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  1. I reminds me to some, it can be Kasimasi, but that scene was in the day IIRC, maybe from Hayate no Gotoku! but the design of that was more childish so... i'll go with School Rumble though it's been a long time since i watched it.
  2. It's not an easy one, so a hint!! She's a pilot.
  3. The only SoL manga I have read and I can recommend is Karekano, I guess, a good read if you like Shoujo. The only manga that I'm reading actually is Hayate no Gotoku!, been following it since some years ago now.
  4. That's a weird error, have you tried to pass the scene with skip?
  5. I'll give you the point for OELVN, but even doujin works? There are a lot of doujin VN's with good quality, just to say some, Bluebird's Illusion of FMA for example. Actually I'm biased against fan works of other titles, but the quality of this one is really good. And if IIRC it was made by some students from a Chinese University. There are others like Omega no Shikai that even Ixrec acknowledges (Link). Another example is Tsukiakari no Raspberry by Tinklebell, that actually has a lot of good stuff. It even uses a system of sprites similar to the e-mote system (though I don't remeber if it's in this one). Even Tsukihime is considered a doujin work, since in those times TYPE-MOON wasn't properly stablished, that's why they wan't to do the remake (Damn you Nasu!! Put some effort in your other works!!). Well, all this is just considering that line, I don't actually know what your experience or your full opinion about doujin works is, maybe I went a bit far, if that's the case, sorry.
  6. Yay~ actually I haven't watched it yet, but that style... Well, here it goes!
  7. Think it's Le portrait de petit cossette.
  8. EDIT: Hehe, yep, thanks for the appointment pointing it out.... Note to myself, don't write something in english when you're in a hurry again, period.
  9. Yeah, it's weird how those get like that, trying to be more "japanese" and achieving exactly the opposite. It's more or less what happens with animation, when some western or japanese studio try to make something with the style of the other but they also want to give it a personal touch and the result is a low quality bastardization, that could be better if they had chosen just one style. Yeah, there are some projects that actually worked that way, but the vast majority turned out like that. But well, like you said, that leaves a lot of ground for improvement, they just need a bit of encouragement (and a lot of advice (and constructive critics)).
  10. It's been a while since I greeted someone, but well... Welcome, such a list you have there! Enjoy your stay!!!
  11. So far it seems it's the same as getting dragged into any other VN, things like art and such, and also the advertising, being it from hearing about it around various places or even from friends. But!!! Being the censorship such an important aspect on non-japanese VN readers, would you expect an OELVN to have H-scenes? I think that in this regard is the same as any other work, because that's how I feel about it, H-content is always a way to get people read your work, as it is for example loli, tsundere, yandere, kuudere, genki, etc. type of character, because it appeals to the tastes (and fetish) of the readers. In a way, I guess a nukige OELVN would get the same acceptance as any other work based on the aspects of the VN, and not much based on the fact that it is an OELVN. Basically there is a stigma around non-japanese works that try to use those styles just because they're not japanese, but when it comes down to it, the quality of the work is what really matters (and the advertising, but that's more a marketing kind of thing).
  12. Damned connection.... if someone can erase the spare topics, please! Sorry for the inconvenients. EDIT: Thanks!
  13. Well, yesterday I was browsing on /a/ like usual and there was this thread about a guy advertising an OELVN called Nijiko. (Link) Suprisingly, the thread was kept civil, but it had a really low response (as expected of /a/). But besides that, it made me think, what an OELVN needs to attract people?. So that's what this topic is about. When I say that, I'm referring to some sort of "special conditions", something beside the things that normally attract you to VN's like good graphics, music, a nice story, etc., and also considering that we are talking about OELVN's. For example, in my case, I consider that the characters are drawn manga style is really important, because otherwise, it feels foreign to the usual experience of reading VN's. Actually that made me read an OELVN called Phantom Seeds, that is short but enjoyable and from my point of view it could be used to explain someone how VN's work. Another point would be that it has to be relatively long, at least 10 hours, to say something, I think that's one of the reasosn why Katawa Shoujo became so well-known, if it's longer it has more chances to trascend and of course I prefer longer stories because those can get more development. Maybe as a last point I would say that I'm tired of the school setting, must likely in a SoL type of story, there are tons of stories like that out there, but it's just if it's a SoL based story, if it has some mistery, action, paranormal things or something that makes it different from the others, then it would get my attention. Guess that's all...
  14. "Novels with bgm and visual aspects (cg, backgrounds, etc.) that sometimes have some kind of gameplay or where you have to choose options to progress through the story. Most of them 18+ rated." That's how i would explain it, but for some reason i've never had to do it.
  15. I've heard good things of it, but haven't had the time to try it...
  16. I read the Suzumiya Haruhi LN's some years ago, though the tenth is still in my backlog with others like raildex, FMP! and BlazBlue Phase Shift and many more.
