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  1. I don't dislike it, though I like beef way more. So, true in a way I guess. Next person never payed a single dollar for a VN.
  2. Well, I'm not exactly in my final year right now, I finished school a year ago, but not a lot has changed since then. When I still had to go to school, I simply went there in order to be physically present during the lessons, killed some time by day dreaming and when I got home, I instantly started watching anime (Yep, there used to be a time when I watched ~15 episodes a day) until I went to sleep. I repeated this procedure for the entire year, since I wouldn't need to study in order to score decent marks. Well, to be honest, I dont deserve all the credit since after all, the German Abitur is
  3. Finally. It was about time you showed up here Trust me, soon enough you'll understand just why VNs are the best games in the world~
  4. Ah I dunno, I simply hate bad ends. Even in games like Grisaia, where there's a bad end for every heroine, I always only picked the choice that led to the good end and moved on the the next route immediately afterwards. I guess it's because I simply cannot handle bad endings. If a movie doesn't have a happy ending, it ruins the entire movie for me, no matter how good the rest of it was. Guess it's the same way when I read VNs. And that's why I used a walkthrough for F/SN... The 1st time I walked into a death flag it pissed me off so hard that I almost stopped playing because of it. ^^ What
  5. That's quite possible, since everytime I discover a new song I love I replay it on youtuberepeat again and again. Next person is into Yuri.
  6. Ah well, yeah. As I said, I was still a little sleepy when I created the poll. すみません でした ~~ E:/ I simply added "Asia" as an answer. Or do you think it should be distinguished further?
  7. Yep. Or, well, depends on how you view it. At least I manage to get my daily input of ~5 hours of VN even from Monday to Friday Next person has an M fetish.
  8. I was just wondering where most of the people on the forums come from, so I thought I might as well just create a poll. I summarized some countries so that there would be less choices and the results could be evaluated more easily. Also, it is very well possible that some region is not even represented in the poll, in that case I apologize, it's still kind of early in the morning and I may very well have forgotten some more or less important countries.
  9. You should just read whatever you're interested in. I finished a shit load of VNs during the last few weeks, and I only played the ones that are said to be the best VNs out there (at least considering their EGS score). However, there's still a ridiculous amount of VNs out there that I'm going to play. I read Rewrite, F/SN, HoshiMemo, Remember11, Grisaia no Kajitsu, Muv-Luv Extra, Chaos;Head and Little Busters already, but still, there are 20 VNs on my harddrive that I haven't even started reading yet, and I'm downloading 1-3 more VNs every day. And while you're at it, you should try to rea
  10. Fate/stay night is actually quite tricky without a walkthrough imo. As soon as you get to HF route, it's almost guaranteed you'll experience a few death flags unless you're using a walkthrough. I think there are like, 3 points in the story where you need to have a specific amount of points with Sakura & Ilya in order to survive, and that can be quite tricky if you failed to pick the right choice once or twice.
  11. Worst Sex scene I've ever read? Lol, I don't have to think about an answer for that for even a single second. Fate/stay night... So damn awful. I mean, seriously. Magic Magus semen? Are you frickin kidding me? o.O The second scene with Saber was alright, but the writing is just so damn horrible in most of them... To be more accurate, F/SN actually traumatized me. Everytime I see the word "caress" I'm reminded of F/SN's terrible sex scenes, since they basically only consist of "ahh... ah... nnn... ghu...." and "I slowly carress her [insert random body part]" (rinse and repeat).
  12. Since a bug in Muv-Luv is currently preventing me from finishing Meiya's route and thus unlocking Unlimited, I decided to start playing a different game until I can somehow resolve the issue. So I thought about which game to try out next and I decided that Sekien no Inganock sounded quite interesting. And so far I'm not disappointed. You know, at first I didn't like it when the MC was voiced, but Gii being voiced adds a lot to the atmosphere. He's a very likeable character, and the art style is amazing in my opinion. I've never seen such an unusual art style before, and it really fits the
  13. I had a look at the link and it seems my probably is exactly the same as yours. My PC is running on Windows 8 too, so I guess that is the issue here... So you're saying, if I rinse and repeat this enough times then at some point the game won't crash during the ending theme?
  14. I just finished Meiya's route in Muv-Luv Extra a few minutes ago, but when the ending theme started playing, the game suddenly crashed. I tried reloading the scene a few times, but it always crashes at the very same point, 3-5 seconds after the Ending theme starts playing. I get the same error message when I try to skip the ending. The error I get is always this: The text in the window is in German and it says: Do you have any idea on how to fix this? Since I cannot finish Meiya's route like this, I won't be able to unlock Unlimited if things stay like this :/
  15. Well, I actually think the -chan Suffix suits her quite well. She's simply in a different way kawaii from most other characters, but I still consider her a very interesting and cute character. So, for the record, I won't stop adding the -chan
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