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    mitchhamilton reacted to Clephas in The Grisaia Series is Kind of Genius   
    Grisaia... ah Grisaia...
    Sorry, couldn't resist.
    People often try to present the series as something completely unique... and there are some elements to the series that stand out.  However, these elements were all drawn from earlier VNs in one way or another.
    School for exiled rich kids and problem children: Haruka ni Aogi, Uruwashi no anyone?
    Protagonist is a deeply mentally scarred individual who lacks common sense:  Akatsuki no Goei anyone? (also Full Metal Panic, as Sagara and Yuuji have so many common threads it made me seriously laugh my ass off at the time)
    Incestuously mutually dependent relationships between siblings:  So many VNs it isn't even funny.
    Heroines with extreme emotional disabilities and traumas:  Again, numerous games, even before Grisaia came out
    Twisted relationship with a heroine that began with a near-parental bond: Haruka ni Aogi, Uruwashi no (again)
    The list goes on... but I'm going to come right and say this.
    Just because it isn't perfectly unique doesn't mean it isn't good.  I will go farther in saying that anyone who is playing Grisaia in English is missing out, because what is said is often less important than what isn't said (the comedy aside), and English sucks at that kind of thing.
    Now for second and third game... I seriously bashed the second game for being a repeat of Akagoei's second game, as both of them end after blasting you with the protagonist's past, though Grisaia took it a step further by making it a cliffhanger (which was horrible, since I had to wait a year or so to see the rest).   Getting to know Yuuji's past was great, since the limited bits and pieces that are dropped as hints or comments in Amane's  path aren't enough to give you a good idea of how Yuuji lived until now.
    The third game is basically one solid storyline to the end, which is its primary draw and the one area where it completely trumps the original game, which was SOL heavy in comparison.  The fact that it was a harem ending didn't bother me... I love harem endings, regardless of genre.  My problem was with Michiru's standing in that ending, lol (Michiru being my least liked heroine of the original... no make that I just actively disliked her).  
    I did think that it channeled a little too much of the 'unify the original game's paths' drama into a single comprehensive story thread' idea.  It reminded me of what a lot of early anime made from visual novels did, where all the heroines paths were sort of mashed together in the anime in an attempt to accelerate the story, often with mixed results.  
    With VNs, due to most of them being multipath, sequels rarely work out in a way that isn't awkward, and Grisaia is not an exception to this rule.  I love Grisaia, but that doesn't mean it is lacking in flaws. 
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    mitchhamilton reacted to onorub in The Grisaia Series is Kind of Genius   
    And this is why i consider Kajitsu a near-classic while Meikyuu is borderline good and everything else in the series is just decent. I will always praise how the long common route drilled the girls' comedy traits into your head just to reveal the disturbing reasons for those in each route, making you look at the common route in an entirely different way.
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    mitchhamilton got a reaction from Plk_Lesiak in VenusBlood FRONTIER International – Steam Version (JP VN/sRPG review)   
    huh, i may read this sooner than later now.
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    mitchhamilton reacted to Clephas in Eushully's fantasy world   
    The problem is, that if you were to take away the gameplay entirely in IMZ (the best Eushully game so far), you'd still have something about on the same scale as Grisaia or Clannad in terms of text.  Not all of Eushully's games are like that, but the alternate paths and endings in some of them add up to a similar level. 
    If you want to beg or start a project of your own, the ones that are worth playing/tling are IM Zero, IM Verita, Madou Koukaku, Meishoku no Reiki (yes, I did enjoy it, so screw me), and the Genrin series story-only version (Eien no Ikusa Hime, I think it was) released for free right before Verita's release.  The originals are horribly dated, and I don't recommend playing Tenbin until they get around to remaking II (as Tenbin was the first game's remake).  Kami no Rhapsody and possibly the newest one are the only ones made without any involvement from the central characters of the original series I honestly consider worth playing.  For some reason, the second Eushully starts experimenting with gameplay systems (going beyond basic srpg or rpg stuff) their talents wash out, and they go for weird gimmicks.  SofthouseChara has a similar problem... not only that, but for some reason, Eushully only hangs onto the worst of their writing staff, letting the good ones move on, hahaha.
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    mitchhamilton got a reaction from MaggieROBOT in Dank-a-Ronpa Ch.4   
    nice job, mags. the dankesy of ronpa's we have here.
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    mitchhamilton reacted to Yuuko in Dank-a-Ronpa Ch.4   
    Popcorn|ω・`)ノ ヤァ
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    mitchhamilton reacted to sanahtlig in On Moderation and the Validity of Unenforced Standards   
    A friend told me about an episode of perceived moderator abuse, where he got in an argument over a topical matter (not related to Fuwa rules) and moderators started removing his posts over what he perceived as simple disagreement.  This was one of those hot-button topics in the VN scene where there's supposedly a "right" answer (known to "true" fans, such as our dear moderators), and the position held by normies is "wrong".  This person is not the type to engage in incendiary rhetoric, and he's also important in the scene and could've been helpful to Fuwa.
