a space, for example, for a galge it would be something like having different characters to begin the story, with different personalities and with that you can get to various endings (and various girls), making it something like "you're not the only one that can save her.." to the average main male (with no personality) chars.
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