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    Visual Novels;

    What I like:
    - Mystery
    - Dark stuff
    - Scifi (hard)
    - Plot twists
    - Bittersweet
    Ending is really important to me, it can make or break something

    What I don't like that much:
    - Too much slice of life
    - Dumb protag
    - Routes without new content

    Besides reading VNs I also love cats and tea.
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Handles I usually go by are Nyanko or Nyancha. I started reading visual novels around August 2011, my first VN experience being Umineko no Naku Koro ni ep 5. While eagerly waiting for the translation patch of ep 7, I started Saya no Uta. This was the first VN  (and the first eroge) I finished. Visual novels taught me reading could be fun, something I denied until this point in my life. I was already familiar with anime, manga and light novels but none of them interest me as much as VNs do. It’s a pity we don’t have a similar genre in the west. Japanese culture is interesting and I admire some part of it but I prefer western style life. So, I’d love to see VNs getting to the west some day, also in a western or combined style, with a western setting.


Whats more:




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