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  1. Is this a Utsuge or Nakige?
  2. Kotomine Kirei from Fate/Stay Scythe from Phantom of Inferno Monokuma from Danganronpa
  3. Akatsuki no Goei because Kaito is awesome Izuna Zanshiken assassin protagonist Kikokugai Cyber Slayer Phantom of Inferno
  4. you have to get it through the link in the description of the youtube vid the torrent has the VN and cracks
  5. get the Realta Nua one (with seperate episodes) then download the english patch https://youtu.be/Q0rMA6piiUE
  6. I want a ufotable level Tsukihime anime adaptation oh and also Eien no Aselia
  7. do they have to be translated VNs? if not then theres alot to be recommended
  8. oooh I was looking at a diferent VN damn man Saya no Uta is even more hardcore than Swan Song xd btw how old is your girlfriend?
  9. yes apologize, even if you dont mean it or even if you dont think you did anythuing wrong that seems to be the one rule to make it in thiis world as a man.... you should make that comparison to her theres sex and gore in game of thrones although the sex isnt as graphic as in Vns but still also from what I see none of female characters in swan song really look like children young yes, but not children
  10. well let her calm down and then talk to her its not like you cant be together just because she doesnt like something you like, all people are different and have different tastes for example you dont read the novels she reads right? or maybe you do idk lol as long as she doesnt attack you for playing VNs then I dont see a big problem
  11. damn Guess I was right about the h-scenes being too much for her :/
  12. saya no uta? goddam thats a bit much for a firs ttimer imo xd hope it goes well heck now that I think about it, a vn with no h-scenes might have been better
  13. dump her, right now just kidding(or am I) you have your work cut out for you lol keep us updated please after you give her the recommendation you choose xd
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