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  1. Yay~ Ok then, let's go with an easy one.
  2. Trying to keep moving the thread now that Down appeared, Seto no Hanayome???
  3. Don't worry, don't worry!!, i like it too, that's why i use it.
  4. Continuing the combo, work's desktop: EDIT: Continuing..... the combo...... lewdy-kun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Not too loli related, but this is one of the few images that has made me "hhhnnnnggggg" ever, for some reason.
  6. Only five games, only five games, only five games... Ok, i'll go with (in no special order): -Xenogears -Tales of Phantasia -Ookami -The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time -Xenosaga Episode III
  7. I'm not too much into online or web-based games, but it's quite entertaining (and cute). Some screencaps: P.D.: Yeah, i had to use a proxy to play it.
  8. Underrated, I would say Mahoromatic, even with it's Gainax-esque ending (that I'm "almost" sure is the same in the manga), it's a good series that keeps you entertained. Maybe Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu too, but in this case I would say that it's because people doesn't know it, rather than it's underrated. As for overrated, anything that appeals to the viewers with fanservice (not only pantyshots and the like, but all the length of the term) and because of that becomes superpopular.
  9. Just started Fantastic Children after watching Howl's Moving Castle on the TV. Was left with the need to watch more things of that kind.
  10. Wolfscythe


    Yo quiero mucho mi burrito!!! Welcome i guess, been a while since i passed through the introduction threads, but enjoy your stay.
  11. Nope, for two reasons: -I'm still going through configuration. -Second is I have all I need on the start menu or in the quick start. -And third, I like it tidy and neat.
  12. From the few that i hear usually and are not anime related (at least as far as i know) there is Go!Go!7188. Besides that, i would say: -Kanako Itou -Minami Kuribayashi -Shizuka Itou -Maaya Sakamoto -Shikata Akiko -Katakiri Rekka -Miyuki Hashimoto Or sometimes I hear games music, like things of Daisuke Ishiwatari or remixes from Demetori and IOSYS. But I don't know if you'll like any of these.
  13. Hehe, i thought the same when you mentioned Ranma 1/2.
  14. Not sure but since it's the pic of a cat let's say Samurai Pizza Cats.
  15. Well, updated, as expected if it weren't for the nukiges I could count them with my hands.... Someday, maybe, i'll finish my backlog...... I want to believe....
  16. I don't get surprises too often, mostly because i know that being biased about things like the hype, the fanbase and stuff usually turns out to be something bad and you only finish getting dissapointed. But still i have some series like that. A good surprise for me was Busou Renkin, it was just a super shounen series with a butterfly guy as a villain for me, but when i started to watch it i got a good surprise, first of all things because it was too easy to watch, the episodes passed really fast and yeah, it was entertaining. Yeah, it's not THAT great, but still i got more than i anticipated.
  17. I think you have it, it's called Dai Mahou Touge, which translates into Big Magic Ridge or something like that so, since you have the idea and apparently knows it , then... your turn!!!
  18. Well you can guess now, i won't feel bad XD Just leaving another screen
  19. Haven't watched all of it, but a friend showed me some caps, anyway, this took me some time, so i hope people don't recognize it too fast.
  20. Mmm.... i've seen that before... Hanasaku Iroha???
  21. Well, bgm.pac seems corrupted, try downloading it again, maybe other files are corrupted too.
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