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    mitchhamilton reacted to Fiddle in Why is Trinoline so big?   
    Why is your mom so big lol
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    mitchhamilton got a reaction from Fiddle in It's Santa Hat Time   
    but hat boobs. 
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    mitchhamilton got a reaction from Freestyle80 in "Kanojo to Ore to Koibito to" Project   
    yeah, luna really fucked me with this project. was progressing just fine and when i joined them it came to almost a complete stop. had like 20% done in like 5 months by myself but then i joined them and... yeaaah.
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    mitchhamilton got a reaction from NowItsAngeTime in 10 Visual Novels with an Interesting English Release History   
    "ah, let me just check this out out of curiosity."
    Dracu-riot is listed.

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    mitchhamilton reacted to Ruberick in Think I'm Starting to Dislike the High School Romance Genre   
    Spice and Wolf has my favourite couple and best portrayal of romance and love not only in anime/light novel (Both are great), but in all of the media I've ever seen.
    Nodame Cantabile is also pretty good, Kids on the Slope is very organic and genuine and Chihayafuru has less focus on it, but really great characters. All of those would make my top 50 Anime ever.
    I liked toradora, but also less for the romance and more for the characters and humour.
    On the topic of High School VNs: I try to mix it up and read High school stuff only with a considerable gap inbetween. (At least when the school and typical school tropes make a lot of the VNs read time) There are some that I genuinely like and recommend, like Chrono Clock and Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai, but a lot of them feel lazy, tired, repetitive...
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    mitchhamilton reacted to Fiddle in It's Santa Hat Time   
    If you're looking for yet another hat, then I'm not ready.
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    mitchhamilton reacted to Fuez in Our 7-day GFL visual novel is now ONLINE!   
    Go play the demo here now: https://Waifu Trash Family ITCHO website

    Game Title: Girls' Frontline - Tomorrow, With You
    Synopsis: It's 207X and WW3 never happened. Your name is Shiki Kan, a young high school boy who's been recruited to join an academy made for all the androids that were no longer needed for the war.  There's one thing though... it's an all-girls school.. and they're pretty cute...
    Story Concept: In contrast to the original mobile game's dark and serious nature, this visual novel aims to provide a light-hearted story with a few serious undertones. Girls' Frontline: Tomorrow, With You is a fan-made visual novel based on the Girls' Frontline mobile game universe and characters.  This is a longer 7-day demo, a major update from our first version back in 2020.
    Characters: M4A1, Sopmod, STAR-15, M16, RO635, UMP45, UMP9, 416, G11, Welrod and Kalina
    Have fun reading!!!
    Discord Invite
    Twitter Account
    Waifu Trash Family Website
    GFL Tomorrow With You VNDB
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    mitchhamilton got a reaction from Dergonu in Give me the most brutal, horrific, fucked up titles this planet has to offer.   
    @Dergonuhas entered chat,
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    mitchhamilton got a reaction from STEWENSOWL in Bishoujo Mangekyou -Wasurenagusa to Eien no Shoujo- (美少女万華鏡2) Translation Project   
    thank fuck someone is finally translating this.
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    mitchhamilton reacted to Plk_Lesiak in V-tube General Discussion Thread   
    I don't know, if there's some kind of reveal coming that turns it into an openly admitted-gimmick, that's fine, but he also pushed away/removed mod privileges on his channel from anyone that knew he was actually a guy... A lot of small stuff like that which makes the whole thing feel like an actual scam. Without monetisation it would be just a funny meta-joke, but that first stream got 2k+ dollars in superchats alone. 😛
    Good taste, sir! I'm only loosely following VShojo at this point, but I feel like these three developed a lot as streamers. Vei in particular feels a lot more like an actual person than just a streaming persona lately, it looked to me she was trying a bit too hard at the beginning and now got a lot more relaxed while she gathered a larger following/more stable status in the niche.
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    mitchhamilton got a reaction from Plk_Lesiak in V-tube General Discussion Thread   
    didnt know that about sodafunk, pretty crazy. shouldve just gone the zen route but maybe just wanted a cute voice to follow the cute neko pics of soda.
    ive been in the vtuber rabbit hole for a while as well. veibai, nyanners, ironmouse probably being my favorite out of them. its close between her and nyanners.
