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  1. Well you said the reason why none of us think piracy is going to change. The Japanese government isn't going to provide such content and material for an all around affordable price. I'm sure if we had some notion of their plan other than "Search for pirate sites, take them down, sell our content cheaper," then people would have a better understanding and might actually become worried. Like other people have also mentioned, poor captioning, region lock and subs also affect piracy. The Japanese should first work out these problems rather than going on a pirate hunt. That would be a greater use o
  2. This will lead nowhere and nowhere fast, nothing's going to come out of this. Japan's going to try and get more revenue, have it fall below expected numbers, then stop the project because of "unforeseen circumstances" or something like that. Imo the internet is the world's most resistant force. Pretty much the immovable object, no one can control it, no one can stop it, and piracy is one of the big parts of the internet. Piracy is and always will be, as long as people are unhappy about product's prices and can't afford it. There will always be sites no matter how many times you take one down.
  3. I always feel like VN's are always more immersive for me, and they make me feel more for the characters and the way the story is going. The choices make me feel more invested into said story. If there really aren't any story changing stories, then the images and voices of the characters draw me emotionally in.
  4. Well then, that doesn't sound too fun, does it ever feel awkward btw? Or are you too focused on translating.
  5. <-- This really is the cutest thing I've seen too. Ren's my favorite girl glad you got around to her on BBM.
  6. Pretty good progress, and yea i'm sure none of us mind the checking and editing you'll have to do after you're done with translation. While the h-scene percent is low gotta remember that they will consist mostly of *ahem* ahhhs ooohs and oooos, so easier translation there.
  7. Ah that's true, I've never really thought about that before, but openings do have a lot of semi spoilers in them.
  8. Haven't seen this topic around, the opening movie of a VN usually hypes me up for it. So what's either your favorite opening or the one you think is the best. My favorite is the opening of Dengeki Stryker and the one i think is the best is Kamidori's one, great music and awesome visuals in that one.
  9. 2D Girl 2D Girl I can't help but stare I find you cute even your blue hair You're mine, I won't share 2D Girl you are perfect to me Everytime I see you, my face pops with glee I enjoy every moment you see? 2D Girl I wish you were here Sadly you can't be, you must stay there I suppose I'll just have to bear Keep you behind my screen, 2D Girl Hope that wasn't too weird, just thought that up :3.
  10. Totally lawful evil, i would destroy my enemies fairly.
  11. Typically school themed VNs are at the end of my list. I love fantasy and rpg themed VNs the most like, Dengeki, TtT, and Kamidori.
  12. Chapter 2 was lost because of various circumstances of various reasons of various things. (imo batman starting writing the chapter until he relized he wrote "chapter 3 instead of chapter 2 and just stuck with it.) Also 5.8/1.92 would but for 92 cents.
  13. I remember this goddam video and how i went on a complete rant about it to my friend about it. So in short my rant went like this. "Most of the vns that are made aren't the effect of anything. They were a genre that became popular, so the industry kept making them. Soon the vn dominated the pc market so more more vn were made. Vns are so popular because of the declining birthrates and marriages not the other way around. Vns aren't making males unable to form a realationship with women, it's because of the failed relationships with females that they turn to vns in order to fufil their relat
  14. I cannot get into Yandere...ever it completly botchs the execution alongside the terrible (imo) style it has. So in short hoped for more, got way less than expected.
  15. Utawarerumono, such a great story and style with awesome characters and setting. Combines sci-fi and fantasy perfectly and i feel like it doesn't get enough attention.
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