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    mitchhamilton reacted to Freestyle80 in Sekai Project   
    I mean yeah those two that had anime adaptations would probably be a nice release for them since some people would've heard of them but knowing Sekai's track record we wont get shit for like 3 years 
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    mitchhamilton reacted to Bathhouse_Owner in Noratoto - 18+ Restoration Project   
    Well, since Marko is MIA, it's up to me to do the updates. And get back on the project I guess. Anyway...
    As you might have noticed, someone uploaded a restoration patch for the Vita version of the game. Initially we were planning on cooperating with him to port said patch to the PC version. However it came to light that this patch used machine translation, thus we will not use it on this project. It was too good to be true, I guess.
    Regarding the project itself: Yuuki's H-scenes are 100% translated and edited, and the patch was supposed to drop this month. However, we found a bug present in all H-scenes, and the hacker is too busy with IRL stuff to fix it, so we decided to shift it to next month.
    MANY thanks to NTRanon who translated Yuuki's H-scenes, he's a saint and we don't deserve him.
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    mitchhamilton reacted to Plk_Lesiak in Whats the appeal of ntr?   
    We're talking about NTR though. The point is, there are people that do cuckolding IRL, but associating them with the fictional stories is the same as saying lolicons are automatically paedophiles. It might not be wrong is all cases, but these are pretty risky assumptions to made. You just need to take out one thing, like for example the reader not self-inserting themselves into the story, and you get a completely different picture. Plus cuckolding isn't even a very good parallel, because it's consensual. You can't really recreate an NTR plot in reality without being genuinely betrayed and humiliated and that's not something you can just stage by yourself. It'd be cool to see a study on how many people that enjoy NTR would like to essentially roleplay it through cuckolding, but I'd be shocked if the overlap was actually that big.
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    mitchhamilton got a reaction from droganpc in List of Visual Novels/Games with Harem Ending   
    just read majikoi cause its a great vn that still holds up.
    but anyways, majikoi does have some routes where you fuck multiple girls but they dont end in harem endings and not just in the main game.
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    mitchhamilton got a reaction from ungrave in Introduction - Ungrave   
    hello, welcome. enjoy your stay, make friends, eat some cake
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    mitchhamilton reacted to Fiddle in SANTA HATS   
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    mitchhamilton got a reaction from Fiddle in SANTA HATS   
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    mitchhamilton reacted to Plk_Lesiak in SANTA HATS   
    I will take off the hat after I take down my Christmas tree. So, probably in March. 
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    mitchhamilton got a reaction from Plk_Lesiak in SANTA HATS   
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    mitchhamilton reacted to EroHataVNI in Majikoi Official Release December 25th   
    I QC'd this together with Infernoplex, casual_scrub and someone called Jack. It was an arduous, monumental task but we probably did well enough. Should you find some problems feel free to post screenshots in the #majikoi-discussion chat on the JAST Discord or here! (*´∀`*)

