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  1. Seems like a fine project with great art. I hope everything goes well for you. Also I have help with a little pledge for you ^^.
  2. Good luck with the project, seems like a great title ^^. Keep up the good work *thumbs up*
  3. Try to contact Rinjinbu Translation. He has start something with the video he post on his channel.
  4. Just dropping by to say thanks and that you guys make an amazing job. In less than a year, you translate almost the whole game. So really thank you and keep up the good work ^^
  5. Just dropping by to say good luck and keep up the good work. You guys are doing a great job and don't let the trolls who says that you're dead let you downhearted. I'm cheering on you ^^
  6. Come on guys, we have wait for long time, you should not make a fuss over this. They make an extraordinary work for us. We should thanks them not make them depress. So thank you guys (again) and good work ^^
  7. Good idea . It's a really good VN and quite complete. There is one end for Saber, two for Rin and two for Sakura
  8. Right choice for the anime adaptation. FSN is a long VN and they shorten it so a lot of scene that make it a good story were remove. Personnaly I think the movie was better.
  9. They are still not translate. And no idea for when it will be done. But I know that feeling when you click on these and have all in Japanese
  10. That's not cool at all ! I was being a litlle bit emotional
  11. This is true and it's this hope who make us go to the 100th page (fuck yeah)
  12. Wow and I was thinking that french were the in worst in Dubs
  13. There is a sequel of Kazuko in Majikoi S but not in the A
  14. Here for you: [no linking or mentioning torrent sites]
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