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    When you close your eyes, I disappear.
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    rock and metal music
    handheld gaming consoles
    dark h
    i also play the electric guitar a little

    As for VN's, my favorite franchise is Zero Escape, my favorite game and VN is Virtue's Last Reward, Danganronpa and Infinity are my other favorite VN series.

    I love bashing Muv Luv (especially Extra and Alternative) whenever I can, and I praise Zero Escape wherever possible. However, I'm open to debating on dissenting opinions. Feel free to rant to me about 999 or Virtue's Last Reward or the Danganronpa games, I'm all ears
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  1. Dammit... my Xperia might be defective (sometimes shuts down during standby for no apparent reason, possibly overheating) so I'll try safe boot and factory reset, then update(as if anyone is gonna see this, ha.)

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    2. Funyarinpa


      safe boot works without this issue it seems, but not 100% sure though, also I'd much rather spend a minute to reset the device now and then than have the Samsung's cheap design and overwhelming UI

      Gonna try leaving it on normal mode with no apps running and on charge, if it still dies, this phone's going back. (to be replaced by none other than another z3 compact because I fucking LOVE it)

    3. Tenkuru


      Xperia is love, Xperia is life <3

    4. Funyarinpa


      Okay commenced the factory reset and after four attempts to restore my backup(ended successfully) I'm back in the game let's see if this holds up, if it still happens here comes customer service

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