    Happy Majikoi-mas
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    mitchhamilton reacted to Formlose Gestalt in Majikoi Official Release December 25th   
    The release date for official release of Majikoi by JAST has been announced and it is tomorrow December 25th!
    You can buy the game here:
    Those that have preordered the physical edition will get digital keys so that they can play on release while the physical shipment is being handled.
    Unfortunately due to licensing issues the English release won't contain the full voice cast of the Japanese release, but the main characters are all still voiced. You can read more about this in this blog post:
    Blog post is NFSW!
    But there are already rumors that the community is working to fan patch the missing voices into this release so maybe it won't be an issue for long.
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    mitchhamilton reacted to Fallen1520 in Noratoto - 18+ Restoration Project   
    I just created an account just to say ... thank you so much for all your hard work! I barely found out about this thread today but seeing people's passion has encouraged me to translate a visual novel.
    But hey, I just have one question, how the heck could you make the .scn files editable? I couldn't find anything on the internet to be able to do it ...
    Thank you very much if someone responds to this!
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    mitchhamilton reacted to Clephas in Cyberpunk 2077   
    The bugs are mostly concentrated in little things, like the one that makes the game crash if you go into the menu during certain parts of gigs (which is annoying as hell).  That's the PS4 version though.
    I'm doing a Tech/intelligence run with a side of reflexes and enjoying it immensely... but my completionist tendencies have me going off on wild tangents every five seconds.  I've spent a ridiculous amount of time just running around 'solving' crimes and hack-killing random gangers with synapse burn.  
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    mitchhamilton reacted to Fiddle in Cyberpunk 2077   
    I heard the character creator lets you customize your wiener, so it sounds like a good game.
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    mitchhamilton reacted to bakauchuujin in Whats the appeal of ntr?   
    That it naturally occurs in animals does mean it is natural, natural does not mean optimal or purpose driven it just means that it is a natural occuring thing not created by some sort of ideology within human society. There is nothing about how things should or shouldn't be it is just how it is. As for why this is I am not sure as I have not bothered looking into any evolutionary explenation for it, but from my understanding the frequenzy at which it is found in nature makes it a natural occuring thing.
    Haven't said they lacked empathy just that there is more of a focus on it today and yes the reason for that is very likely due to the improvement of living standards which enables us more time and resources to care about these things. I did not intend to say people were generally evil or something like that in the past rather that currently during the current social climate empathy has become much more of an important ideal than it used to be in the past. 
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    mitchhamilton reacted to Plk_Lesiak in Whats the appeal of ntr?   
    Eeeeeh, in a way, but many fetishes are also very much connected to emotion and rather basic instincs. From what I've heard from NTR fans, it's exactly the fact that they can emphatize with the suffering showed that makes it work. And taboo/extreme porn cannot function without the societal rules it breaks, so it's dubious to see it as a sign of societal decay – it doesn't really contest the norms, just leeches off of them. 
    Plus what you described is an extremely idealized vision of humanity's past. Both empathy and egoism are parts of our nature and while one might see today's world as radically individualistic and alienating, it's not like collectivism is without its own costs for people in the group. Empathy won't just die out, just like you can't really make everyone empathetic towards others. That's kind of why you need society/institutions so you don't have to rely on such individual tendencies, which are at least just as much temperamental as they are shaped by your environment.
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    mitchhamilton got a reaction from Houshi Bocchi in "Kanojo to Ore to Koibito to" Project   
    yeah, luna really fucked me with this project. was progressing just fine and when i joined them it came to almost a complete stop. had like 20% done in like 5 months by myself but then i joined them and... yeaaah.
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    mitchhamilton reacted to Eschasintra in Bishoujo Mangekyou -Wasurenagusa to Eien no Shoujo- (美少女万華鏡2) Translation Project   
    Marionette Presents:

    Maidens' Kaleidoscope -Forget-me-nots and the Everlasting Rosebud-
    General Information
    Original Title: 美少女万華鏡 -忘れな草と永遠の少女- (Bishoujo Mangekyou -Wasurenagusa to Eien no Shoujo-)
    Developer & Publisher: ωstar
    Official Page: http://www.omega-star.jp/biman2html/
    Artist: 八宝備 仁 (Happoubi Jin)
    Scenarist: 吉祥寺 ドロレス (Kichijouji Dolores)
    Director: 六道 輪廻 (Rokudou Rinne)
    Release Date: 27th July, 2012
    Our protagonist, Kanzaki Akihito, was once a cheerful, vigorous young boy.
    Having grown up carrying a heart disease, childhood friends were no more and being absent from school became the norm.
    Among those childhood friends, Sawatari Shizuku —Akihito's first love—, broke all form of communication with him, which cast a shadow over his already fragile heart.
    He felt as if she had betrayed him.
    As the gloomy days pass by, Shizuku reappears in front of Akihito...
    The story gradually progresses, in ways they could've never imagined...