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    mitchhamilton reacted to Kirashi in Help me remember the name of this eroge   
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    mitchhamilton reacted to bakauchuujin in Do You Think Dracu-Riot Translation Will Be Released This Century?   
    Here is from Nekonyan's blog late March regarding Dracu Riot. So a HD remaster seems to be what is holding it up at the moment.
    "Wow, this list got pretty short, huh? Wait I think I’m missing one…  Oh, right! I guess this is a good place to start for today.  Dracu Riot, huh.  
    You guys have been waiting very patiently for a really long time for this game, and we know you want to know what the holdup is. We’ve seen the comments don’t worry. There IS a reason for it, however, and we can finally talk about it now!
    The truth is… Dracu Riot is getting a full HD Remaster and re-release in JP as well as in English!
    Fortunately, Yuzusoft had the original super high res assets, so we’re going to be working on getting the entire game rebuilt from the ground up with high res assets and a new UI. It will be on our Unity engine and receive a total upgrade, including the same features you see in newer Yuzusoft projects, voice bookmarking, and more! Meow is currently working on the Clover Days port, once that is complete, he will begin the work of porting and implementing the new features for Dracu Riot!
    Hopefully, this will make it worth the wait for you!"
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    mitchhamilton reacted to Eclipsed in Do You Think Dracu-Riot Translation Will Be Released This Century?   
    Wait, it's STILL not officially out yet???
    I swear at this rate Half Life 3 will come out first
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    mitchhamilton got a reaction from Barduf in Hi everyone !   
    hello and welcome! hope you make new friends and such
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    mitchhamilton reacted to Freestyle80 in Sekai Project   
    I mean yeah those two that had anime adaptations would probably be a nice release for them since some people would've heard of them but knowing Sekai's track record we wont get shit for like 3 years 
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    mitchhamilton reacted to Bathhouse_Owner in Noratoto - 18+ Restoration Project   
    Well, since Marko is MIA, it's up to me to do the updates. And get back on the project I guess. Anyway...
    As you might have noticed, someone uploaded a restoration patch for the Vita version of the game. Initially we were planning on cooperating with him to port said patch to the PC version. However it came to light that this patch used machine translation, thus we will not use it on this project. It was too good to be true, I guess.
    Regarding the project itself: Yuuki's H-scenes are 100% translated and edited, and the patch was supposed to drop this month. However, we found a bug present in all H-scenes, and the hacker is too busy with IRL stuff to fix it, so we decided to shift it to next month.
    MANY thanks to NTRanon who translated Yuuki's H-scenes, he's a saint and we don't deserve him.
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    mitchhamilton reacted to Plk_Lesiak in Whats the appeal of ntr?   
    We're talking about NTR though. The point is, there are people that do cuckolding IRL, but associating them with the fictional stories is the same as saying lolicons are automatically paedophiles. It might not be wrong is all cases, but these are pretty risky assumptions to made. You just need to take out one thing, like for example the reader not self-inserting themselves into the story, and you get a completely different picture. Plus cuckolding isn't even a very good parallel, because it's consensual. You can't really recreate an NTR plot in reality without being genuinely betrayed and humiliated and that's not something you can just stage by yourself. It'd be cool to see a study on how many people that enjoy NTR would like to essentially roleplay it through cuckolding, but I'd be shocked if the overlap was actually that big.
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    mitchhamilton got a reaction from droganpc in List of Visual Novels/Games with Harem Ending   
    just read majikoi cause its a great vn that still holds up.
    but anyways, majikoi does have some routes where you fuck multiple girls but they dont end in harem endings and not just in the main game.
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    mitchhamilton got a reaction from ungrave in Introduction - Ungrave   
    hello, welcome. enjoy your stay, make friends, eat some cake
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    mitchhamilton reacted to Fiddle in SANTA HATS   
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    mitchhamilton got a reaction from Fiddle in SANTA HATS   
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    mitchhamilton reacted to Plk_Lesiak in SANTA HATS   
    I will take off the hat after I take down my Christmas tree. So, probably in March. 
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    mitchhamilton got a reaction from Plk_Lesiak in SANTA HATS   
  25. Love
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