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  1. I've looked up the VN's suggested and got my eyes one one...I'll try downloading it now. thanks for giving your suggestions!
  2. Im searching for a new Visual novel to play before summer vacation ends here in the Phil. I can only play those translated to english, so my options kind of limited. Here's a list of what i've played so far: 1. Deardrops 2. Dra+Koi 3. Grisaia no Kajitsu 4. Hoshizora no Memoria 5. Ikinari Anata ni Koishiteru 6. If My Heart Had Wings 7. Osananajimi wa Daitouryou 8. Shinigami no Kiss wa Wakare no Aji so far these are what i've played. Can anyone help, any recommendations?
  3. ow...hahaha that again? does that mean when i set it to japanese locale, in time it gets back to default? because after i set it to japanese long ago i didn't change it again
  4. I've downloaded this VN, Osananajimi wa Daitouryou at Nyaatorrents and after extracting it and tried running it this warning showed up " ????E:\asre\Osadai English\????????\osana.exe ??????.". What does this mean? can i fix this? Help please~!
  5. Well...i'll try to find as much translated and interesting VN's before the ENG translation is released!! i really hope they will last!! And seriously Kazuki's one of the reasons!!
  6. "Angelic Howl", huh? kind of get what your saying or not.
  7. Hahahaha...well translation is still 7%...and the learning Jap option isn't that bad...but playing other translated ones is also an option right?
  8. ...well i just cant forget the Amane route!! whenever i play VN's i just get attached to the heroine who shows that much affection and want to be spoiled!, like a certain red head childhood friend in a certain "Tenkuru", or the girl in wheelchair in a something-club about gliders...
  9. Well..i don't know for the others but i really wanna play the sequels, the first ones got me questions in my head for quite a while now? as the synopsis for the sequel says that my answers will be here!
  10. didnt see that!! haha...next time i'll post after reading thoroughly !
  11. Is there a site or something where we can see the translation progress? like in Light Novel translation? the publisher TLWiki do they have a site?
  12. T_T so it's currently being translated? well after reading your reply...i've visited the page and saw the release date...T_T
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