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Status Updates posted by Kenshin_sama

  1. Sorry to say this, guys, but I'm not gonna be active for about a week. My wrist is getting pretty bad, and I'll have to wear a stilt for a week. My recovery probably won't be that good if I keep taking it off to type. The pain is only on my left wrist, so I can still use my mouse freely to browse the forums. That's pretty much it though.

    1. Mr Poltroon

      Mr Poltroon

      I have typed this using only my left hand. You can do it! Yeah! Your main hand is even the right one, right? You'll be just fine! Go on! Type to your heart's content!

    2. Kenshin_sama


      I suppose I can type brief messages, but not the walls of text I like to type. Maybe I'll keep posting in the more casual threads. :P

  2. Slowly becoming obsessed with Mabinogi.

    1. Kenshin_sama


      Scratch that, I AM obsessed with Mabinogi.

  3. Things are finally picking up for me. I'm in an awesome mood today! :D

  4. Shinomiya... how dare you fire a top-tier waifu! Go at him, Souma!

  5. I think I'll stick to female avas. Just feels right.

  6. 100 liked posts. Thanks, guys! :3

  7. What do you guys think of my new sig? I had to make it happen when I saw. It's just brilliant.

    1. Tenkuru


      That's actually really cool, using the character movements from Hisoutensoku as a signature.

    2. Kenshin_sama


      Thanks. :) I found it on a random part of the internet and haven't played the game personally. It looks fun though, so I might try it out. :>

  8. Internet's fixed. I'm also getting bored of a certain game that's been occupying a lot of my time, so I'll be on the forums a little more often now. :)

  9. Internet's still too slow to use forums. But don't worry, I'll be back eventually!

  10. Happy holidays!

    1. Kosakyun


      Happy holidays to you as well, Ken-chan.

  11. Hey guys, I'm back. :D

  12. My forum posts have been showing up at the top of new pages lately. I wonder if that's just a coincidense. :o

  13. MAL's down again? FML.

    1. Kenshin_sama


      Comes back up right when I say that. :P

  14. Someone linked this to me on my birthday. Good stuff. :D

  15. Chata is a great singer

  16. That OST in Captain Earth. It gets me every time.

  17. I discovered this glorious thing called Twitter. Makes following stuff a lot easier. Does anyone else use it?

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