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  1. Majikoi Save Data Help

    So i recently switched computers and i had to move over all my VNs which caused me to lose my save data for most of them. I have downloaded several 10% save files but i can not figure out for the life of me where to put them in the game folder. I downloaded a file called Config.dat while it appears Majikoi only has a Config.pac. Am i supposed to convert the .dat or am i missing my save folder? It doesnt appear to be anywhere in the designated installation folder. I've seen a couple of threads like this on here but none of them really told how they got the save file to work. Can someone give me the pathway or do i need to create the save folder myself? Im pretty lost on what to do. I can save fine in the game so i know its going somewhere, just cant figure out where. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a bunches!
  2. Which one of these should I read next?

    No matter what you choose to play next, you must play all of these at one time or another. Great VNs. Every. Single. One.
  3. Harem Party, maybe? Its a nukige though, and characters come from a game, not the protag. Interesting... concept? Meh. Utawarerumono kinda deals with alternate worlds as well. Great VN regardless.
  4. Males Painting Their Nails

    Manicures are da bomb. Just sayin. And all the little asian women always want to know where i've been and why i havent come to see them. Fuckin love getting a manicure. Manly. As. Fuck.
  5. Reddit Front Page

    The part about VNDB is true...
  6. Reddit Front Page

    Are you kidding me? I think Grisaia could blow pretty much anything out of the water! How could it not?! I would honestly be surprised if it didnt sell a metric fuckton more than Sakura Spirit. For one there are three of them, meaning much more to buy, with an off-shoot for Michiru coming out soon (if it hasnt already), two it is 1000x better than that dribble, and three Sakura Spirit is only one language while Grisaia is in two giving it a much wider market to sell to. Even on VNDB Grisaia has an average score of twice the amount of Sakura spirit and more than 45x the votes. Grisaia is a game, Sakura Spirit is nothing but fan service.
  7. Reddit Front Page

    Japanese, sure. I'm not too familiar with their market so i cant say anything about that. What i have been exposed to though it seems people do indeed want a compelling story. I believe the majority of players just on this site alone dont just play for the moe. Different cultures different audiences, of course. I prefer a good story over anything so i am sure i have my skewed views on the western VN audience as a whole.
  8. moe girl customizer applet

    Angel Rei!
  9. Unlimited Chat Works - Random Talk

    It's going great! 385 pages of pure progress! Of course thats all a lie. So is this thread. And there is no cake. Sooooo... Yeeeeaaaahhhhhhh.....
  10. Which is better? Anime or manga?

    I greatly prefer manga to anime. I feel that you dont get the whole story if it gets moved to anime and a manga's story just seems so much deeper and detailed. If a manga has an anime i tend to both read and watch it (if i enjoy it enough) just so i can get the story from every angle. That being said i havent read a manga in years. I just dont have much time for that. I used to be an avid reader and even a casual binger where i'd spend the whole day reading nothing but manga. Times change though. I find it is much less time consuming to download and watch an anime than it is to find and read manga. Also i'm not 100% sure you can download manga, and that is how i get almost all of my media entertainment.
  11. What Are You Playing: Video Game Edition

    I'm stuck away from home and without my Xbox the week of the Destiny beta. I'm so depressed. I am filling that void with nukige. Lots, and lots of nukige. Masturbate the pain away or something like that.
  12. What are you listening to right now?

    Loving this recently. Video is pretty great too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQBG7wAVWAA
  13. Corrupt A Wish

    Granted, now everything looks like the source code from the Matrix to you. You are the chosen one. I wish for more wishes.
  14. Reddit Front Page

    I dont know if that is entirely true. The first time i heard the term VN i had no idea what to think. I took it as a literal term, a book with visuals. A dating sim, to me, is a whole different category. I grew up playing dating sims on Newgrounds and various sites, years before my very first VN, and yet the term had no pre-conceived prejudices in my mind. There is nothing wrong with players only wanting VNs with nothing but moe characters in them. That is just another sub-group in the vast whole of VN readers. In my mind if moe can bring in more readers then that is fine. I have no doubt that once most anyone has gotten a taste for reading VNs (no matter how they started) it would quickly become a deeper and more personal connection then just the moe or romantic factor.
  15. Black dragon? Yes. Gentle kingdom? Not so much.