    Furthermore, this doesn't appear to be an isolated incident.  I'm hearing that multiple people with standing in the community and no reason to go around flinging mud and breaking rules have been complaining about Fuwa moderation.  Coincidentally, these incidents all seem to involve one particular moderator.
    These sorts of incidents would bother me as a matter of principle under any circumstances, but in this case it's not just a matter of principle.  Such practices actually risk doing lasting harm to the community here.  Many users are not going to stand and fight when confronted with (perceived) moderation abuses.  They'll just leave and bad-mouth Fuwa to all their friends, causing a Balkanization of the fanbase.  Fuwanovel was supposed to be a place where users from all parts of the community can come together to discuss in a non-toxic environment--not one where certain cliques and opinions are favored by moderation and others are actively excluded.
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    mitchhamilton reacted to Ranzo in Ass Creed 4: Black Flag   
    They should have made it a full fledged pirate game, it would have been amazing. All the assassin bits really just drug the whole game down for me, the whole story was inane gibberish and I hated having to do the same damn tailing missions over and over again.
    The sea shanties were real amazing though, I really loved setting sail.
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    mitchhamilton reacted to Zenophilious in Ass Creed 4: Black Flag   
    I actually muted the game and just listened to music while I ran around killing shit.  I had no idea what was going on at all, but I don't think it really mattered all that much  xD
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    mitchhamilton reacted to Orakana Newbie in Love Ribbon (yuri VN review)   
    Ohoo.. interesting. 
    I take that as my wishlist. Well, That's price a little bit much for me this month .-. Maybe next month... or later.. (This reality irritated me  )
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    mitchhamilton got a reaction from Plk_Lesiak in Love Ribbon (yuri VN review)   
    ah, love ribbon. this seriously deserves more attention. a very underrated yuri vn, tbh.
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    mitchhamilton reacted to MaggieROBOT in Shadow of The Nostalgia   
    I remember when I saw the first trailer for this remake. I was kinda let down because, since the resolution was more detailed, it lost that "misty" appearance the original had   Misty sounded more somber and just right for this game. But damn, I was convinced enough with the MC's new look!
    Sadly, I don't own a PS4, but I have good memories of this game back in the PS2. And bad memories too, since my disc was damaged so it took half an hour to the final cutscene to kick in for me to clear it on Hard.
    Oh, and I heard that the new golden coins gives you a new weapon, much like the time trials did.
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    mitchhamilton got a reaction from Infernoplex in You are a pirate!   
    ecchi, derg.   hes secretly talking about getting his pc pregnant.
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    mitchhamilton got a reaction from Dergonu in You are a pirate!   
    ecchi, derg.   hes secretly talking about getting his pc pregnant.
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    mitchhamilton reacted to Kaguya in Red and Green Lotus   
    This story is the inevitable consequence of a few months of reading a bunch of chinese xianxia novels. 
    The powerlevels, rules and titles are all original, but they are also very similar to what every chinese xianxia novel ever uses for their rules and powerlevels. Not a fanfic, though. The universe is fully mine. 
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    mitchhamilton got a reaction from DarkZedge in Offensive ableist expressions you are probably using on your daily life   
    booo hoo, are you also blind, paraplegic and crazy? my sister has the mentality of an 8 year old because she was born way too early, and my cousin is confined to a wheelchair until the end of his short life. i couldnt care less how people use words that might offend them unless it was directed at them because like rooke pretty much said, its the intent behind the words not the words themselves.
    just as its pointless for him to post this stuff on fuwa where nothing will change because of it.
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    mitchhamilton got a reaction from DarkZedge in Offensive ableist expressions you are probably using on your daily life   
    fine, do that, i couldnt care less. i will admit i dont like using those words but that doesnt mean i need to think everyone else does.
    you need more friends then as i have mostly been exposed to these words as nothing but in jest.
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    mitchhamilton reacted to VirginSmasher in Offensive ableist expressions you are probably using on your daily life   
    Your brains should implement some more sane space, you beta liberal. 
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    mitchhamilton reacted to Kenshin_sama in Nutaku caught abusing DMCA takedowns to censor evidence of censorship   
    Seriously, that is really petty of them to go to such lengths to cover up their lies. I'll be sure to spread this information around in hopes that this comes back to bite them. There's only so much I can tolerate before I start speaking out against something.
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    mitchhamilton got a reaction from XReaper in First August Update   
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    mitchhamilton got a reaction from Aizen-Sama in First August Update   
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    mitchhamilton got a reaction from Dergonu in The Last GM Standing - Chapter 2!   
    still alive! \ /
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    mitchhamilton got a reaction from Dergonu in Beat Blades Haruka Review   
    you know im kitten. i gave it 5 stars. good for you derg. lova ya.
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    mitchhamilton reacted to Dergonu in Beat Blades Haruka Review   
    Gee, thanks
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    mitchhamilton reacted to Deep Blue in Amaekata wa Kanojo nari ni   
    I agree with you, this novel was really...bland, first giga vn that I read and I'm sad to see something like this (im leaving all the good stuff for later)
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