    Translator: Eschasintra 
    Editor: heartattacks
    18+ Editor: anonymous 
    Proofreader: Hata (VNI)
    QA: Funnerific
    Programmer: AtomCrafty 
    Image Editor: Hubb2001
    Marionette's first translation project. Special thanks to @Arcadeotic.
    Links & Progress
    Progress Tracker & Contact (Last Update : available on the site): https://forget-me-not-marionette.carrd.co/
    Blog: Coming Soon

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    mitchhamilton got a reaction from Fiddle in SANTA HATS   
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    mitchhamilton reacted to Fiddle in SANTA HATS   
    Well, if you say so.

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    mitchhamilton got a reaction from droganpc in Coronavirus discussion thread   
    i feel like assholes are gonna pop up with the thought process of "eh, i dont care if i get it. im young so it wont kill me most likely" when thats not the only point. its also about not spreading it to those who are more vulnerable to the virus. the elderly, the ones with asthma, those are the people who cant handle it.
    wash your hands, dont touch your face when youre out. when you get home, clean your clothes asap as the virus can stick to them and take a shower. be cautious and safe!!!
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    mitchhamilton reacted to littleshogun in Let's Talk: Kami no Rhapsody   
    Like I say beforehand you can change the medal before entering any dungeon. Just chose any dungeon (Other than Shrine of the End obviously) and look out the button with the text 'Equip God Medal', and you'll be able to change the medal like in the Shrine of the End. Although if you want to change the medal in battle as well, unfortunately it won't happen so you better prepared or just save and load often. Hope it'll be help.
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    mitchhamilton reacted to Clephas in Let's Talk: Kami no Rhapsody   
    Kami no Rhapsody is severely lacking in part because Eushully designed it with an eventual possible port to mobiles and tablets in mind (you can tell by the unnecessary touchscreen compatibility and a few other aspects), and the way the progression is handled.  In a single playthrough it is hard to progress characters sufficiently to make them effective at all in the last few battles, much less a trump card.   On the second playthrough, it is possible to make the whole cast usable... but the fact that it pretty much takes the entire second playthrough says everything you need to know.
    The medal system is also a point of unnecessary complication in an already unnecessarily complicated setup.  To be blunt, at the very least, they should have had special abilities, attacks, and skills unique to the character available without equipping the medals in question.  Customization is all very well and good, but it shines the most when every character shares the same or similar abilities, not in a setting where every character has different abilities/skills/tendencies.  
    Story-wise, Kami no Rhapsody is fairly decent as Eushully games go, being better than the company's kusoge entries (Sankai Ou no Yubiwa and Himegari) but not matching its better entries (Ikusa Megami series, Genrin, Madou Koukaku).  It has the advantage of having only two heroines and their accompanying paths, but the lack of the more varied ending stories you see in the better Eushully games, plus the way the non-human heroines all get sidelined once you hit the actual path to the endings, makes the game weaker than it should have been, given that it is a one-off.  The best contrast in terms of story that was also good by this company is Soukoku no Arterial, which had three main paths, plus variances on the final ending depending on which heroine you pursued (the demon ending, which only has one outcome, being set aside) or Ikusa Megami Verita, which was split into the True History, Darkness, and Light paths which had immensely varying outcomes.  
    Like Kamidori and Amayui, it is a game that had a lot of potential but was tripped up by various parts that made me wince.  When I tried to replay it last year, it felt similarly to when I played it when it was first released... a game that is ruined in part by its protagonist, in part by the battle system, and in part by the fact that half the game seems to be centered around finding excuses for h-scenes with every female available.  Amayui is probably the most tolerable of the three by several degrees, at least in my opinion.
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    mitchhamilton reacted to Fiddle in Reddit is the saddest place on the internet.   
    My issue is that my IQ isn't high enough to keep up with them. What you must understand is that Reddit is not just a forum; it is the de facto successor to the Roman Forum, where only the greatest minds in all the land can handle the high-level ideas being discussed. Perhaps one day you and I will be graced with holy fedoras and be permitted to enter the intellectual arena that is Reddit, but we can only hope.
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