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  1. Fuwanovel Confessions

    Well,I'm an IT guys in vietnam,facebook's my home but recently my country just rob my home,and it require my true name and my ID to go back home,so fuck facebook.I will stay in this place for now.pls take care of me and i have cofession to made:i fucking love and enjoy watching people suffering
  2. Majikoi Translation Discussion

    Oh ok,still hoping you guys do the 2nd one too,BTW good luck on this project,can't wait to read it
  3. Any parents who watch anime?

    have to admit,i don't have that kind of childhood
  4. Gotta love new arch enemy song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVrgNBSpP9o
  5. i usually listen to metal here http://www.radiometal.com/player/index.php pretty good site,except they don't usually goes black metal
  6. Rewrite or Little Busters ?

    Had to say,little buster steal my tear mor than rewrite
  7. Btw is it me or someone messing with forum.fuwa again(look at the multiquote,quote) kinda weird
  8. No more Anime and Manga piracy?

    hope things back to the way it was soon.still waiting for akane ga kill new ep LOl
  9. No more Anime and Manga piracy?

    nyaa down again,what's going on
  10. Of course i want to learn japanese.because vnr doesn't translate all the thing i need.
  11. Clover Days Translation Project

    OK i find it.torrent whole OST of cloverday LOL
  12. Clover Days Translation Project

    uhmm btw what's the op song name,i'v been try to looking for mp3 file but not any luck
  13. help irosekai

    problem solve,thks a lot christ