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  1. The more Sakura stuff I see, the more I like to imagine that they have us caught in the long con. That all of their sweaty shiny boobs money is being stashed away somewhere to hire an actual writer to pen a legitimately great story to go alongside their art (which regardless of how you feel about the company as a whole, I think it can be safely agreed that the artist could be doing so much better, whoever you are sir/ma'am please raise your standards and throw yourself behind a good writing team), and once its released and people go to review it ironically only to realize, "sweet shit, this i
  2. Except now since they have/will localized G-Senjou, that means they have potential access to all of Akabei Soft's library. Think of it as getting a foot in the door.
  3. Ooph, that first one though is baaaaaad. Looks like he's trying to eat his own lips via suction.
  4. Not FamedWolf, but I do recognize a majority of the characters there. So going from left to right: Rin - Fate/Stay Night Haru - G-Senjou no Maou Kotori - Konosora Chris - Majikoi Amane - Konosora Komomo - Hosizora no Memoria Mayucchi - Majikoi (Red-shirt girl - Not a bloody clue) Kanade - DEARDROPS Riho - DEARDROPS Yuela - Kamidori Amane - Grisaia Lily - Katawa Shoujo Chihiro - Princess Evangile Irina - My Girlfriend is President Yumina - Yumina the Etherial (Ayase - Oreimo? Not actually 100% on this one) Saber - Fate/Stay Night ----- Back to the topic, Yamato wo
  5. Hmm... I don't quite know why, but I feel like you may be biased somehow... Seriously though people actually go read it, lots of fun
  6. What a tease that is. Though I'm still glad to see that progress is still being made at a rapid pace!
  7. I hope the fandisc gets picked up so that there's more Tamie, that is a route that I really wish was in the game proper.
  8. How about we nip this argument in the bud, eh guys? You want to debate the merits of it somewhere else, by all means go ahead and do it in another thread. Let's keep the conversation here fun and on-topic and not get petty. He didn't like it and while we may not agree with his reasons, they're his reasons all the same. I on the other hand would like to talk about Ayaka's route. Just started Chapter 22, but damn, was not expecting it to go the way it has so far.
  9. God, I don't know how I feel about the Headmistress anymore. Damnit game. Like, on the one hand she's a character you're supposed to hate. That's especially apparent in the Ritsuko's route with everything that goes on. But Rise's route... Fuck you Moonstone for making me feel sympathy for a character that is entirely unsympathetic.
  10. If they can somehow obtain the rights to Fate/Apocrypha or Fate/Strange Fake, I will throw all of the money I can possibly get my hands on at them.
  11. If there's one thing to take away from Evangile, it's really good at making you feel angry for/at the characters. Especially in chapters 10/12 so far.
  12. Does anyone else find there's something a little... Off with Ayaka's voice? Like the quality of the recording is just a touch lower than everyone elses, and there's a little drone (for lack of a better term) under it?
  13. For the sake of perspective on length, that means there's more text in it than Comyu (2.67) and MLA (2.73), but it's still about half the size of GnK (5.91). Assuming that these numbers aren't increased because of nametags and the like.
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