  17. Man, Evangelion is one of those series that you hate or you love, in my case it's one of my favorites, I've been really happy these past days seeing the all the fuse around the bd release of Rebuild 3.33. I think your post will make some people give it a try, good work!! With that said, some videos that I guess you'll enjoy!!! Making of Evangelion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uVdyKcY9Nqc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_Cqvi0T0zo And another version:
  18. From what I can see, he/she doesn't have the system local set in Japanese, that's why all the "?????", it's a common error in OnScripter, but that's my guess.
  19. Hi there!!! Well, I'm somewhat straight so let's get down to business. It's ok to choose options according to what you would choose in real life, but you must consider some things when reading a VN. First is that it's a story with an author, yeah, i'm captain obvious, but here's my point, the things will only go according to what he/she thinks would happen because it's his/her world. So, while there are stories with more bad endings than minesweeper in hard mode, so you won't progress in the story unless you follow the path the author chose for the MC. That's in the case where the scenario guides the story, and there are the character-based stories (of course there are middle points) where the role play is more..... satisfying? But here comes the great thing about VN's, not only they give you the chance to choose your path, but also the chance to view the things from other perspectives. EDIT: Pretty much what Down said (take too much time to write this....)
  20. Yep, like Snowpoke said the problem is within the iframe, you can see it on the code of the page, as to how to fix it.... i'm no good with css, sorry....
  21. @Mikel, @Snowpoke: Yeah, I was thinking of calling it "Your first time" or something like that like zhurai said.... but well, it's done. With that said, Holy Crackers!, didn`t expected so much replies in one day!!, well, i'll make my aportation. There are two candidates for my first VN, Baldr Force, read it like six years ago, it was the ps2 version so it's in japanese, at that time I found a walkthrough for it on gamefaqs that explained pretty well the story, with that, the entertaining gameplay and my very very basic japanese I pulled trough all the routes, but technically i didn't read it so don't know if that counts... If not then it was Soul Link like five years ago, it was my first VN in english. Both of them are good.
  22. Not sure if there's a topic about this or if this is the right place to put it (my stomach says yes) but here I go. I've been hearing "Katawa Shoujo was my first VN" a lot these days, so that made me do this topic, simply post things like: Which was your first VN?, what you thought about it?, how you got into VN's?, and many more stuff like that, simply put, how was your first experience and how you got into it. Oh, and inb4, i'm not criticizing KS, already read it, all the routes and it's good, i like it and my fav girl is Shizune BTW, also inb4 for people calling me weird....
  24. I'm no good following the conversations on twitter, but all this discussion gave me some ideas on the matter so i'll put them here to see if it picks up some opinions. I'll start with this: Well, i don't think it damages the profits for the companies since from the begin those works are directed to an audience that they're not even considering. We should profit the developers because it's their work and in most cases is something we like, that's why we get it. And i think there should be fan and "official" translations because both are different, it's not like they're really competing or thats' the way it should be. But well, all of this is just my opinion. Now, going on with the ideas... I was thinking, what if there were a page like DLSite but focused on VN's? Not only that, but specifically on translated VN's, i mean, the concept that poped in my mind is a page that serves as an bridge for VN's to the west. The mechanic would be basically a page that contacts VN's companies and offers them to translate and sell their works, you could use fan translators to make them, and give them some percentage of the sales for their work, also the page would get some percentage, let's say 10% of each sale that the companies get and that money would be used mostly for maintenance of the server, and also you would be making the companies to give some type of recognition to the TL teams. It would be a mechanic like Steam or most of the apps stores, at first of course it will be difficult, but gaining some companies in your list you'll become a trust-worsthy page. It could also foment the competition on the fan TL ground, you could release various versions of some VN and of course the profits would go to those who got the sale, making it more competitive and getting us better translations. Also there should be the demos of the games for free so you can get a grasp about the game and the translations available and sometimes, if you get the companie permission, even some games for free (again, like in Steam) and that could get more atenttion to those companies and people that like those VN would like to get other works from them. Maybe one of the most important points are the costs of the games, cause they're not really cheap, but that could be negotiated since what they're doing is actually offering a service to increase their profits with a reduced cost of material, prints and distribution, what could get lower prices for this market and of course it may count with a pay system of paypal and bitcoin. About content i think since it's for other countries than japan they could actually distribute uncensored content, but maybe with some options about this matter for those who don't really like uncensored versions, but those are just minor details. And also since it's illegal to distribute that kind of material (uncensored) in japan don't know if it's okay since the server won't be there, don't know much about law and maybe some things don't make sense but i'm really cold right now so i'm not thinking properly, anyway, i'll go on.... Also there should be something about that on the terms and conditions of the page to make responsible the person that is getting the material on it about the laws of each country, just to be on a safe spot. About this, the first thing that came to my mind was Ragnarok Online, when it became free again and decided to make profits for goods and stuff instead, but i don't think that could work for this, since there are the costs of shipping and other matters on the VN's ground, so that's how all of the babbling above came to my mind, and also the discussion that bringed up this topic, I too think both of Aaeru and Kouryuu are right and wrong, so that possibly the answer was in a middle point. With all that said this were just ideas, nothing with a real second though so i'm almost sure my sweet words are filled with holes, but's that's why i decided to write them, and since i don't feel my fingers anymore i'll leave it at that.
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